Responsibility of Firefighting Teams

The fire and rescue team has a responsibility to give support and restore stability in case of natural disasters like terrorist attack, radioactive emission, nuclear disaster and floods. The government supports the service team nationally to help it work effectively with other local bodies requiring local, regional, national response. To address large issue the local and the regional bodies come together. They are utilized to consider and plan for wide area risks like floods and other major outbreak of diseases. In the Fire Control project, it is ensured that the fire and rescue team gets the required mobilizing and response tools they need to continue a world-class enabled service. Communities and local government remain committed to working with Fire Control teams so that best services are delivered and can successfully meet up the challenges of the twenty-first century. The Fire and Rescue services team have, to enter an agreement with the local bodies that they agree to perform the task so as to run the new control service and keep the department informed of any issues that might arise. (Fire and Rescue service 2008-11, n.d. p.12)They also have a duty to participate constructively and wholeheartedly in any other regional arrangement that m fight exists. They also have a duty of working closely with fire Recontrol technology,y providers and subcontractors and to report about the progress regularly to the communities and local governments. Firelink provides for the crucial internal communication between the communication rooms and various vehicles of Regional control centers (Fire and Rescue service 2008-11, n.d. p.23)The roles of fire and rescue teams have become even more important because of the changing temperature in a global context. It has been found out that an increase in 1 degree centigrade in summers increases the number of outdoor fires by 24000 to 40000 per year in England and Wales while an increase of two degrees would increase the chances of outdoor fire by thirty four to fifty six percent.