Operationalisation of Management and Leadership Development Into Practice

Emphasis is given on the operationalisation of management and leadership development into practice. Appropriate literature is used for highlighting the key issues of the study’s subject. At the next level, the article of the Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2010) ‘Changing Face of Leadership’ is used in order to show the key aspects of the operationalisation […]

The Final Project

The argument of the author evolves in the following manner. In Chapter 1, Zakaria presents a main thesis of the book, according to which we will witness the emergence of a post-American global order, within the framework of which the USA will retain its predominance but lose an ability to determine the attributes of international […]

Statistical Applications in Criminal Justice Course Project

On the other hand, the standard deviations shows that the scoring on robbery is more dispersed than rape/sexual assault (Howell, 2008).In order to test the relationship between rape and violence, linear regression analysis will be used. This test will be used to establish if there exists any statistical relationship between the two variables, and if […]

Suburbs research proposal

Suburbs Research Proposal Today, more than half of the Canadian population lives in the suburbs, and this population is still gradually growing since the end of World War 2. According to the article Defining Suburbs: Representation and Symbolic Violence Just Outside the City by Chris Richardson, he maintains while spaces that are suburban have existed […]

The New Scottish Parliament Building Project

The United Kingdom of Great Britain was formed in 1707 as per the provisions of the Treaty of Union, merging the two separate countries of Scotland and England. The enactment of the Scotland Act 1998 and the Devolution of 1999, once again made possible the formation of a separate Scottish Parliament. The perceptible need for […]

Financial and Strategic Management of Projects Wk11

1/ Please discuss here the importance of business and project ethics, and their impact on project performance and sustainability. Please also discussthe financial cost of poor ethical practices. In the business world ethics has become a critical success factor. Ethics can be defined as the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with […]


In the conventional film distribution setting, cinemas or movie theaters have often been the first point of sale for movies. After cinematic or theatrical distribution, the second traditional channel comprised of the broadcast via television, followed by DVDs. Majority of film producers opted for these three modes of distribution, in an attempt to ensure optimal […]

The Secret History of Hacking

The Secret History of Hacking Today nearly everyone familiar with computers is familiar with the notion of hacking. Strictly speaking hacking refersto the process where an individual gains illegal access to a computer network through manipulating computer code. Hacking, however, has increasingly come to refer to broader ranging notions of a computer subculture. Indeed, one […]

Principles of Detail Design

Clements et al differentiate architectural design from detailed design in a uniquely interesting way. He alluded that architecture could be defined as a form of design yet the reverse was not possible. The interpretation is that design is not within the realms of architecture since the end of any masterpiece can be manipulative. There is […]

Outsourcing IT Servises

Another form of outsourcing is based on salary cost arbitrage that takes place between national economies when a company will seek to contract with another business abroad where the labor costs are cheaper, so that cost savings will be gained in the overall organization. Some companies may establish overseas branches of their company and hire […]

Internet and Electronic Marketing

E-Commerce is a traditional and important part of Internet marketing. In addition, Internet marketing has currently expanded into many different business areas beyond e-commerce. For instance, online banking has been provided by the growing number of banks that offer very useful services to their clients 24 hours a day no matter where they are. Selling […]

Robots Cooperative Control with Disturbance Observer

They comprise one of the largest and most diversified classes of machines that are able to autonomously interact in an industrial environment. Additional challenges arise when programming for complex or specific processes between multiple robotic systems, for which many solutions exist modeled after both high-level human-interactive robotics and biological systems. Observing and controlling disturbance in […]

Colours R Us’ Case Study

Programming, on the other hand, is the actual implementation of the HR plan. Programming involves recruitment, training, and lay-offs (Bateman and Snell, 2007, p.332). The third stage, which is the evaluating stage, measures the effectiveness of HR plans in producing the results needed to contribute to the organization’s business plan. It measures such indicators as […]

Needs Analysis of Microsoft Corporation

At the point when the event is harmful, some inspiration or objective of the hackers must be determined and addressed through the most appropriate measures. For example, the goal could be aimed at upsetting ordinary business operations, consequently denying information accessibility and production.Microsoft has been a leader in the design and programming of computer software, […]

Cross Cultural Management

Corporations are currently enjoying the benefits of globalization. Companies now have a large consumer base and a wide supply of labor. However, globalization has resulted in a series of new challenges. Cultural conflict is one of the major challenges facing managers today. The issue of culture is a relatively modern problem arising from the rapid […]

To begin assignment read Henry Mintzberg’s article (enclosed) The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning (Harvard Business Review JanuaryFebruary 1994)

One weakness with strategic planning is that it is comprised of a calculated approach which is fixed towards attaining a goal in contrast to strategic thinking which is committed to encompass other people’s views in attainment of that particular goal. Strategies are only effective if committed people infuse them with their energy directed at achieving […]

