Robinson fruit shoot market share

To understand better preference and market share, it was worthwhile taking the time to study previous reports on the Robinson Fruit Shoot brand that had been compiled earlier by different studies. This helped the researchers go to the field with knowledge of the perception of the brand and an expectation of opinion. This, however, could, however, influence the objectivity due to response anticipation. From the studies done by Mintel, Fruit Juice, Juice Drinks, and Smoothies – UK – November 2012 and Fruit Juice and Juice Drinks – UK – November 2011 placed Robinson Fruit Shoot at number three and number two respectively as a market share player. They proved that the Shoot was popular among the other brands but was not in pole position as to control the market. That, therefore, seemed to suggest that more marketing and sales were required so as to make the brand the market leader. From another survey by Mintel for Cordials and Squashes in October 2012, there was increased demand for soft and low alcohol drinks in the United Kingdom hence showing that there was an increasing market for the Shoot as more, consumers preferred soft drinks. The third survey used in the secondary research was Fruit Juices, Energy amp. Juice Drinks Market Report 2013 that showed the preferences of the children aged between 1 to 15 years, the target consumer group. The survey’s findings are important for the marketers of the shoot to execute a marketing plan that carters for the children’s taste and preferences.