International and Traditional Entrepreneurship

International entrepreneurship can be defined as a general means of creating grounds for business success, generating new ideas, as well as creating a base for economically setting up value creation in another country. This definition of international entrepreneurship arises from the fact that IE arises from the desire to expand its operation beyond the borders […]

The Comprehensiveness of North American Online Reservation Systems

According to Clemons and Hann (1999), the drastic changes that are being experienced by the travel industry can be associated with the dynamics of the competitive environment. Before the extent of the impact of these modifications in the wider market is assessed and analyzed from a comprehensive perspective it is necessary to highlight the fundamental […]

Small vs Big Business Market Competition

Second factor is the manufacturing, which pertains to the quality of the raw materials that will be used for the product or service. Market availability is also a very important factor in terms of competition. In some instances, competition can also be in terms of availability, not all products and services can be readily available […]

Reverse Logistics Principles

In simple words, reverse logistics is all about moving products from their end point of use in an attempt to try and give them another usable form. According to the Reverse logistics association (2009), reverse logistics encompasses all those activities that appertain to products or services after their sale point, the main aim being to […]

The Perfectly Competitive Firm

A market is said to be perfectly competitive when the number of buyers is so enormous, that many small firms are required to participate in the market in order to meet these buyers’ demands. Because both the firms and the buyers are small enough to influence the price, both buyers and sellers can only take […]

Continuous Quality Improvement in the U S A Military

The paper details the efforts of both the Marine Corps and the Air Force to implement systems controls aimed at improving our capability to respond to a rapidly changing external environment. Examples include linking statistical controls to performance assessment, the standardization of procedures in support of the combat mission, a renewed emphasis on training in […]

A New Business Idea in Sydney

The coffee shop, intended to be established following this market plan, after developing a better position in the market will aim towards increased profitability as well as towards being reputed as a renowned coffee shop in Sydney over the next two years. On the commencement of the coffee shop, the consumers will be provided with […]

Six Sigma

Organizations are established to be profitable. Successful and profitable organizations provide employment and pay taxes that consequently do good to the community, state, and nation where they manufacture their products or provide their services. Generating a profit is dependent on the number of customers who want an organization’s products and/or services. Customers’ wanting of an […]

HRM Strategy and Implementation

This paper discusses the issues in relation to research and the opinions of experts in the matter and makes suggestions for improvement of the competitive advantage to a sustainable one with whatever resources the entrepreneur has at hand. Personnel management has been recognized as the solution as this alone can produce a turnaround improvement in […]

An Analysis of Supply Risk Assessment Techniques

It is important to understand the various concepts of a supply chain in order to comprehend sustainability in business even further. The chain flows from the initial generator of the raw materials to the final person to benefit from the product, that is, the customer. In any business practice, risks are some of the most […]

Managing Expansion Change in Business a Business Organization

In addition, Mortlock Hotel’s manager has been replaced eight times in the last five years, and the departments in the hotel are demoralized. A significant problem is that customers make regular complaints about service at the hotel. Moreover, the hotel has accrued significant debts, meaning that it has been operating below the break-even point.The aforementioned […]

The Growth of Ryanair Entrant Airline

The terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 along with economic slowdown, the Iraq war and SARS, the aviation industry has suffered a deep slump, particularly in flag airlines. Yet it raises opportunities for the low-fare carrier segment, such as Ryanair that is a rising star in the skies of Europe, has been performing well post […]

The Leader and Change Agent in Action

The vital question is setting the objectives of a business enterprise as this has a direct bearing on strategy. The most obvious aim is to make profits and adding to wealth. While making a profit in a profession is possible through the use of personal and individual skills, knowledge, and endeavors. it needs collaborative or […]

Company Financial

All the above factors have to be in alignment with the ultimate objective of any business, maximising profits and wealth. “According to this concept, actions that increase the firm’s profit are undertaken while those that decrease profit are avoided”.Equity Evaluation: the term equity evaluation can be simply termed as the value of stock owned by […]

Strategic Planning For International Travel

of its success in luring visitors mostly to its sun-sea-sand tourism strategy and in 2006 alone, its tourism accounted for 12% of its GDP and brought employment to thousands of its citizens. Today, Spain is next to France in terms of the number of tourists and is next to the USA in terms of the […]

The Core Competence of the Corporation

Identifying opportunities in the external environment and adopting a pre-active response to changes in the consumer markets is a fundamental element in organizations developed around core competencies (Hamel and Prahalad, 1990. 1994). One example of this is the case of Preussag AG. Preussag had traditionally been a company focusing on logistics, information systems and ‘old […]

The Role of the Environment on the Impact of Product Strategy

The business environment was defined at the outset of the discussion with particular emphasis on its impact on product strategy. A Singapore-based company named BreadTalk Group Limited was used as a case study in order to illustrate how the environment affects product strategy. Several tools for strategic management analysis were discussed, with particular emphasis on […]

Leadership and Managing Change

Change happens with time and how organizations adopt this change has been highlighted in this paper. An earnest effort has been undertaken to present the different viewpoints regarding the varied nature of change itself. The leadership role within change avenues cannot be denied its due role and there is a pertinent need to address the […]

Fast Food Business

Beef are not allowed in India for the Hindus. Indonesian prefer to eat more rice and rice-based foods.America is the heartland for McDonald’s with 50% of global sales. Europe has one-third of global sales and is catching up fast, with 39% of global earnings. McDonald’s has a presence in 40 European countries through 65% of […]

Business Strategy Marks and Spenser 19902004

The market economy requires constant monitoring and forecasting, determination of the long-term goals, and the strategies of their achievement. The problem of the successful functioning and quarantining the continuous development of an enterprise is the primary one in the conditions of the market economy, which provides a dynamic, changing, unstable environment. To manage the functioning […]

Evolutionary Psychology and Attraction

Sociobiology, with its focus on biological accounts of evident social facts, has developed into evolutionary psychology, with its stress on the process of the evolution of the brain, and the extent of influence of people’s desire to survive and to multiply their genes into the next generations to their present behavior and conduct (ibid).Sociobiology or […]

Biology Practical on Cells

The final magnification of the details of specimen under observation is the product of both the eye-piece, and objective lenses (Caprette, 2005).For one to be able to note the details of the specimen, staining is necessary. Different substances will absorb light differently, thus transmit light in different proportions. The difference in light transmission through the […]