The Impact of Television Advertising of Food on Children

A common concept that is used within society is the use of eating food and the different habits that it promotes among children. It is known from parents and the medical community that the advertisements that are a part of some of the food campaigns have the ability to change the healthy eating habits of […]

Critical diference between java and C#

loper the earlier sentence could be explained as ‘a short description of the Java language and platform’ instead the words C# and the .NET platform were replaced with words Java and the Java platform ( Obasanjo, 2007).C# is developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET initiative and later got consented as a standard by […]

EU Policy in the Area of Communications

As set forth by the TVWFD, access to information is to be enforced such that all citizens may enjoy on free television the major sports and cultural events, or at least the public extracts featuring highlights of such events, that are of high public interest. Also, the Directive mandates Member states to ensure freedom of […]

Planetarium summary out of class

Sur Lecturer Planetarium Summary: Outside Today we visited Ritter Planetarium and we had the chance to view a show on space mirrors, a sky tour, and time cubes. We even watched, though through a telescope, at the Sun. We confirmed that Ritter Planetarium is indeed an art full-dome immersive imagining theatre that uses the projection […]

A Knowledge Management Framework for Expert Decision Making

tructured analytics provides a repository of structured data in the form of presentable reports and charts which facilitates easy decision making .Off late organizations use variety of tools and methods to perform analysis on structured data as per their requirements in various fields like finance , supply chain management , forecasting etcData is available for […]

(Business information system) DIRECT LINE reviews and system aquisition

Beal’s (the IT director for the company) strategy the company focuses on building software systems in house rather than outsourcing the development. Therefore, according to his vision the company can do much better by developing products in house. It enables them to get a better understanding of the work domain and the exact requirements of […]

Career Competency Model

The knowledge an individual to know how to tackle the problem and make a positive change where necessary. To see the progress and development in the profession, building an individual career competency model and a career ladder/lattice will help. The process will identify the knowledge, abilities, and skills that are important to perform critical functions […]

How Marketing Is Done On an International Scale

This paper illustrates that culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another. It is a phenomenon that involves the values, ideas, practices, artifacts and other meaningful symbols that enable people to understand each other for easier communication. Culture in itself also encompasses […]

Manipulating Data

Manipulating Data Introduction A programming paradigm is a form of computer programming in which the elements and structureof computer programs are built. The programming languages are determined by the programming paradigms that they support. In the past 60 years, there have been many different ways through which programming has evolved in collective grouping and manipulating […]

Stat 2

STATISTICAL PROGRAMMING Pure integer programming problem is a linear programming whereby all the variables are required to be integers (Render, et al. 2012). The Linear programming problem below is a pure integer LP problem but also has mixed sets of integers, thus mixed integer linear programming.Minimize Z=8X12+4X1X2+12X22Subject to: 6X1+X2≥50 X1+X2≥40A statistical programming that uses a […]

Introduction to computing

f software programs that run on a much deeper level than these surface uses that are essential to the usability and accessibility of any of these other programs. This type of software is called system software, without which the computer would be a nearly useless collection of plastic, metal and wires. This software governs everything […]

Class Discussion cis 242

Discussion Making Decisions in C++ using Conditions, Operators and Values Please respond to the following: Explain how decisions are made in C++ programming using conditions, operators, and values. Give a coded example to support your response. Define the significance of Boolean operators and explain how they relate to the conditions in your discussion. Give an […]

Strengths and Limitations of Regression Analysis Using Linear Programming

An individual will collect data parting the question at hand and thereafter employs regression to estimate the quantitative effect of a causal variable in comparison with the variable that they directly or indirectly influence their performance, (Wendorf, 2004). This method of data analysis has been in operation for an extended period especially in the economic […]

Statistics and Probability in Business

Handy Hydraulic Industries is doing well after many changes in the corporate and operating structure. However, the managers know that one needs to excel to sustain in the current environment of cut-throat competition. For excellence, a business needs to evolve and execute a multipronged strategy targeting different aspects of performance and customer relationship. The aim […]

Frequent Playing Of Video Games Increases Violent Behavior

 Frequent Playing Of Video Games Increases Violent Behavior The invention of video games has changed the way in which the modern generations use their free time. Sociologists blame electronic hobbies as to why modern kids find indoors activity more luring. Apart from television and other electronic devices, video games provide more advanced pass time […]

Obesity and Children in USA

It is evidently clear from the discussion that sex-specific BMI from age growth charts reveal that persons with a BMI exceeding 95th percentile are overweight. Children with BMI between 85th to 95th percentiles are at risk a risk of obesity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), BMI rations are used instead of percentiles in […]

Probability and poker

One of the common card games people engage in today is poker. It is played with a deck of fifty two cards. The ranks of a player’s cards and the combinations of these cards help determine the winner. In order to win big, players risk larger sums of money, hoping that they do not loose. […]

