Political Thought

Their ethical judgments on different situations which requires them to make a decision concerning an action or those interest which are adequately defined in terms of power. Likewise, good leaders are those who are only concerned with issues of effective action as they should not be those who talk but are unable to accomplish successfully their roles and responsibilities to the society which chose them in different leadership seats. Moreover, they are also defined by their strong will to govern all resources under their jurisdiction because leaders without strong are always considered as failures that lack a sense of direction to what they are doing. Good leaders are also expected to display their intellectual capacity as they should be the ones to initiate projects which are developmental and resourceful to both the majority and minority groups who have selected him or have been placed under him with reference to how power is divided in society. Good leaders are also expected to integrate realism with a concept adjudicating that the term is not fixed as popularly believed by many in the society. Good leaders should be able to show their interest in leadership by not allowing their leadership to be affected or compromised under different situations or circumstances as that would point out that they lack the interest to serve as leaders in the different fields they are considered to be in charge in. This can only be achieved when leaders aspiring to be considered as good leaders adopt certain aspects like communication which involve s them freely sharing their ideas and concerns with their opponents and those tasked under them for leadership purposes and formulating their interest in order to come with a tangible.