The Similarities Between the Different World Religions

Understanding the similarities is the right way to get rid of the strive and get to know more about faiths than we do. We will start by looking at some common points between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. For starters, the three religions all believe in the existence of one God. Other than these, the faiths […]

The Balfour Declaration and the Political Legacy of Colonialism

An important issue that will be discussed here is the displacement of the indigenous Palestinian population and the subsequent creation of a Jewish state in the Mandate of Palestine. This is the political legacy of the British colonial enterprise in Israel/Palestine as a result of the Balfour Declaration. This analysis, while seeking to be broad […]

My World View

The general beliefs that are my worldview outline not only how I see the world, but also intensely manipulate the particular beliefs I come to hold, the choices I draw and decisions I make, and all that I think, speak and act. My worldview is so basic to what I do, and in fact, what […]

Bill Clinton An Analysis

Lowry is right, as we look back at the Clinton legacy it becomes apparent that much of what is going on in the world right now, began in 2001, just months after President Bush assumed his office, and are the result of unresolved issues that arose during the Clinton Administration. Clinton’s presidency committed some of […]

IKEA’s Secrets

Having been born in a small village in the Småland province of southern Sweden, hard work and frugality were ingrained in him since childhood. The harsh environment with limited resources endowed him with the capacity to make the most of the resources available.Ingvar Kamprad realized early on that there was a huge market of low […]

Existential Theory

However, my personal view is that their human ideas could still be improved if these are infused with Christian principles. That is my modest attempt in the course of this paper.Finding meaning in one’s life is a difficult contemplation that confronts our personal convictions. Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose? Difficult questions […]

Issues That May Rise Up Due to Excessive Alcohol Consumption

The Bible acknowledges that wine can make the heart merry or can enhance the taste of a meal. In addition to this, a cocktail, wine, or beer can relax you and temporarily relieve anxiety, raise your spirits, and make you a more sociable companion. It may even offer some protection from a heart attack.If misused, […]

Analysis Of Adrienne Richs Poem Living In Sin

During this era, there is this specific poem called “Living in Sin” that was drafted in the 1950s and won the hearts of many. Her remarkable job acts as a good example of how the reality about relationships and ties can never have all the necessary qualities. In brief, we may say it can never […]

Regulatory bodies are best placed to secure environmental protection Discuss

The compliance assurance features of better regulation include initiating time limits for regulatory decision making, minimising the onus of paperwork by substituting to self-reporting and enhanced overseeing of compliance monitoring activities so that business assigns minimum resources and time to inspection by government authorities. The UK government so as to overhaul its industrial pollution control […]

Educational Gap Reason

My parents always wanted to provide me with the best education and never set limitations on my desires. They wanted me to complete my higher studies from a good institution. I, as a child always wanted to study business, that too from a renowned institute in the United State of America. However, for an Indian […]

Vintage and Second Hand

Apart from the utilitarian function of clothes as protection from weather factors, keeping us warm or cool or safe, clothes play an important role in identification of self-esteem and serves as a sign of respectability. Fashion at the modern stage serves as a means of differentiation or in other words as a way of “putting […]

Lifestyle Experience

Thesis statement: Westin hotels and resorts managed to attain high market share and margins through lifestyle experience branding strategy and new service culture.According to Kapoor, Paul Halder (2011), the brand positioning strategy combined both tangible and non-tangible aspects of the service since the hotel managed to purchase the ‘heavenly bed’ that would afford the guests […]

The Luxury Market and the Factors That Propelled This Retail Segment to a Whole New Level of Indulgence

Many questions have arisen regarding the underlying dimensions of luxury consumption. yet today, following the last economical crisis, new spending habits have evolved and redefined this product and lifestyle segment.This section provides an introductory view on the luxury market, its appeal and various perceptions and as well as underlines the notion of exclusivity. The motivation […]

Differences between a Leader and a Manager

A leader is someone who is in a position whereby he has followers under him in any organization. Closely related to this is the work of the manager that includes management is an art and is defined as a process used in the achievement of the goals of the organization or its objectives. Leaders and […]

Comparative Analysis Of Urban Design

Generally, the art of urban design is meant to make connections between people and places, as well as movement and urban form, its nature, and the built fabric. The process brings together several strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic viability into the creation of places with distinct beauty and identity. The urban […]

Language and Culture A Thorough Analysis

Language could be a set of meanings for particular things and conditions present in a culture and society.Arbitrary or not, is language really important? The very thing that must be understood is that language is indeed important and it is arbitrary. There are three conditions why it is important and arbitrary. First is that language […]

The Architectural Peculiarity of Australia

Thereupon, it is highly important to come up with a set of actions, protocols, and other activities aimed at protecting indigenous interests, first of all. Also, the description of the profession (architecture) is well applied to the code of principles and rules in an attempt to protect the rights and interests of indigenous people.To be […]

Constant Patient Care

Doctors and nurses are the eyes and ears of the health-care system.Medicine has been referred to as an art based on science. The art of medicine has been based on a strong foundation of practice. It has evolved through centuries based on human values and intuition. Medicine allays the fears and anxieties of the patients […]

Western Culture Art from the Renaissance to the 20th Century

Although each of these artists represents a different artistic period, they are all Western artists who have used the unique aspects or approaches of their particular genre to produce work investigating the nature of the human condition as it was understood in their time period, creating timeless works that reflect some aspect of each of […]

Analysis of Administrative Law Cases

First of all, I have taken note of the point that after receiving a complaint from a member of the public, I don’t know if there was any intimation done from the Institute to you, but nevertheless, upon your application for renewal of your license, they refused on the ground of a complaint they received […]

Breach of Constitutional Convention and Its Consequences

These conventions have been explained as “rules of constitutional conduct which are regarded to be attaching by and upon those who administer constitution but which are not put into effect by courts nor by the legislators in the house of parliament. This implies that conventions or customs can be disregarded with no legal impacts whatsoever […]

Social Determinants of Health and Impact on Aboriginal Australians

In the course of the essay, we will see that factors such as socioeconomic status, poverty, perception of control of financial status that people have as well as underlying factors such as colonialism and its impact on landholdings and control as well as more subtle factors such as racism and discrimination all fit in together […]

