Personal project

Personal Project The Global Non Profit organisation selected for this paper is Global Development Analytics (GDA) because of their mission to guarantee food security in feminine-hit regions of the world. The organisation’s mission is to offer information, in an appropriate model, which allows small-holder farmers plus others in the food security value chain, to make informed decisions rooted in the best available information and decrease the reliance on foreign aid (GDA 1). The organisation connects, contributes and synchronises the best available location data, research, technology, as well as modeling to allow climate-smart agriculture practices for regions threatened by food insecurity. Such countries include Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (GDA 1).Their vision is to bring together top-tier research organisations, for companies (both profit and non-profit) from the Front Range in order to synchronise the exceptional strengths of every Consortium member along with the entire multi-disciplinary expertise so as to improve knowledge awareness of need, inform research and science efforts and eventually offer real-time and location-specific information globally to inform choices that ensure the development of agriculture, as well as public health (GDA 1).The current projects being run by GDA are West Africa Weather Station Installation and Agriculture RE-Analysis of Precipitation Data both in Africa. These projects begun on July, 2014 and still run to date. They are meant to enhance the broader goal of the organisation and that is enhancing food security (GDA 1). The project that I intend to aid is the Weather Station Installation project, which seems to be more fascinating. With the proper kind of research, it would be worthwhile to involve myself in such a project.Work CitedGDA. Homepage. N.p, 2015. Web.