Philosphy of God

The similarities between Socrates and Lord Jesus are one of the degrees.

In the real sense, there is no difference between science and spirituality. Spirituality is the science of sciences.
Socrates (469-399) was a great intellectual, who constantly knocked at the portals of spirituality, but struck up at the final frontiers of the mind. He was an individual who cared for the bodily equipment, knew that a healthy body is one of the prime requirement for spiritual pursuits.

Jesus arrived on this Planet Earth, as a Realized Soul. He raveled in the state of bliss always. rather it was his permanent nature. To him, spirituality and science were one and the same. At that level, one is the knower of everything, conqueror of the time concept. Jesus arrived as the conqueror of the forces of nature, for a predetermined assignment prescribed for him by God.

Socrates and Jesus are incomparable. This is, however, not to belittle the intellectual greatness of Socrates. But the intelligence of a thousand individuals like Socrates is not marching for a spark from the Spiritual Being whose secular name was Jesus! Yet they are similar in the sense that Socrates and his teachings were part of the same divinity and he was trying to reach the same goal as declared by Jesus.

Bob Dylan rightly said, “The human mind can only stand so much. You can’t win with a losing hand.”
The only option with the mind-level intellectuals is to surrender at the barrier of the mind and make profound efforts to transcend it and Socrates did the same but in his own style and understanding. With sincere efforts the grace of divinity it is possible, not otherwise and Socrates knew it.