How media artefacts affect our conception of reality

We are placed in a consumer society and media, which brings in the importance of learning how to interpret, understand, and criticizing its messages and meanings. They participate in contributing to educate us on what we feel, fear, think, desire, and how to behave. They also show us how to consume, look, dress, avoid failure, […]

Functions of Trade Unions

Before the emergence of trade unions, it was difficult for employees to seek action against unfair treatment by their employers (Warner, 2012:133) Employees were having difficulties at work since the employers’ words were final, therefore, getting poor pays and working in poor conditions. With the emergence of trade unions, the employees were able to acquire […]

Supply Chain Management for Zara

In a bid to ensuring that the relationship between suppliers, consumers and producers is one that yields profits, companies and organizations have to stay committed to the principles surrounding supply chain management.In a bid to understand the direct impact of supply chain management on the running and development of organizations, Zara has been chosen to […]

Aspects of Immigration

The main idea, which is highlighted in this essay, is the positive and negative aspects of globalization over immigration. Along with this, the refutation statements are also offered against the topic. In addition, the essay also concludes with the individual perspectives of Douglas MurrayThe term globalization seems to be a buzz word, but in the […]

Globalization and Business Enterprise

According to the latest World Economic Outlook published by International Monetary Fund (IMF, 20), the world output (income) grew at the rate of 3 percent in 2008, which declined to -0.6 percent in the very next year. The decline in the output began from the last quarter of 2008 since when the subprime crisis surfaced […]

American Unilateralism and the International Order

In addition to the direct economic costs associated with terrorism and the threat of further terrorism, 9/11 also had important political ramifications.Importantly, political scientists have been wracking their brains trying to make sense of the horrific violence undertaken the morning of 9/11 and further violence inspired by global jihadists bent on taking over the world. […]

Relevance of Dantes Inferno in the Current World

Some of the issues the essay will discuss include the journey which even in the current world individuals do take as seen in Dante also the evaluation of worthy sins in the current world and how they were seen in Dante.Dante’s inferno is relevant in the current western environment, for it can be seen in […]

Family and NonFamily Businesses Leaders

Leadership in the family business has been debated by countless people. However, it is alarming how the theme of leadership in the family business has been neglected. Most researchers and analysts focus on the ownership of the family business, ownership amongst others(Rouvinez and Ward, 2005). Family businesses are of varying models. This essay shall highlight […]

William of Ockham

This essay considers the foundational elements of Marx’s philosophical system, namely the transformation of money into capital. Marx philosophy considered the commodity production process, the creation of surplus-value, and argued that capitalism was an unhealthy social process that would lead to the self-destruction of the capitalist economic system. This essay considers the nature of these […]

Impact of the International Trade on Economic Growth

International trade is promoted through appropriate strategies and strict observation of the trade patterns. This essay seeks to discuss the impact of international trade on economic growth. According to a study by the OECD in 2003, the elasticity of international trade was found to be significant. Results from 73 low and middle-income countries in developing […]

A Nurse Mentor Reflection in Clinical Practice Using Gibbs Model

By nurturing novice nurses, expert nurses also get to rehash their skills and improve themselves in the process (see Kosier et. Al. 2004). A strong feedback mechanism between the mentor and the learner is also very important to facilitate the proper transfer of knowledge and skills.As a qualified mental health nurse (RMN) working in a […]

Training Professionals Increasing the Chance for Innovation and Change

Proper coordination between the training as well as the personnel roles is required such as recruitment and selection, employee relation, reward system, and performance appraisal (Center of Excellence, 2004).It is through training that the quality of the labor can be enhanced since the employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Innovation can be […]

Employee Voice Within the Workplace and Organisations

This essay will attempt to answer the topic question, along with its broader implications.Since business enterprises operate in the socio-political set up of nations, it is important to analyze the issue of ‘employee voice’ in this broad context. For example, a 1998 survey conducted in the UK involving 500 employees from various small business organizations […]

The Assessment of Information System

It affects virtually all aspects of an organization, which distinguishes an organization from other organizations. Shafritz Steven (2001 p 374) observed that organizational culture comprises the collective fundamental assumptions that an organization has adopted through careful consideration of their usefulness in approaching and solving challenges that face it in its daily operations.Organizational culture influences organizational […]

Father Tribute Speech

From the first day I came into this world, he has been my side and never left. Despite all the things I have put him through, he still stood by my side as I grew up. He is the cornerstone of our home. In a family of three sisters and my mom, he is the […]

Immunity of Senior State Officials

Thus, heads of state, senior state officials, and diplomats were immune from any examination of their conduct by other states. However, it was also expected that heads of states and senior state officials who could do nothing wrong would present acceptable standards of conduct at all times. Within the relatively recent past, the concept of […]

Elaborating the Interconnectedness of the Numerous Global Crises

In addition to an environmental and political crisis, the economic crisis which enveloped the developed countries of the Western world raises questions about the sustainability of capitalism as the driving force of the global economy. Seeking to understand the shifts from economic globalization towards sustainability, the following will begin with a clear definition of the […]

Healthcare in America and Other Countries

Accordingly, Obama has inherited an economic crisis with international ramifications, wars in Iraq as well as Afghanistan, and in America, a health care system that is in dire need of reform. The attempts by President Obama to overhaul and reform the health care system of the United States has been controversial from the outset and […]

Australian Taxation Law

The $5,000 received after the trading period qualify as income for the period ended 30 June 2010. This is in accordance with accruals accounting method. income is recognized when it is earned. All this is in accordance with and requirements of section 6-5. The trading stock for Philip’s business has to be evaluated according to […]

Finance and Accounting Sparkle Plc

The annual report not only contains the financial statements such as income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow statements but also other reports such as director’s report, auditor’s report, corporate social responsibility information, etc. In short, the annual report contains company’s business functions, products or services, sources of finances and resources, human resource involvement, countries […]

Methodological Analysis of Human Resources Strategy

I can be creative in emergent atmospheres and can face difficulties. I can adapt creative thoughts and proposals and setting goals and achieve them. I have completed a Master degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management. I possess work experience as 1st Lt. Officer in Abu Dhabi Police G.H.Q-(Strategic Department). Also, I had […]

