Politics and Parliament in Britain

The paper will indicate that the United Kingdom parliament remains the supreme law of the land since it can change the existing laws that are being applied currently, while also introducing new laws that it deems necessary for the running of Britain. The concept of parliamentary supremacy defines parliament as the legislative body with absolute sovereignty. This serves to indicate that it is the British parliament that is superior over the other arms of government, considering that the United Kingdom parliament is able to control both the executive and the judiciary, through enacting and passing laws that would then require the other arms of the government to adhere to. Simply put, parliament is the only sovereign body in the United Kingdom, which is not bound by any law. This is because. the legislative body can change or repeal the existing laws so that it is no longer bound by the laws. This way, it becomes a sovereign body that makes laws, but which is not bound by any written law.
How has the meaning of these words, which help define responsible government, changed in Britain during the past 25 years?
The statement “Parliament is the Supreme law of the land” has changed slightly during the last 25 years, most especially due to three significant developments, namely devolution, constitutional reforms and ratification of the European Union membership. In this respect, the United Kingdom has tried to establish other body entities that have powers that control the Parliament in a certain way.