Uniting heavens and earth

With the increase of scientific knowledge as it accumulates over time, there is more understanding of the natural world. Matters arising from politics, religion, ethics and esthetical judgments are in a general way away from science. Scientific knowledge is uncertain, that which is scientifically known only has some level of confidence backing it: a certain […]

Insuring Green Buildings

In most occasions, it is easy for the insurance companies to accept, underwrite and process the loss handling for the homeowner by automating or simplifying the damage. The focus here is usually to get the sum insured and process the policies effectively (Yudelson, 2006).Most the time those selling the homeowner policies, they insurer do not […]

Well being and education

In a dynamic way of viewing it, Well being| is a state in which a person is able to develop his or her creativity, productivity, potential, and work. It helps one-build positive and strong relationships with others as well as contributes largely to their communities. It is through education that an individual’s well being can […]

Ethical Healthcare Issues Paper

These factors always yield ethical issues that question the ethical nature of the allocation method (Reiser, 2006). For instance, people are allocated organs just because they are wealthy and can pay for them. A medically needy person living far away from the donor may fail to receive the organ, which is given to a less […]

Peerreviewed journal article

In this study, the authors predict that exercise-induced arterial hypertension might portend negative influences on the athlete’s cardiac function, while it might also play a significant role in the exercise induced cardiac fatigue. There is a significant association between endurance sport and cardiac injury, where long-term training could result in myocardial fibrosis, arterial fibrillation, arrhythmias, […]

Anions and Cations in Biological Systems

However, the boundary of 2s has a spherical surface around the nucleus and another spherical shell around the nucleus. Thus there is a node between the two spherical surfaces describing 2s surface while just one spherical surface describes 1s orbital.Q3. The probability distribution function is obtained by multiplying the square of the wave function with […]

Depression Causes and Treatment

The present research has identified that depression is one of the most common illnesses in today’s world. However, it is also one of the most difficult to study, understand, and treat. The reason depression is such a tricky customer is that its geneses are very hard to pinpoint. Unlike other mental afflictions, which present clear […]

Does Bullying Cause Emotional Problems

Both cited reviews were from primary sources and seem to be relevant to the study problem. However, the researchers do not give a critical analysis of the results of the cited reviews. The research was conducted through the collection and analysis of survey data from a sample size of over two thousand teenage students collected […]

Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance

Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance Submitted This research aims to evaluate the affects of Information and Communication technology on the banking industry along with explaining the types of ICTs used in the banking sector and the role it has played in either improving or deteriorating the performance and success of the banking sector. […]

Do Grievances Matter in Ethnic Conflict

The article examines the relative hypothesis that proposes that members of heightened ethnic collectivities are more likely to indulge in protest compared to those who are in less frustrated groups. The article uses experimental analysis by using literature that is related to the grievance. The methodology used in the research allowed the researcher to consider […]

Analytical techniques

Experts have concentrated towards the identification of certain measures that can help in the mitigation of the errors in different fields. Some analytical techniques and procedures have been discovered as remedies to the occurrence, execution and interpretation of errors and these techniques and procedures are commonly used to minimize the probability of errors. (Grabowski and […]

The Understanding of Probability

Understanding uncertainty is part of human’s quest to gain much more confidence, particularly in a logical decision-making process. The uncertainty which means knowing just a little of what might probably happen triggers much wider and deeper understanding of the value of numbers among those concerned individuals who are trying to make certain decisions. For instance, […]

Paraphrase these pages

In order to examine the policies/procedures, it is important to be aware of the written and unwritten procedures in order to see if employees follow them. Lastly, knowing what the facility is putting out and the conditions of both the facility and the product are important as well as staffing issues and logistics such as […]

9Live strategic analysis

9Live Demographics Initially when the German T.V. Industry was flourishing in Germany, there were hardly 33 million viewers of the programs however as media evolved and new channels emerged with new and different focus to cater various markets. The channel is positioned as interactive broadcaster of entertainment for a broad-based demographic. (ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG). Since […]

Aviation Spare parts supply chain management optimisation at Cathay

An efficient cost reducing solution to the problem of supply chain management optimisation has been suggested from a new perspective based on integer linear programming formulation by introducing a new algorithm to the rotable part, which can be applied to the whole inventory. For this purpose, calculation has been made through Viscalc application with iterative […]

Forecasting the Stock

Since in this paper we are focused on 2002 to 2006 we see that the seasonal and the cyclic component are present. We take a time plot of the returns data of home furnishers to investigate if the data exhibit trend in this case. From the above trend, we can see that there is a […]

Joint replenishment inventory (Canorder replenishment system)

Method Used: In the provided article of Silver (1981), different systems rather than methods have been widely utilised for the purpose of lessening setup expenses incurred based on per unit time. In precise, for keeping a greater control of costs associated with replenishment in the form of decreasing the same, the author Silver (1981) considered […]