Measurement of GDP and National Income

The reasons have been discussed in the paper to great length, the ultimate answer to the question being that GDP is not the only key aspect that helps in measuring the welfare or happiness of a nation and that there is more to that.Gross Domestic Product is a value of all the final goods and […]

Internation Accounting

Narsimha Rao and the finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the year 1991. Through this reform foreign direct investment was brought in many sectors. By the 20th century India headed towards a free market economy which reduced the state control of the economy with increased financial liberalization (Datt Sundharam, 2009, p. 976). The Indian economy […]

Financial Accounting at Tesco Plc

Tesco Plc complies with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Specifically, Tesco Plc’s £4,338 m goodwill and other intangible assets amount complies with IFRS no. 3, Business Combinations, which states that must identify and fair value the intangible assets amortization charges and costs. IFRS defines an intangible asset as lacking physical substance and are not financial […]

The Balance Sheet of Leighton Ltd and Clough Ltd

Introduction: Leasing is an important concept in asset management and trade. A lessor can lease out an equipment, building, machinery, vehicle, etc, and enjoy the benefits of getting capital of their value in circulation. Many companies find certain assets of no significant use in their business. The lease out such assets and as the lease […]

Self Reflection

From the closer assessment of my personal and professional skills, it is apparent that the following skills were developed from the course: analytical skills, critical thinking, and intellectual growth from increased inputs on AIS concepts and theories, comprehension skills, the ability to interpret and apply required tasks and activities, an increased understanding of financial and […]

Audit in Nowadays Business Managing the Expectation Gap

3). Basically, the statutory audit can be defined as the legal requirement to review and determine the accuracy of the financial statements of a company or government (including its agencies). Kumar and Sharma (2005, p. 41) notes that for audit to be considered proper there are certain thresholds that should be attained key among them […]

What were Fields initial actions upon acquiring LPB

The company was quite big in size adding $45 billion in revenue in 1987 in comparison to previous acquisitions wherein changes to MIS were necessitated as in the case of retail cookie chain, the Chocolate Chip Company in 1984 but LPB baked and served products, according to Randy were, “a logical extension for the bakery […]

“Accounting and Ratio Analysis of Marks &amp

Spencer Company"And secondly, it enables the organization to understand which products or assets of the company are producing more revenues for the company, how efficiently these are being utilized, and which products or assets are not profitable and should be replaced or eliminated.From the reporting perspective, accounting provides the bookkeeping of day-to-day activities and every […]

Power and Ethics in the American orporation

Power is very important to the managers or leaders of any organization since it is essential in the directing of its staff. However, the process of acquiring power and using it usually ruins the ethics and values held in the organization (Kelly, 1988 p.3). Discussion Power defines leadership in any company and by definition. leadership […]

What Is Meant by GDP and How Is It Measured

Fiscal policy is an effort by the government to stimulate the economy by adjusting and monitoring the level of spending. It refers to government purchases, transfer payments, taxes, and borrowing as they affect macroeconomic variables such as real GDP, employment, the price level, and economic growth. Using the income-expenditure model, we will focus on the […]

Operations Management of the Royal Mint

The Objective of the Royal Mint is to provide the Government with coinage at a competitive price. It is clear that Royal Mint wants to establish itself as a low-cost producer through economies of scales i.e. Mass Production at a reduced cost.Companies plan and forecast the demand according to the future needs of the market. […]

Doing Business An Analysis of the Columbia HCA Fraud

My goal is to relate the case to the subject of Business Ethics and derive important lessons on how business should be conducted.Reading through the case study, we can discern the numerous causal factors of the federal investigation of Columbia/ HCA. From what I can understand, the investigation was brought about by a combination of […]

Principle of Accounting

A higher current ratio indicates that the company has enough liquidity to meet its short term obligations. However, the too-large current ratio may be negative as this would indicate that assets are not being utilized effectively. As shown from the above calculations, Company ‘C’ is performing better than the other two companies in terms of […]

Auditing and Its Environment

Auditors are independent when their functioning is not affected by the vested interests of parties, other than shareholders, in the financial statements. Management is one of such parties that can directly influence the independence of auditors especially when auditors are advocating causes than auditing. Whether an auditor is actually independent when he appears to be […]

My Role Model Example

I wish to share my success story with you. My father is an immigrant that relocated to the United States to start the new page in his life. Being a knowledgeable person, he has achieved success working 10 hours per day and saving money to start his own business. Despite all these issues, he has […]

A ClassroomBased Scenario

The lesson on historical artifacts was prepared well, as there were actual items to be explored by the class. Children find it stimulating to really touch objects as if they feel helps them retain the lesson better. However, it seems that the teacher did not plan well the execution of the activity because the children […]

Humanity of Policy

Though a considerable number of law enforcement officers have a rudimentary training into recognizing the sources of stress accompanying situations like shootouts and violent crimes, still a majority of them do fail to grasp the size and scope of the physiological and psychological effects of stress on their body and mind (Ford, 1998). Police officers […]

Strategic Default

The tendency to default when you are underwater even if you have the ability to pay the mortgage is known as strategic default. In this paper, I would first outline the legal and ethical constraints associated with such defaults and then discuss its implications on the lender, the borrower, and the society as a whole.In […]

TeliaSon Era and Google (Competition Law)

However, it can be agreed that attaining this desirable status, in which all stakeholders benefit optimally, is relatively challenging. Coupled with increased pressure from the market to make profits, most business persons have opted for satisfying their needs at the expense of the consumer. Furthermore, individual business entities have gone to great lengths to attain […]

“Umbrella Clauses in Bilateral investement Treaties &amp

Comparison between ICSID, UNCITRAL and ICC"Put another way, the main question is whether or not the umbrella clause renders a breach of an investment contract a treaty claim.3 A review of previous arbitration decisions on the issue have produced mixed results. It would appear that with contradictory rulings on the matter, umbrella clauses can sometimes […]

The Commission as Agent of States

The most important aspect here is the implied consent of cooperating states that, in specifically outlined areas, actions by the commission are tantamount as an act of each of the member states. This paper will examine this principle with the purpose of identifying the extent to which commissions can claim as agents of its member […]

