Professional organization

Professional Organization Professional Organization The Michigan Technological will hold a technology conference on June 16th-19th, 2015. As a technologist, I would appreciate if I was given a chance to attend this conference since it will bring together diverse people and discuss ways in which learning can be improved, mostly in the area of technology. It will also discuss ways in which professionals can integrate technology in their workplace and ensure a competitive edge (Michigan Technological University, 2015). Leaning more about various types of technology such as assistive or simulation will bring the community together and reflect on diverse strategies that can be employed to improve student learning. There will also be a vendor fair where professionals will be given a chance to showcase their services and technologies, which they can apply in their workplaces or academic institutions. This is an important event, which will give me an opportunity to share ideas with other professionals and improve on my career. For instance, during the fair, I will teach the participants on ways in which wearable technologies can be integrated with other forms of technology to enhance learning objectives and provide mobility. This is a an exceptional occasion that will bring practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers together to explore the field of technology, ways it can be improved, and some of the regulations that should be applied.
Today, for nations to cope with competition and grow successfully, it is indispensable for experts and entrepreneurs to contribute in a humanistic and sustainable way, using innovative as well as advanced technology. Sharing and production of such knowledge is essential in tackling social and business related needs. hence, this conference is aimed at doing exactly that. Therefore, attending this monumental event will not only be an individual advantage but will also go a long way in improving the organization and guaranteeing a competitive edge in an era where technological changes are inevitable.
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