Princess Dianas Interview with Martin Bashir

The recent legal separation of the royal couple had given a whole new twist to the hitherto fairy tale romance of the world’s most renowned couples. The interview thus was an important event that had provoked a mixed response for different people and had held a special significance for the Princess and British Monarchy at large. Therefore, analysis of the interview is a way to understand the complexities of the lives of the celebrities and try to interpret their actions in the wider ramifications of the public-private interests. The interview is given at a time when the Princess was undergoing a turbulent period in her private life and she needed to clarify her stand on a number of issues so that she could get some space to sort out her public-private life.
The report would facilitate the general public and media to understand Princess Diana as another human being, possessing feelings and sensitivities as the next person. The report would also help to analyze the compulsions of the public duties and image of the celebrities and the burden that puts on their private lives.
Interview of Princess Diana by Martin Bashir on BBC1 Panorama on 20 November 1995, has huge relevance for gathering useful data regarding the life and style of the celebrities who have a significant impact on public opinion. The interview is also an important way to gauge the extent of involvement of the individual and the impact of the circumstantial events on the person. Princess Diana had been one of the most prolific personalities of the world whose personal charisma had gone beyond the precinct of social constraints of her royal status and created an unprecedented niche amongst the masses.