Statutory Interpretation of the Human Rights Act 1998 by the UK Courts

However, the courts have treated such evaluations as mere exaggeration. Whilst pronouncing such judgements the courts have stressed that they have given due consideration to Parliament’s sovereign intentions2.In the Von Colson case, the EU made it mandatory for the national law to implement a specific EU Directive3. However, in Marleasing the EU required the national […]

Discarding of Recyclables

This paper posits that a ban on throwing recyclables into trash cans in Portland Oregon is necessary and positive because there is a growing clamor for it as reflected in a cascade of legislation in many states all over the US enforcing such related bans because there is overwhelming evidence that mandated bans in law […]

Public Health Law and Policy

It is expected to increase to $4.4 trillion in 2008. Based on all projections, however, there is an expectation of high enrollment and growth in Medicaid and Medicare spending over that time. (Sisko, Truffer, Smith, 2009). Physician Medicare payments will remain constant between 2010 and 2018. Under the current law, there is an expected acceleration […]

Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business

Competition law is part of the legal environment of business in Gulf region that requires numerous amendments and enforcement. Competition laws facilitate the entry of foreign firms in the economy and ensure that the economy gains from increased product innovation and high quality products. Fair competition laws also facilitate bilateral and regional cooperation between several […]

Drifting toward Communism

at subverting the rights contained in no less than five of the first ten amendments (the Bill of Rights) to, as they claim, ‘protect’ citizens from terrorism. Both these groups combined are actively attempting to convert America into the totalitarian, communist society that many have fought against in the pursuit of the very freedoms the […]

The Offences Against the Person Act 1861

Therefore, there is a need to modernize this 140-year old legislation. In fact, Justice Brooke opined that it is “intolerable that an important law covering criminal assaults, batteries and wounding…should be based on the antique and obscure language of an Act.”3 In a nutshell, the Act is outdated, unclear and unfit for its purpose.According to […]

The Subjection of Women On Liberty and Communist Manifesto

Mill has been a known advocate of women’s emancipation in his time. And in “Subjection of Women,” he has laid all the arguments and his eloquence as to how society is imposing inequalities upon women. Women’s suffrage was raised. the marriage law in his time, as well as other legislations concerning the debasement of women, […]

The Connection Between the Constitution and the Law

City of Chicago, 337 US 1, this Court upheld its inviolability even though it “induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with the condition as they are, or even stirs people to anger.” We acknowledged then that one of the functions of this freedom is precise “to invite dispute.” Through Justice Holmes in the case […]

Customer Service Training Program

The business was not expanded to include fruit and vegetable seeds until 1837, when the business gained new premises and had grown, with Mr. Sutton taking in both of his sons into the business and the sons convincing their father that fruit and vegetable seeds were the way to grow the business. Both father and […]

Business and Corporate Law St Ronans Ales Ltd

ns 171-188 of the Companies Act 2006 expands the duty even further requiring that directors act in a manner calculated to promote the company’s success and to take account of the effect that their decisions have on all stakeholders including the community and the environment.4The company directors’ decision to borrow 100,000 pounds against the assets […]

Application of the Hague Visby Rules

It is seen in the EU context that different countries have different rules governing carriage by sea and therefore it had become necessary to have a set of rules that could be applied uniformly for all countries. The Hague and the Hague/Visby rules are designed to serve this purpose. Moreover, law and contractual obligations to […]

Effects of the Model Minority on Asian Americans

The American government did not exactly stop China from controlling Chinese Americans in the U.S. did not protect Chinese Americans in Americans soil because it continued to see the latter as suspected illegal aliens, even after World War II. Furthermore, the U.S. government did not take positive actions to create equal conditions for Chinese Americans. […]

Analysis of Property Law Cases

Here Rose contributed half of the purchase price when Major Thorn acquired Bramble Farm. Equitable rights will be overreached if the proper formalities of the purchase are observed under ss2 and 27 LPA 1925. Consequently, this right will not affect his enjoyment of the land. However, it is the Court’s discretion to decide whether Rose […]

Principles of Contract Law

Offer and acceptance are the starting points for establishing a legally binding contract. Typically, an offer is required to contain a definitive promise which provides the other party to which it is addressed with an unambiguous option to accept or decline the offer.2 Once the essential elements of offer and acceptance are found to exist […]

Powers of the European Parliament

The UK Telegraph summed it up succinctly when it stated. “The paradox of yesterday’s events is that they are a great victory for the European parliament but not for democracy.”2 There can be little doubt that the powers of the European parliament are expanding. When the EC Treaty was first implemented, the EU was visualized […]

Important Employment Law Issue

It has been brought to our notice that the employees of AB have been approached by Unifi to participate in a strike, which will also involve picketing your firm’s premises in numbers large enough to prevent customers and employees from entering the premises for work or to conduct business.There are certain illegalities that may be […]

European Union Law

Article 5 states:Therefore, according to the provisions specified above, the Community is to act only with the scope of the powers that have been conferred upon it. In areas that do not fall within its exclusive jurisdiction, the Community will act to the extent that is required, according to the principles of subsidiarity, to achieve […]

Law Geneva Convention

There are additional sets of rules that address the extension of the action field and relating it to any individual, who participates in armed conflict. These additional protocols require the combatants to refrain from attacking civilians and their property. These protocols also require conflicting sides to respect and carry out their military operations in compliance […]

Modern Genocide in Darfur Sudan

So it starts with how the populace in Darfur mostly consists of two main Muslim ethnicities: non-Arabs blacks such as the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa. and Arabic tribes jointly called the Baggara. The Baggara are typically nomadic herdsmen while the non-Arabs are mostly sedentary farmers, so the antagonism for land and water resources has led […]


Employes or employee organization, or both, to the extent that by its express terms or as a result of its surrounding circumstances such plan, fund or program (a) provides retirement income to employees, or (b) results in a deferral of income by employees for periods extending to the termination of covered employment or beyond” (ERISA).In […]

Tortious Liability

The boy dies, due to the failure to provide the transplant in time. The protagonist, Rudy Bayler sets up a partnership with former insurance assessor Dick Shifflet to fight the case of insurance bad faith on behalf of Donny Ray Black.The tortious liability of the defendant is established because Rudy is able to discover that […]

