RenaultNissan The Challenge of Sustaining Strategic Change



This case study focuses not only on conducting an environmental analysis of Renault-Nissan companies to understand the key internal and external challenges, changes and the strategy that the corporation would take on such count. The researcher of this case study also focuses on some potential alternatives that the company could have taken to revive and the recommendation and implementation plan on such account. Specific recommendations were given by the researcher to be placed where the management body of the company can tend to render visits to exhibitions where automobiles of competent manufacturers are displayed. This fact would help the designing and production units to gain hold of competent designs that can help attract the consumers. It is also suggested that the company can also take part in active sponsorship of sporting events like car races to help enhance its brand image in the global consumer market for automobiles. In regards to implementation sponsorship, the researcher mentiones that budgets need to be prepared for a specific period and provides some statistics as on how to gain it. The monitoring would be done on evaluation of the returns in terms of sales and revenue obtained from car sales after the period such sponsorship events are held. To conclude, the researcher of this case study sums up that a return based on investment standards made helps not only to increase the success of the brand, but also helps in evaluating the same in an enhanced fashion.