Should the tv media (television shows and ads) be required to present women in a realistic and respectful way at all times

Most people have different views, and this is what we will try to explore and come up with our point of view by the end of the day (Parker and Adrian 1-4). Different writers have featured on this topic, and this is where we will get ideas and arguments so that we can come up with a substantive opinion on the topic.First, I think television should and must present women in a respectful and a more realistic way all the time. The reason behind this is that women play important roles in our society, and most people look unto them as their role models (Richmond and Hurtman 58-59). For instance, when a child is being brought up, he or she believes that her mother is always right. However, when they grow up and understand what the world means to them, they start to change they mentality and way of view on very many issues. One of the things that greatly influence them is the role and impact of media on their lives. Televisions plays are important role in our lives as they give and update us on all the information on what is happening both locally and internationally (Berger 16-29). Almost every household can afford a television in our homes today and easily accessible to our children. Most of the advertisements that are aired on television focusing on various products use women to convey these messages. A good example could be women who are used to advertise toilet soaps where most of them are mostly naked.From a recent study, it showed that women are mostly used as sex objects in most television adverts. This study mostly focused on specific environment under certain conditions. The main aim of this study was to help promote gender stereotypes in response to social views and perceptions. Behavior was also an important factor was also considered. This is because this is where young children and teenagers where they learn and emulate these people as their role models. In most cases, television advertisements are normally very persuasive and suggestible.