Environment Protection Law in the European Union and Egypt

The European Union consists of European countries. This was the region that was witness to industrialization. Not surprisingly, the pollution levels, initially, in this area were quite alarming. However, as developed nations, the EU member states have overcome this problem to a major extent. To this end, the EU has drafted a number of laws.In […]

European Union Competition Law

Operation of Article 81(1) EC requires comprehensive economic analysis because of the fact that it hinders the agreements that affect economic freedom. Nevertheless, Article 81 EC permits anti-competitive practices whose pro-competitive results predominate over their anti-competitive consequences4.The national authorities can ban vertical agreements that disregard Article 81(3), in respect of the benefit of exemption.5 In […]

The Importance of Space

This paper illustrates that during construction one must be able to understand elements such as space, centers, boundaries, paths and alignments during construction. According to David Summers conceptualization, the center was used to define a place where heavens could be traced.According to this author, the center was not articulated initially but stones were placed as […]

Children Living with HIV

There are 2 strains of HIV, HIV-1 and HIV-2. More often than not, it is HIV-1 that is identified among patients. Some patients may be positive to both types of viruses. HIV-2 infection is most commonly encountered in the Western part of Africa (Abdelmalek, 2011). HIV infection in children is rapidly progressive with poor prognosis.Research […]

The Joy Luck Club (novel)

She not only accomplishes the goal of her mother on her behalf, but also gets to learn more about her mother as a result of the unique experience of reuniting with her long lost and never seen before half-sisters. Jing-mei and Waverly share the feeling of regret of having lost ties with their indigenous Chinese […]

Dyslexia and Its Impact on Personality

The issue of Dyslexia has been recognized to be as significant, like small children who are not able to express their feelings completely go through issues at school and in front of their friends. They may have a varying IQ and hence they may be really good in school are otherwise. However, they require special […]

Coronary and Pulmonary Circulations

The major blood vessels which constitute this circulation are the left main coronary artery and the right main coronary artery, both of which originate at the base of the aorta from openings called the coronary Ostia located behind the aortic valve leaflets (Klabunde, “Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts”). The left main coronary artery is usually larger than […]

Censorship in the Media Sphere

Since the banning of Cleland’s novel, censorship has been used to protect people from improper media according to the standards of the government and smaller organizations that focus on censorship, though this has sparked the issue of how much censorship is too much censorship. The act of censorship is now done more for the benefit […]

The Cosmetic Surgery

This paper, therefore, looks at the major reasons why a large number of individuals resort to the black market for cosmetic surgical procedures, including affordable procedures on the black market and more important given to cost than the quality of the procedures. This paper will include a brief discussion of the feminist view of cosmetic […]

John Proctor

The existence of Proctor changed for the worse when Abigail blames Elizabeth, who ends up in jail. The blame game started because of the adultery that he committed. When a tragic play ends, the audience is usually pitiful towards the departed idol. Such a situation is called catharsis.John Proctor – a tragic hero in The […]

Antibiotic Doripenem

Individuals with pyelonephritis and acute concomitant sickness have severe tissue infection and are in danger of bacteremia. the advantage is realized due to early admission for discussion and concentrated parenteral antimicrobial treatment (Klostranec and Kolin 2012).The infection normally begins from the lower urinary tract as a UTI. Bacteria penetrate one’s body through the urethra and […]

Reasons for Engaging in Smoking

Arguably, many smokers cannot do without their daily pack of cigarettes. Others often try quitting but in no time, they get back to the old habit. There are individuals who cannot work or talk before a dose of their favorite brand. One wonders what makes people smoke. How powerful is the stimulant nicotine in tobacco […]

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

The characters are Amanda, the mother, who Williams describes as “a little woman of great but confused vitality clinging frantically to another time and place” (Williams, 1945, page 18), Laura, the sister who is handicapped by an illness she suffered in childhood which left “one leg slightly shorter than the other and held in a […]

Special Traits of Hinduism

Hindus have a fairly conservative culture. This can be partly attributed to the fact that they have lived for a long time with the Muslims. Thus, many Hindu women cover their full bodies including their heads like Muslim women. Hindus are strictly monogamous. Although a man can keep two wives at one time, yet he […]

How do you pronounce your name

When I was younger, though, I never knew the kind of impact my name would have on me.In elementary school, I was not very fond of my name. I always complained to myself how one day I would change it to Heaven. It would be easier for people to pronounce, and I would be free […]

Importance of Power Relations

Common sense notions of power and power relations also speak of power with respect to whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – i.e. – whether it is used for positive or negative ends. Although this is an important element of study, the understanding of power relations in Psychology primarily suggests that these relationships are Positive […]

A Critical Assessment of the Humanistic Model of Psychopathology

Davies Bhugra relates that the humanistic model was developed and sought to emphasize human nature as essentially positive and valued choices and purpose in life (92). Its basic assumption is that what is being considered normal or abnormal is subjective to and dependent on the therapist or clinician’s own frame of reference. The therapist’s goal […]

The Assessment of an Employees Intelligence

In other words, new tests can be developed to describe the elements included in any particular theory. Anderson, Herriot, Hodgkinson (2001) devoted an entire article to the necessity of “Pragmatic” Psychology being applied at work, wherein both methodological rigor and practical relevance are high. Unfortunately, they also claim that this is not where organizations are […]

Psychology Applied to Modern Life

The individual responds to certain stimuli as a reaction to what is occurring within themselves. Would it not be important, then, to understand more than merely the internal workings of the person, but to fully comprehend the impact this individual is having on the external world around them: human behavior.Human interaction could be considered a […]

Rollo May

During this period May decided that he wanted to study theology and moved back to the United States to attend school at the Union Theological Seminary. in 1938 he received his bachelor of divinity degree and went on to work as a minister for two years (Reeves 1977).One of the turning points in May’s life […]

Gender Differences in Aggression

Women are sometimes labeled as nags, whereas men are labeled as wife beaters. This paper explores the different expressions of aggression by men and women. It presents different viewpoints, opinions, and studies by different sociologists and psychologists regarding gender differences in aggression.“Aggression is an intentional behavior that is done to cause harm or pain to […]

