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The presentation was careful to use a large font size of size 30 so as to ensure that the presentation will clearly be visible to an audience of that size.A key untapped potential of the program project is its expansion into offering counseling services to victims of child abuse and neglect. These services can be offered to persons who were abused or neglected when they were children and still suffer from the effects of their experiences, and also to child victims who have undergone the trauma of maltreatment and abuse. The program can also look into ways of offering joint counseling services to both the parents or guardians convicted of abusing their children, and the children who were being subjected to the neglect and maltreatment. If implemented, this will serve to assist family units to reunite, avoid breakups and mend faster. This is because the children will get a chance of rebuilding their broken confidence in their guardians or parents in a controlled environment (Mannarino amp. Deblinger,