Reading journal safesex lies by Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum’s Safe Sex Lies article is a very interesting piece written from her own personal point of view about the lies the safe sex community ahsshoved down her throat over the years, and her adaptation and opinion of how exactly that is shaping her own female demographic community.
Daum’s feelings of negativity are see throughout the piece, as are how she proficiently uses her own negative experiences throughout the piece to highlight and ultimately make her point.
She also uses her own research to get to the truth behind the movement, and how they are purposefully twisting logic and specific data to try to force feed their idea of health and safe sex down women’s throat. I think this is perhaps the most convincing part of the argument, as she cites the true statistics that the organizations don’t want people to know while they are preaching their ideas of "safety".
She also brings herself into the problem just the right amount, while not making it only her problem, but yet using her own personal experience to make the argument much more down to earth, and real in a way.
The purpose of her article is quite clear, and her precise and sufficient use of language and rhetoric help to cement this argument into the readers mind. She is no fan of how the agencies and MTV specifically have been pushing their safe sex agenda, and how their scare tactics, in her mind at least, are doing way more harm than good in what they are trying to accomplish.
Her diction that she uses throughout the piece only further help her make her point and show her true attitude and just how deeply she feels about what she is writing. Comparing the damage done to her as "corrosion of the soul" and how all she is left with is "a low grade fear and anger", her choice of words shows just how angry she is, and how much this has really affected her during the course of her life, and how that has caused her to be withholding with her trust and way to overly protective with her relationships.
Her thesis is also equally as strong, as she proudly asserts her belief that all of the safe sex agencies are bending the truth and the facts to try to scare people away from healthy sex. She shares her personal stories about how often she gets tested, and how she is in fact herself personally scared of catching a STD because of how much the fear has been instilled into her, and how that fear continues even to this day.
Yet she also includes how despite all their efforts, the population has not changed, and most of us are really not worrying about it as much as we should be. Even she herself decries that after so many times with one person she throws caution to the wind, and she of course feels it couldn’t happen to her. She is almost speaking directly to the counter point of her own original argument, and by including it she is only strengthening her own voice, as well as her own message as it comes across to the reader.