Legal Brief

Case Brief: Sony Corporation of America Et Al. v. Universal Studios, Inc., Et Al. 464 U.S. 417 (1984 Facts The case raises the question whether a company is liable for contributory copyright infringement in case the company manufactures technical devices which can be used to copy copyrighted content. Sony Corp. developed a video tape recording […]


No: Tsunamis Tsunami is Japanese word that means harbor waves’ and this is given to the ocean destructive waves because these waves destroyed the Japanese coastal communities (Tsunami.noaa.gov). Tsunami can be referred as the waves that travel in continuity with enough speed and are destructive. In Open Ocean, these waves are not noticeable because of […]

The Content of Advertisements in Britain

It should be noted that the specific process is not related to particular political trends or beliefs. rather, it operates independently. this view is verified by the fact that the relevant efforts have been supported – since their first appearance in Britain – by the Labour and the Conservatives (Paul 69). no differentiation has been […]

Urban Economics Successes and Challenges of Bangkok

Bangkok is a significant provincial city, yet it has started looking for remote financing in an exertion to build its imperativeness globally. Late occasions, nonetheless, have undermined this exertion. Bangkok’s wrongdoing rate remains high, with outsiders frequently the focuses of brutality, and boundless debasement keeps on plaguing numerous business wanders. To intensify matters, the nation […]

Black Writers in America

It is evident that most parts of the writing dwell on the race issue while other parts concentrate on the United States of America as the residential place and the social environment, which natured her. This is the only way through which they express their sincere feeling in their writing works. Through this, they managed […]

The Dilemma of British Railway System

Margaret Thatcher presumed that the British Railways was an exception. During her reign as Britain’s Prime Minister from 1979 to1991, all public services were subject to privatization. But due to her heightened sensing for political danger (which was higher than her ideologies), she deprived the British Railways of investment while saying no to its privatization. […]

The Battle of Midway

The military confrontation between the United States of America and the Japanese Empire escalated in the early months of 1942, as strategic territories located in and around the Pacific Ocean saw unprecedented levels of attritional warfare. The following passages will analyze the unfolding of events during the Battle of Midway from various authors’ viewpoints and […]

Critique of Aristotle’s Politics

Other types include tyranny, oligarchy and democracy, which are considered bad ones. It has been argued that there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that come with the type of government in practice. This affects the level of benefits of the people as well as the level of peace in a government. Benefits and […]

Ethics of War and Peace in Medieval and Contemporary Islamic Tradition

Can the deaths of innocent people be justified? There is a Just War Theory of Roman philosophical and Catholic origin representing ethics of war. The main claim of this theory is that any conflict is developed with regard to philosophical, religious or political justice criteria and occurs in the result of certain conditions.The first outstanding […]

GreenZone The Movie

However, it became apparent that the weapons of mass destruction that was being searched for by the American army were never found. The green zone movie can therefore be described as a reality movie since it tells a real story about the America and Iraq conflict (Mowle, 7). However, other scholars and movie analyst have […]

Managing Effectively Standards and Expectations of Modern Management

Power is an important privilege possessed by managers who can use it to get things done from others. Subordinates perceive their managers to exercise different powers based on the situation. Like, the power to recognize someone, ability to punish or reprimand, ability to examine others based on tasks, personal influence through attraction or charisma etc.Different […]

Interrelationship of the PostConflict Resolution Tools

History cites such evolutional wars as the First World War, Second World War and the Cold War among many others as having erupted from such differences in territorial power, economic empowerment and also political or military endowment of the incumbent countries. Conflict resolution and post conflict reconstruction have been cited as major efforts that characterize […]

Analysis of Political Thinking by Glenn Tinder

The most notable thing about Glen Tinder is his uniqueness in making ease of the complexity of politics far from over-view misconceptions of the subject. The different ways in which this book views politics and its focus on the numerous profound questions is its greatest strength. This is in reference to questions on estrangement and […]

Modernity and Spaces of Femininity

The paper Modernity and Spaces of Femininity focuses on the article of Griselda Pollock. The article clearly represents Pollock’s feminist views. She is a credible author being a leading cultural theorist. She has done vast research on feminist issues such as those that women encounter while living and working in societies as objects of male […]

Feudalism and the Manorial System

Manorial system was social and economic system in medieval Europe. The system regulated peasant land tenure and production, administered taxation and local justice. There is a close relationship between the manorial system and feudalism. In both cases, regulation of land tenure featured as a major factor that influenced production of the nation. The difference of […]


Due to the increase in markets influence the world’s economic and political scene, and the ever-increasing importance and power of non-governmental organizations, national governments will lose their sovereignty to the process of globalization. On the skeptical side, they view globalization as a myth. The growth of multinational corporations does not mean that nation-states are no […]

