Social Issues in Technology

Technology is of very big importance to the current world (Golmann, 1999). But if used in the wrong way it may pose a threat to the entire world at large. Many people have now invested in technology and hence guided by the set rules. The flexibility of the system should be the main goal for the developers of ethics. The system also needs s to be consistent .the consistency of the system as the people are always encouraged to take heed of the various policies that can be developed.
Face book is used by a large number of people. When registering, a person is supposed to provide personal information to a certain extent. This personal information is entitled to privacy and a high level of confidentiality (Ina &amp. Price, 1977). However, this right to privacy has been violated as currently even if the user deletes the account, the information that was private is still kept by the company’s database. Face book has also updated their license which makes it possible for the user to be easily tracked. This is largely controversial to computer ethics. they state that the user should be given the respect to privacy. This hence deprives the user of the right to privacy. Ethical regulations state that the collected information should only be used for the intended use and no other reason whatsoever. Face book has therefore failed to adhere to the set rules and regulation pertaining to computer technology. The government is supposed to come up with ethical regulations that can be easily followed by all people with less pressure or discrimination (Madnick, Hsiao, &amp. Kerr, 1979). This is according to the ethical regulations that state that individuals should be treated equally regardless of age, race, and color.
The loss of the 80 computers posed a major risk to the national governments’ private information that is supposed to be kept very confidential and is not supposed to leak to the public.