Russian and American Management Styles

Gazprom has been on its successful track with a strong mission of providing a continuous supply of gas and oil products to Russian customers and also to maintain a domain for long-term gas exports. Aslund (2007) stated that Gazprom was the mightiest of all Russian companies and it was ruled by its managers. It was privatized in a unique manner in 1993-94. The management used voucher actions to privatize 40 % of shares for an implied price of $100 million (p. 140-141) The economic crisis seems to claim more victims day by day and many organizations suffered due to the severe attacks of global economic crisis, but, Gazprom is winning with its technological excellence. The Gazprom website gives an impressive message showing how strong the company is in such a crucial economic condition- Crisis come and go, but Gazprom keeps moving forward. Chevron Corporation is the largest Oil and Gas Company in the US, headquartered in California. It works in more than 100 countries employing around 60,000 people around the world. The company is focused on exploration, production and refining oil and gas products. Chevron is highly committed to serving its customers with high-quality oil products, including gasoline, diesel, and fuels. Chevron gives high priority to safety measures. During last year, Chevron has achieved the awarded for highest safety from U.S Minerals Management Service. As compared to many countries, Russia has a well-educated workforce and it is naturally rich in resources. During the transition of Russia to the market economy, it had not attained its potential development and economic well being. Russia had been facing a number of challenges that were very severe and remained as threats to the economic development. Bureaucracy and unbalanced social and political conditions were the challenges to the business and economic development.