Recruitment and Selection at Saudi ARAMCO

Saudi ARAMCO is an oil company that is focused on accomplishing its mission by engaging highly capable individuals in the workforce. In recent years, the management has adopted new and better strategies for recruitment and selection in a bid to cope with the rising competition in the labor market whereby companies are focusing on recruiting the most qualified workers to increase their productivity and competitiveness. By the end of 2009, the company needed to engage a new Process&nbsp.Control/Automation Systems Engineer to run its expanded production systems. Usually, an advertisement for the vacancy is done after the production managers identify the need for new staff to fill a particular position, which is communicated to the human resource department. The manager gives the human resource manager the requirements of the position as well as the desired competence for the candidate. The job is then posted in various media such as Saudi&nbsp.Arabia newspapers and, which is an energy jobs website among others. Professionals in the field of oil and gas technology find suitable jobs on this website.
Shortlisting is generally the next step whereby the applications received are evaluated against the requirements for the position.&nbsp.Barber (1998) observes that a company needs to ensure that the HR managers understand the aspects of the process clearly and that they are capable of applying the strategies to enhance the accomplishment of their roles of identifying and engaging the most suitable employees for the job.&nbsp.