How the Media Affects the Development of Gender Schemas

The manner in which this has been presented time and again needs to be stressed more on the lines of the programs that are shown across the board and the advertising that is done courtesy the different brands and products in the name of commercialism. These need to be looked at in detail and in […]

In a Primary School What Is Assessment and Why Is It Important

Most commonly assessment has a written format being consisted of a series of questions referring to the curriculum – specifically the part of the curriculum delivered by the tutor. However, assessment can be developed through different methods in accordance with the tutor’s plans on curriculum delivery. When other scientific sectors are involved in the educational […]

New Public Management in the UK

Indeed these were central concerns οf philosophers such as Aristotle in ancient Greece, Confucius in ancient China, and Machiavelli in medieval Italy. But the conception οf the activist, bureaucratic state, despite its earlier parallels, is in practice an essentially twentieth-century phenomenon. The characteristics οf this bureaucratic state were set out most clearly by the German […]

Course of Action Statement and Sketch

In accordance with Field Manual (FM) 3-21-31 (2003), “Decisive operations at any echelon (accomplished by a designated main effort) directly achieve the purpose of the mission of the higher headquarters. At the SBCT level, there is only one decisive operation”. By that definition, once the attack by Ahurastan forces occurs, EUCOM will automatically switch to […]

Economics According to Suze Orman and Eric Tyson

Orman’s top financial tips revolve around knowing the FICO score, saving money on the side, and making wise purchase decisions.Orman (2005) starts by stating that being broke is a matter of “relying on a cash advance on your credit card to pay the rent or mortgage, and praying that you have enough on your credit […]

Religion in The Lord of the Rings

The success of The Lord of the Rings as a religious medium is due to the fact that it is subtle in its Christian themes and isn’t what one might call a “preachy” Christian book.One theme that we find throughout The Lord of the Rings is the longing that many of the characters have to […]

Korean and Japanese Funerals Though Different Similar in Essence

Cultures and communities of the world hold a solemn and grave view for death. It is also true for Korean and Japanese societies. Fascinations for death become influenced either by religion or by some other traditional views of society. Consequently, this fascination and views of death determine after-death rites, rituals, and ceremonies. Korean and Japanese […]

The Importance of the Textile Clothing Fiber and Yarn Sector in Turkey

Increased demand has given rise to increased opportunities for several countries but each country has its own advantages and disadvantages. Several global players are trying to capture the major market share in the global market place. Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh are trying to capture share in the market based on their low manufacturing costs […]

The Qualifications of a Good Leader

Even in the most turbulent of times, when organizations just tumble selling away their remaining assets at the price of peanuts, some organizations dramatically rise to grab such opportunities that they can acquire value in such downtrends which when the economy makes a turnaround, prove to be unforgettable achievements for the organization for many years […]

Emotional Intelligence Training and Leadership Behavior of Administrators

Actors play a crucial role in the future of an organization, and thus, the proposed research will focus on different aspects of research administrators, mainly their emotional intelligence, leadership behavior, and the role that training plays in enhancing the abovementioned characteristics in a research administrator.In brief, research administration is one of the fields that lacks […]

Defining and Characterising a Learning Organisation

Even though there is a reasonably common understanding of the necessity for learning organisations, there are fewer consensuses on precisely what a learning organisation implies (Schwandt Marquardt 1999). Garvin (1993) emphasises that several treatises of learning organisations have been deferential and ideal and loaded with almost magical expressions. Garvin (1993) provides a practical, if still […]

Employee Relations Influenced by the Matewan Strike

The owners of the coal mines in Matewan would wait that miners in the region would be satisfied with the increase of their wages, meaning that no further action would be taken. The decision of the miners to proceed to the improvement of their living conditions and fight for their dependency verifies the view of […]

Red Riding Hood To Be Chaste or Chased

While the girl takes the longer route, the wolf quickly takes the shorter one and reaches the grandmother’s house first. On arrival, he disguises his voice as little red riding hoods and makes his way into the grandmother’s room where he devours her immediately. Next, the wolf takes the grandmother’s clothes and dresses himself up […]

Rate of adoptionquinoa cultivation in Hermiston Oregon

The crop has emerged as one of the most nutritious grains. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) declare 2013 as a year to mark the crop. nations has even designated quinoa as “Super crop.”This research focuses on the introduction of Quinoa and prediction its rate of adoption in Hermiston, Oregon areaThere is very little knowledge […]

Merger Acquisition and International Strategies

The report will try to highlight future business strategies available for both companies.Dupont is a renowned American chemical company. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. It was founded by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont in the year 1802. They are one of the top 500 Fortune corporations. Dupont is the largest chemical corporation in […]

Business Strategies

It goes without saying that rival companies may be interested in the information held by a company and it should be anticipated that cases such as theft of such held information may happen. Therefore, in order for a company to be successful, such problems should be kept under control. In a survey provided by the […]

Impact of work place technology

Contextually, the major drivers of technology involvement in the organizations can be identified as the rapid technology innovations, altering customers’ preferences, increasing customer awareness and subsequently enhancing competition. Although such issues have mostly been related with the product centric industries, similar aspects are also quite common in the context of service industry settings (Fine, 2003).Notably, […]

Cyber Threats

ARP poisoning Address Resolution Protocol spoofing, also referred to as ARP flooding, or ARP poisoning/ARP poison routing is a mechanism that is employed when one wants to attack an Ethernet wireless or wired network. This technique may allow the attacker to undertake packet sniffing. In case of email, the attacker will sniff the traffic sent […]

Exploring Organisations Birmingham City Business School

The business school is also well known for the situation where it publically made available the fact that students were outsourcing their assignments and coursework to suppliers who would bid and finish their work for them. The business school at this point in time has five different departments which offer specialized programs to the students. […]

Is Dysfunctional Communication Harmful

And the colleague’s actual behaviour was very contrast to what he was stating. His wife had a very good job and she was earning more than he. All the ladies from our organization would cross-question him why he was then allowing his wife to work and why he didn’t keep her at home. His behaviour […]

Emerald Buddha in Bangkok Thailand

The Emerald Buddha, a dark green statue is in a standing form, about 66 centimeters (26 in) tall which is carved from a single jade stone in the meditating posture in the style of the Lenna School of northern Thailand. Due to the holiest nature of the statue except for the Thai King, no other […]

