Photography statement or Proposal

Photography ment I have selected these photos because most of the people in these photos are the poor people of China who live from hands to mouth. they work tirelessly as much as they can in order to earn money to support their living. A striking common feature between all these pictures is that all have been taken at night. Generally, people spend the time from afternoon or evening till dawn with their families. they take care of their children, go out for dining, and engage in other social activities. However, people in these pictures are not quite as fortunate to be able to afford such a living. They have to work even late in the night in order to earn some money for their family.
I also selected these photos because they depict contrast. Another common element between all these photos is that they somehow include food. Most pictures are of poor Chinese people selling fruit, juices of fresh fruit, or other eatables in the night. The contrast here is that most of these people selling these eatables would have children back home that might be hungry, and yet they are busy selling food to the strangers. Many of these people might not have eaten to their full, but have no choice but to serve food to others. This can particularly be sensed in one of the pictures in which the two boys standing behind the food stall, are looking at their customers that are two girls holding juices in their hands are sipping them from the straws. The look on the boys’ faces shows their thirst for the juice. They cannot eat food just because it is there in front of them because if they do, they would be left with nothing to sell. These are harsh realities of the society of China.
Another common element of these pictures is that the people, despite being poor and old, look healthy. Particular examples of this include the old woman selling fruit and the old man selling pomegranate juice. Chinese people eat healthy and take good care of themselves. That is why they have shiny skins and healthy looks despite poverty. These pictures also depict that the people of China are very courageous, brave, and hard working. They do not give up even in the old age. As can be seen in the pictures, although the fruit-and food-sellers are old people, yet they do not look tired or afraid from their faces. Instead, they look very content and satisfied from the expressions on their face. This shows that the people of China never give up even in extreme circumstances.
China has a considerable number of poor people who can hardly afford three meals a day. Many of these families are still supported financially by old people. This can, in part, be attributed to the One Child Policy because when a couple is not able to conceive children, it hardly has any step-children or family members to support it in the old age.