Social Media in Ecommerce

Social Media in E-commerce Social media has become very popular in the contemporary world and marketers are advised o be on this media if they have to be successful. This can be successfully used by e-commerce store owners to lead clients to their store (Rana amp. Noman 2009). E-commerce website face the challenge of having flimsy content and this lowers their ranking on search engines. There are several ways that Ecommerce owners can use the social networks to promote their businesses. One way is through engaging the audience (Funk 2012). This is through making good connection with the followers. It can be done by posting meaningful photos of the company daily activities together with posting discussion questions and participating in discussions with fans.Another way that the social network can be used to promote business is by giving the social media followers a value proposition. This could be for example through giving a company page fans and followers discounts on products. This would give the clients reasons to follow the business on ecommerce. In order for the social media to be effective n should know which media is mostly preferred by the kind of market the organization targets (Rana amp. Noman 2009). For instance, if it targets professionals, they are more likely to be found on LinkedIn rather than Facebook. The company should also ensure that the content they provide on their social media pages is valuable and build the trust of the users and hence the company brand. The company should ensure that it respond to clients queries and comments in the most amicable way. It is also important to ensure that the social media are linked to the company website by providing links to the website. This is an inexpensive way of increasing the number of visitors to the website and this again increases the company rating in search engines (Funk 2012). Social media should be used together with YouTube which can be used to showcase the company products in videos. References Funk, T. (2012). Advanced social media marketing: A managers guide. S.l.: Apress.Rana, N., amp. Noman, A. (2009). E-marketing intelligence: Transforming brand amp. increasing sales using digital channels : tips amp. tricks with best practices. Scarborough, ON: Self-Help Publishers.