Peer Pressure on Teenagers

Indeed, peer pressure is closely linked to human behavior that tries to rationalize the factors that have significant impact on the human psyche which promotes the process of rational or irrational thinking. The impact of peer pressure is critical to the overall development of an adolescent and the paper would be discussing its pros and con.Peer pressure can broadly be defined as the influence of friends, acquaintances, elders and other on the behavioral pattern of the people, especially adolescent children and teenagers. Peer pressure is a specific instance of social influence, which typically produces conformity to a particular way of acting or thinking (Csikszentmihalyi amp. Larson, 1984). It tends to change the attitude, behavior and moral actions of the person as per the diktats of the peer group. Peer pressure is a common factor amongst the people in general and everyone, at some time or other is influenced to some extent by the people or group to which he or she may belong. Indeed, construction of social identities is often influenced by hordes of issues, which are defined by individual ideology, group representation, professional competencies, intercultural compulsions etc. They facilitate better understanding and access to networking with organizations and groups in order to avail the emerging opportunities for their vested interests and boosting of self esteem.Peer pressure in the recent times has catapulted into serious concern for the parents as it adversely impacts the personality traits and behavior of children. It often adversely influences the psyche of the adolescents when they fail to see the long term consequences of their actions and behavior. It may also become detrimental to the overall development of the children and make them irresponsible. Their foray into drug abuse, smoking, sex, violence etc. are few of the areas which are highly damaging and therefore, require careful guidance and intervention during growing up period of