Etymology and Historical Roots of the Diaspora

Indeed, originally, the term diaspora referred to the process of forceful dispersal of minority ethnic group or religious groups from their ancestral homes. However, from the late twentieth century to today, this term now refers to any group of migrants and their descendants who maintain a link with their ancestry (Bakewell 1) and relate to […]

Democrats VS Republicans

It was during their rule that women got the right to cast their votes in the ballots Key words: Liberals, Conservatives, foreign policy, domestic policy, economy driven, morality driven. The two different upfront with regard to the political ideologies. Each derives its inspiration from different set of actions and course undertaken. Republicans are dubbed as […]


The World of Imperfect Competition Mukoma, Robert. Academia Order Essay Monday, 12 August This paper endeavors to eluci differentvariations of global market structures, with an emphasis to imperfect competitive markets. To achieve that purpose, examples researched from online business publications and journals have been featured. Definitions to financial terminologies are consolidated taking a keen considerations […]

The Interview of Princess Diana

Though the topics in the interview are personal, the interviewer has the capacity to pierce into a different aspect of the royal family and has intelligently brought out the matters, which are secret for the common man. The genre of the text is interactive-narrative in the form of a dialogue between two persons – an […]

Martha Stewart’s

Martha Stewart’s Case Martha Stewart’s Case Martha Steward is a successful business lady who knows all that happens when suspicious business deals are made. When she was called by Faneuil on coming back from her trip, she never bothered to question herself about the transaction she was about to make (Steiner, amp. Steiner, 2006). The […]

Automotive Industry Analysis in BRIC Countries

It is evidently clear from the discussion that Renault – car sales is estimated to reach 2.9 million units by 2010. There is no available data to testify if it has reached this estimate to date. Renault sold 517,147 units in 2010. French company, co-owned by Moscow Bank and Russian Tech. Volkswagen entered the Chinese […]

Continued Unabated Use of Fossil Fuels

Main energy producers (i.e. Russia, Middle East, Caspian Sea and Africa) use a small percentage of their energy resources. This wide disparity between production and consumption has made energy products the world’s biggest traded products. Just about every country in the world exports or imports a noteworthy volume of its energy products.This means a wide […]

Thomas Jefferson

Practically, in his life, Thomas Jefferson faced a plethora of challenges and issues. While facing such challenges, Thomas Jefferson evinced a remarkable ability for out of the box thinking, ingenuity and panache for abiding by deeply held values and convictions. It is not without a reason that even in the current times when the political […]

International Sports Questions

Popular sporting events create a space where conventional status barriers are transcended towards a shared experience of sport. With the growth of the Olympic games, professional sports leagues and corporations have seized the opportunity to sell their products in international markets2. The three questions related to international sports are answered below.When bidding to host an […]

Cold war and Aid to africa during cold war

The group was divided into two that is those who wanted a military action of invasion to take place and those who advocated for a diplomatic action of eradicating the missiles. After eight days the US president organized a blockade of Cuba and all the military forces in the US were prepared to launch the […]

The Essence of Organisational Theory

Moreover, supporters of the organizational theory argue that the concept of stress is central to the individual’s performance within an organization: Stress is a person’s adaptive response to a stimulus that places excessive psychological or physical demands on that person (Moorhead/Griffin, 1998, p.226). To this end, the organizational theory focuses on the impact of stressors […]

The Struggle for Political Rights and Indigenous Culture Recognition in Mexico Consolidating Democracy in a Divided Nation

Though Mexico is currently undergoing significant internal change, in relation to its position as a globalized economy and in recognizing the rights of its citizens, significant limitations currently plague the process of democratization. Indigenous citizens make up a significant percentage of the total population in Mexico, however, these groups continue to struggle with the achievement […]

Violent Conflicts In Southeast Asian Regions

Each ethnic group is always aspiring to have one of their members taking charge of the nation. This situation has made the majority of ethnic population retain leadership in many democratic nations. It is all about the numbers.In some nations, like those in the Middle East, religion has penetrated and dominated the political developments and […]

Growth and Development of Post WW II Japanese Industry

But this metamorphosis of Japanese industry did not take place overnight by the wave of a magic wand. it took years of concentrated application and single-minded focus of the captains of Japanese industry who were determined to pull the country back from the brink of economic collapse after Second World War that completely destroyed nearly […]

Ethics in Healthcare Stem Cell Research

Ethics in healthcare: Stem Cell Research Task: Ethic in healthcare: Stem Cell Research Introduction The stem cell research can provide solutions concerning the development of human beings. Additionally, it can lead to the discoveries of new treatments for diseases. However, scientists are facing ethical challenges regarding the stem cell research. Since such research raise ethical […]

