Political Rhetoric Barack Obamas Inauguration Speech



However, as reported, due to high traffic volume at that particular moment, some people who had tickets to the ceremony could not get through in time. The guards closed the gates at 11:30 AM. and after that, no one could be allowed onto the grounds. The inauguration ceremony cost the US government about $75 million. This included transportation, communication, and law enforcement services. President Obama retook the oath the following day at the White House. this is because some of the words were mixed up when he was sworn in on his inauguration day. Obama made this historic speech on his inauguration day. His audience was largely the American citizens. In his inauguration speech, Obama thanks his immediate predecessor and also mentions the other presidents who have been there before him and had taken the same oath of office as he has just taken before a massive crowd just like him. Obama then talks about the crises that America was facing during those times. The crises he mentioned included war forged on hatred and violence, a weakened economy due to irresponsible behavior and greed among the people, lost homes, shed jobs, shuttered businesses, the healthcare is too costly and failing schools (Anna). Obama then assures Americans that his government will overcome these challenges although it will take time. He says that America has to continue with the legacy of the people (men and women) who fought for America with their sweat and blood. He assures America that workers will workers will be no less productive, minds will be no less inventive, America’s goods and services will be no less needed, America’s will remain undiminished and better decisions will be made. In addition, he says many questions may be asked about the capability of America’s government, the answer he gave is that his government is too superb and it is doing good work aimed at restoring trust between the government and her people.&nbsp.