Sustainability Development Principles

This is combined with understanding the overall system and issues which relate to this. When this is done, there is an understanding of key issues within the assessment and the necessity to create different responses with the case study and the understanding of principles that are created.The main categories that are related to sustainable development […]

Phishing Pharming and Vishing Computer Security

As technology evolves, it brought a lot of facilities regarding better online communication, data transfer, business, marketing, management, etc. This improvement of technology also brought a few problems regarding online working. Online frauds are the new shape of online criminal activities. That involves the information and data handing and later on the use of that […]

Business Claims

The typical starting place is offer and acceptance.1 An offer is regarded as a definite promise which by its terms and conditions provides the responding party with an option to either accept or decline the offer.2 Only after a court disposed of the matter is satisfied that offer and acceptance exist it will then look […]

Changing American Icons in Popular Culture

Identifying changes that have been made in culture, as well as how this represents the icons of America in popular culture, leads to a different understanding of identity in different social areas.The concept of modern culture and the icons that represent them are integral to defining how one creates an identity not only from personal […]

Analysis of the Poem Letter to a Friend by Jon Stallworthy

Analysis of the Poem “Letter to a Friend” by Jon Stallworthy As a whole, the first stanza of “Letter to a Friend” by Jon Stallworthy presents a content that occurs relevant to the political state of affairs in turbulence at the time of the speaker. This is quite evident in the third and fourth lines […]

Cultivation of the Corporate Grapevine

In order for a manager to evade misleading his employees while trying to convey specific information or concept, he has to use universally understood non-verbal language, simplified as much as possible. In my opinion, there are three vital non-verbal categories which if applied properly will fully complete all the functions of the non-verbal communication and […]

Retrospective Analysis of a Change in the Psychiatric ICU

The result is always a function of how change is managed. There are several change management theories that have been proposed and almost all theories concur, that the success and failure of any change are related to the people factor. It is largely the emotional reactions of people involved in the change process that needs […]

Information and Communication Strategy at Tesco

Within аn orgаnizаtion, ICTs eliminаte low vаlue аdded аctivities аnd other intermediаries in the vаlue chаin аnd increаse the effectiveness of plаnning аnd coordinаtion. Thus new sources of competitive аdvаntаge–coordinаting аnd integrаtion skills–become а strаtegic weаpon thаt is not rooted in trаditionаl fаctors. The requirements of globаl sourcing, reаl-time informаtion shаring, mаss customizаtion аnd virtuаl […]

Professional Communication Skills for Business Studies

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has defined analyse as to study or examine something in detail, in order to discover more about it.2. Assess: Assessing involves making comments about the value/importance of the concepts and ideas under discussion. Assessment involves making clear by the use of an example. Assess in the context of discussion involves […]

Economic Bubbles

Usually, it takes place in securities, real estate and stock markets.The rising prices of stocks, securities or properties attract people to invest in them, believing that they will be able to sell them at even higher prices. Prices keep rising till the time when people start losing confidence in the securities or stocks, and thus, […]

Benefits of Employee Training for the Companies

According to Wright McMahanG (1992), such training also motivate and satisfy the employees and encourage them to be more loyal to the firm. Training of the kind also helps develop external with customers, suppliers and distributors etc and internal relations with team members. Thus the overall effect is that the employees work more efficiently than […]

The Legal Environment of Business

Evidence of counteroffers, discussed below, can lead the courts to conclude that the contract has not been fully constituted.Once an offer has been accepted the court will expect the offeror to give the promised consideration. If the offeror fails to do this, the court will deem that a breach has occurred, which would entitle the […]

Reflection on Nursing Praxis in the Context of Loss and Grieving

It occurs when an individual receives less favorable treatment than others in a similar environment or circumstances on the grounds οf disability, gender, class, age, ethnicity, religion, race, socio-economic status or sexual orientation. (JMU equal opportunity policy 2003.) For example, someone may think all elderly people are infirm and senile and so when they actually […]

Diplomatic History of the US Since 1914

Global communication, trade, and capital flow all grew rapidly. The United States rose to be the most powerful military supremacy nation in the world due to Reagan’s’s and Bushs destruction οf the Cold War, bridging the 80s into the new 90s. George Bushs CIA and ambassadorial experience provided Americas key to our foreign policy negotiations, […]

Supply Chain of Paper

Outline of the supply chain for paper begins with the growth of trees, raw materials for paper, up to the nearest storage facility to the product’s final consumer. The first stage in the chain is the identification of suitable seeds by a gardener for quality trees. The gardener then grows the seeds into seedlings and […]

Identification the Stages of C elegans

Most molecular genetics experiment cannot be employed on humans because of their complexity. In order to perform these experiments, researchers use certain model organisms which can be cultured very easily in the laboratory and is easy to manipulate. These model organisms though physically different from humans bear certain biochemical and physiological features that have been […]

The Causes and Consequences of the Yom Kippur War

Despite the fact that both sides suffered immense losses emotional, financial, and human values yet Israel was successful in retaining total control of those territories. The war was called the Yom Kippur War by the Israelis or the Ramadan War by the Arabs, as it started on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (The Day […]

Ensuring the Development of the Successful Team

These factors underline the basis of the teams performing a singular whole than disjointed units within the framework of the organization or the group that they are working under. Constituting a team is an important measure since it explains the manner in which the team members would carry out their processes and activities in order […]

Love and Transcendence A Feminist Approach

The purpose of this discussion is to identify the patriarchal ideology present in both of these works, from a feministic approach and critique.From a first layer point of view, A Midsummer Night’s Dream guides its audience through a beginning which is laced with mismatched lovers all of whom wish to be with a different individual […]

Recommendations from the Clients

From an organizational point of view, it is quite apparent that Tom Martin’s behavior shall cause a significant effect on the organization’s well-being in terms of reputation as a Family Support Services Centre. This certain aspect can be recognized as quite significant for a service-based organization. It is worth mentioning that customer satisfaction has gained […]

Love and Death in Tristan and Iseult

In fact, it may be the essence of that will to live. Love is the universal vessel of forgiveness and redemption, as is death. The associations between life and death within The Romance of Tristan and Iseult carry a universal message of the power of true love and of its absolute finality.The first tale of […]