Various Explanations of Culture

According to Samovar et al (2009), culture has been subjected to numerous and often-complex abstract definitions as writers labored to incorporate and explain the array of cultural components and objectives. They continue to say that, what was considered earliest definition of culture by British anthropologist Sir Edward Burnett Taylor in 1871, explained culture as the […]

LR growth Economic Fluctuations US Stabilization Policy

In addition, inadequate financial institutions, political instability, high level of risk, and dictatorship in governance like showcased by Zimbabwe inhibit economic development. The above discussed factors inhibit capital inflows into the developing countries. This offers an explanation why the developing world will never economically develop as compared to the developed economies. Lastly, the policies of […]

Major Political and Social Issues in the Middle East

Besides the malefic constant interest from outside, which has set backwards the economic and political development of the Middle East countries, the region faces a problem of its own: water shortages. This issue has caused much trouble among the local countries, which are fighting over freshwater resources. Nowadays, the Middle East faces a couple of […]

The Budget Laws of Sweden and South Africa

The case of South Africa and Sweden are especially noted.According to Lienert(2005), many countries have adopted comprehensive and deep reforms as well new and amended laws to transform the role of the state and the budgeting processes that are involved in the working of the state. The issues that have been highlighted include fiscal transparency […]

The Sources of Conflict in the Middle East

142). Other theories such as international relations, religious conflict and civil war theories have been used to explain the sources of conflict in the Middle East. Theories of international relations conceptualize what drives state-to-state relations and state behaviour. There are essentially two main theories of international relations: liberalists and neo-realists theories. Liberalists theorize that the […]

Pacquiao Phenomenon in Philippines

The military even once announced a ceasefire against a rebel group just so they could watch a fight of his. Also, it has already been a running joke among the locals that no crime is committed during the day of his fight since all the crooks and thieves would be watching as well. This is […]

Propaganda as Effective Arms in Information War

Jowett and O’Donnell (2006) defined propaganda as a form of communication that attempts to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of a propagandist (p. 1). The full Jowett and O’Donnell’s definition of propaganda is that it is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response […]

Carl Schmitts Friend/enemy Distinction

Schmitt, (Roman Catholicism) explains that the Catholicism although was political and hence it was the church that should have been actually responsible for the lawmaking of the Roman Empire. So this can be easily concluded that the church itself was political and hence the political roots were deeply embedded into the roots of the Roman […]

Holocaust during Years 1938

Even the survivors, who should know the most about the horrors they endured, acknowledge the inexplicability of the Holocaust. Robert Lifton quotes a survivor as saying, the professor would like to understand what is not understandable. We ourselves, who were there and who have always asked ourselves the question, and will ask it until the […]

Qualities of a Successful Marriage

The qualities of a successful marriage have thus become essential to understand in the context of the present-day situation.Webster’s Dictionary defines marriage as ‘The institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family’ (Bell, 2001). However, the institution of […]

Socially Just Conditions for Learning

In the sphere of education it is especially important to focus on social aspects, because teachers are responsible for upbringing and educating of new globalized citizens. Therefore, sociological implications of pedagogical practices should be correlated with political and cultural regulations of the country. Socially just pedagogies are focused on education of students with disabilities, from […]

The Greatest Threats to Our Security in the 21st Century

The balance of power no longer resided with the economically or geographically powerful but with those states which had dominant military power. The United States of America, for example, emerged as one of the most powerful countries after WWII which engaged in armed conflicts and established military bases in countries like South Korea, Japan, Kuwait, […]

Can Politics be Removed from Redistricting

The act of redistricting is a process that requires adequate planning by the legislation body before they come up with a complete and fair form of new districts. Though the legislation body has the right and privilege to plan for the redistricting process, they are not competent enough of guaranteeing that the plan will be […]

Practices in International Human Resource Management

One specific example of a company which has jumped on the bandwagon is Asea Brown Boveri (ABB). ABB is a merger of three nations including Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. It has employees in more than 140 countries, an executive team composed of Swedes, Swiss, Germans, and Americans, and a head office in Zurich. […]

English as the Global Language

People from different parts of the globe are reaching out to other parts for purposes like trade commerce and education. Sooner or later, a need will be felt for a common global currency. Similarly, a need for a common global language was experienced in the past decades and English filtered out of the vast range […]

Human Rights in the European Union

The problems have been found to exist in an approach reflective of double standards among the various states with whom the EU seeks to restructure, gaps in the definition of human rights, ambiguous objectives and flaws with respect to the intensity of the reward system for compliance with the human rights objectives. This paper will […]

Screening Technique for International Investment in the Emerging Markets of the Telecommunication Industry

The modern viewpoint favors multinational capital investment than the home country investment. However, studies show that there are many opportunities and risk factors to be considered, before deciding to invest in a foreign country especially in an emerging market(Meldrum.2000. Nagy,1984. Hooper,1994. Lehman, 1999, etc). This will be in addition to the risk factors for home […]

