Roche Company Assessment

The risk involved in the realization of the above project is expected to be high. The recent recall of two well-known drugs, Vioxx and Bextra, from the USA market – under the orders of FDA – is a negative indication for the effectiveness of the drugs that are used in the treatment of arthritis. However, despite the above facts, the prospects for Reumotex in the future can be significant if taking into account the effectiveness of the above drug and its limited adverse side effects (at least as they have been observed through the preliminary clinical trials). The production of Reumotex and its entrance in the market will require both time and funds. both of them are available in Roche. the firm’s research team (as it will be explained above has the appropriate skills in order to handle the realization of the relevant plan). On the other hand, the firm’s shareholders have already granted their approval for the realization of this project. Roche now should focus on the approval of FDA (a prerequisite for the entrance of the firm in the market) and – of course – the approval of the public around the world. Roche has a series of Ramp.D departments which are sited in various locations. The appropriateness of each research center for a particular research project is decided in accordance with the facilities available to each of the firm’s research centers. In the case of Remote, the research required for the production of the specific drug would be rather conducted in Palo Alto (USA) which focuses on the research on virology and inflammation. The production of Reumotex, should be completed through a series of stages.