Sexual behavior since the AIDS Epidemic

There is need to understand the use of contraceptive among college students. Such knowledge will help in ensuring that there is enough education to these students on the use of contraceptives. The incidence of unintended pregnancy and the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have increased since the 1980’s (Lundgaard, 2010). Many studies that have been done in the past show that there is a high rate of unintended pregnancies. It is in the US that higher incidencecs of unintended preganancies are found but now days it is a replication all over the globe. However, European teens are more likely to use contraceptives than United States teens therefore lower pregnancy rates that in U.S. (Kaye, 2009). This shows that there is no proper use of contraceptives among college students in the United States. This therefore calls for a study to what could be the cause of such behavior and attitude of contraceptives among college students in the United States.
Thesis Statement
Many people do not use contraceptives because of misconceptions about contraceptives, negative attitude about contraceptives, failure to recognize the risk of pregnancy, inability to communicate with their partners, disapproval by partners and worry about side effects.