International Business

Some perspectives associated with a country which have to be considered in relation to business investments in the hospitality industry include the culture of the country which reflects on the tastes of the clients, economic and political forces at work that have an impact on the stability of the country, marketing as well as human […]

Analysis of International Marketing of Chinese Companies

Global branding provides definite benefits to the international marketer – added value for consumers, lower costs, cross-border learning, and cultural benefits for the company. Global brand building requires an integrated communications effort to which the target consumer can easily relate. Thus, a global brand has been defined as any brand, which has a large global […]

The Concept of Integration and Community Cohesion

The social groups are defined specifically by the thought processes that individuals relate to. However, these social groups then have difficulty in building a presence within other areas while having a consistent set of boundaries with community building that has opposing ideas or beliefs within the community. Political roles carry several dimensions of behaviors that […]

Arab Spring in Egypt and Bahrain

In spite of the fact that the Arab spring involved similar political uprising in several Arab countries, these revolts along with their results differed from country to country. As a result, the outcome of the Arab spring in Egypt was different as compared to Bahrain.In brief, the Arab spring was successful in some areas and […]

Western Financial System Versus The East Asian Financial System

The current paper focuses on the examination of the merits of the Eastern Financial system towards its Western rival. The studies of Goodhart and Johnson – referring to the above systems – are critically discussed. It is proved that the Eastern financial system offers higher security – compared to the Western financial system. In this […]

The Cases for Autonomy and Separatism in the Caribbean

While occupying the intermediate condition as a protected autonomous entity within an extensively decentralized sovereign state, the movement tends to continue to articulate the desire for a separate independent destiny with these two goals oscillating between moments of satisfying accommodation and periodic bursts of renewed determination for outright secession. In the end, the objective remains […]

Kate Spade analysis of financial operations

It is calculated by multiplying each source of finance by their relevant weight and then adding up the product of all these sources (Weighted Average Cost of Capital, 2015).Returns on investment of the company must be higher than the cost of capital. It increases the growth of the company and overall profitability. The Higher cost […]

Jerry Mander Technologies of Globalization

Journal Entry s Today, globalization as the dominant world order is being contested at various levels and in several ways by many movements which cannot be reduced to a simple ‘anti-globalization’ movement. Since the Industrial Revolution, economic globalization entails arguably the most crucial redesign of the earth’s economic and political arrangements. However, in spite of […]

Venezuela Case Analysis

Because of this reason, the casualties of the injustices who are mostly Afro Venezuelans and women, have ensued legal action and social unrest to push for and ensure equality for all (Karimi amp. Shoichet). The violations have led to human right movements and rise of activists who advocate and proclaim for the protection and observance […]

Tell It To Women

Tell It to Women Osonye Tess Onwueme’s Tell It to Women is a dazzling drama that is pegged on political metaphor. The story revolves around a group of women who portrays themes of voice and silence. The setting of this story may be traced from the postcolonial period in African town in rural Nigeria (Onwueme, […]

Interagency Disater Management of the US Midwest Floods of 1993 and how it Might be Managed Different Today

When the disaster subsided, meetings and hearings were convened, new policies were drafted, and the administration of Clinton assigned a task force. Key decision makers and legislators required documents, reports, assessments and development programs. A small portion of the population affected by the catastrophic flooding, whether they are on the floodplain or in the Beltway, […]

What is Wrong With the Dream Act

English The Dream Act Summary The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act provides a way in to direct citizenship for unlawful immigrants who came to the U.S. as minors. Introduced by Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch in August 1, 2001, the DREAM act provides conditional permanent citizenship to certain immigrants. Pundits see […]

What was the political and strategic contribution of amphibious operations to the korean war 195053 does this input offer any guidance to the modern UK amphibious force

Historically, successful strategic implementation of such operations was attained by Julius Caesar and William the Conqueror during invasion of Britain. Later on, further development in war techniques and addition of air force has led to considerable changes in the existing situation. Since the World War I onwards, the art of strategic warfare reflected that if […]

Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a German of Theology whose radical ideas about the Church and papal had brought the wrath of the Pope and Church of Europe. Martin Luther was Professor of Theology in the University of Wittenberg from where he later, did his doctorate in Theology. During the fifteenth and sixteenth century, Church had greatly […]

Constitutional Interpretations

According to U.S. Constitution online, there are four basic methods of constitutional interpretation. Originalism or original intent, Modernism or Instrumentalism, Literalism and Democratic or normative reinforcement. Originalism, The theory that in constitutional adjudication judges should be bound by the intent of the farmers, where Farmer refers to those who wrote and ratified the Constitution, is […]

Issues Faced by International Students

Issues Faced by International StudentsAfter an intensive and exhaustive research of issues faced by international students who seek educational opportunities in foreign countries, I have compiled a research proposal documenting the challenges and possible avenues which can be exploited to ease the situation. An interview conducted amongst staff and students revealed that international students` face […]

