Recommendation for reducing substance dependence disorder from alcoholism

Last year, there were 500 new cases of substance abuse mental disorder related to excess regular alcohol consumption. In this report, I give an explanation on better solutions identified by the state welfare committee and present our findings after comparison of substance abuse mental disorder cases in the state. Together with the social welfare committee, we have considered the following solutions:
– law enforcement on bar attendants and the owners who sell alcohol to drunken patrons and extending drinking time limits.
– increase the punishment of drunkenness and violation of regulations, which controls the selling and alcohol drinking
– Social workers to create forums to educate the public on dangers of excessive alcohol drinking.
There has been a big increase of substance mental disorder cases over the past couple of years. Excessive drinking of alcohol has been one of the major causes. This increase is attributed to ignorance, violation of rules controlling sale and drinking of alcohol not having effective public sensitization programs on dangers of abusing alcohol and lineament punishment to the offenders.
Substance abuse disorder statistics compared
The following statistics represents the total cases of diagnosed substance abuse mental disorder in 2010 and 2012 the percentage of the diagnosed cases related to alcoholism (Newton 183).
The enforcement of laws that govern alcohol sale and consumption is a major step. This can be enhanced by employing more officers and giving them relevant patrol facilities. This will deter the law breakers from going against the regulations that control alcohol sale and consumption.