Spread of disease

Spread of disease History and political science Evolution of Theories about Germs and Infection Evolution of germs and disease can be traced back to the ancient Greek where Hippocrates a famous philosopher came up with the humoral theory as the cause of disease. Hippocrates was against the religious theory of disease that existed prior t […]


ystems continue to drive costs of cross-border flows down, local and national economies continue to integrate, gradually or in shocks, into global economy. Clearly, present increasing integration into global economy in developing and developed nations alike is not a simple and direct result of communication and technological advances. This is, rather, a complex mosaic shaped […]

Leadership that influence Implementation at Qantas

In order to enhance the competitive positioning of Qantas in the market, its management decided to undertake a strategic alliance with Emirates. After vivid negotiation with its president, Mr. Tim Clark, the joint venture took place that proved extremely effective for the organization of Qantas to reduce its huge losses and debts. However, at the […]

Country Report Comparative Politics (Tunisia)

In the modern history, Tunisia has changed into a sovereign republic, named the al-Jumhuriyyah at-Tunisiyyah. Tunisia has over five million people, almost all Arab-Berber descent. The Mediterranean is on the north as well as east of the country, Libya is in the southeast, and Algeria is on the west. Tunis is the capital and the […]

Country Report Comparative Politics (Tunisia)

In the modern history, Tunisia has changed into a sovereign republic, named the al-Jumhuriyyah at-Tunisiyyah. Tunisia has over five million people, almost all Arab-Berber descent. The Mediterranean is on the north as well as east of the country, Libya is in the southeast, and Algeria is on the west. Tunis is the capital and the […]

Hypothesis moudle one and two

Hypothesis The study of sociology is basically determined by human interactive behaviour in the society. Independent variableHuman interactive behaviour- human interactive behaviour is measurable as it is determined by various aspects. For instance, the psychological analysis of people: How many people think alike? Response being 0- 60 million+ people. This can be proved by political […]

Evaluating the Company Situation

Evaluating the Company Situation EVALUATING THE OMAN AIR COMPANY SITUATION Competitive Analysis The Oman Air company is very competitive in the industry. It has put latest steps so as to help it have a competitive advantage. The struggle of the business to outdo it competitors has put in place a New Performance System will include […]

The First Muslim

It is evidently clear from the discussion that the author does not show any pieces of evidence to prove any part of the story. The book is written like a fiction novel or a fairy tale. Both novels and fiction novels do not show any supporting pieces of evidence of the author’s story. The readers […]

Criminal Justice Victimology

24). Victim facilitation takes place when victims unwittingly contribute to crime through their carelessness and other actions (Eigenberg amp. Garland, 2008, p. 24). The implications of victim facilitation are that it can be prevented more than other forms of victimology where victims increased their protections against crimes, and that the community and the police can […]

The Death of a Hired Man by Robert Frost

The funny thing is, Silas makes his return in winters when there is hardly any need for a helping hand.The poem is a fantastic example of what Cicero said about a man taking on multiple roles, In the master, there is a servant, in the servant, a master. If the master is deserted in a […]

Rise and Fall of Empires

tion and elevated levels of industrialization which may make a nation attain superpower status just like that of the People’s Republic of China (Fishman 112). In this essay, our focus will be on China as an emerging superpower capable of rivaling the status of the United States driven by its exemplary economic growth and military […]

Outline summary

Your Full Your Teacher’s 4 April As the suggests, this article by Alfred Diamant, is a review or commentary on Lucien W. Pye’s earlier article titled The Non-Western Political Process. Diamant does not agree with Pye’s classification of political process between Western and non-Western. He starts by pointing out that if Pye’s assertions, which are […]

Analysis of Two Photographs in Black and White versus Colored

Analysis of Two Photographs in Black and White versus Colored20. Elizabeth Taylor – Giant (1956 film) Original Photograph by Frank Worth Photo | Prints availableColorized by malakon on Reddit [20H13]1. Differences due to color and blackamp. white. The photograph in color brought the picture of Elizabeth Taylor to life through highlighting the color of her […]

Select 2 or 3 even 4 movies to conduct a comparison

ory of two men (Dieyi and Xiaolou) against the historical backdrop of a country in upheaval and how their lives are affected by the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930s and the victory of the Communists in 1949. The two meet at troupe and become very close friends. They, craving freedom, escape from the […]

How does the current ‘war’ against terrorism target Muslim and Arab population discuss with reference to governmental speeches and/or media representations

The discussion of the current war against terrorism can be fully comprehended by taking into consideration world events which directly or indirectly affected it. Most of these events are communicated to the public via representation in the media. Media played an increasingly significant role in being able to move images and sounds across cultural and […]

The Successes and Failures of Erwin Rommel in the German North

The Successes and Failures of Erwin Rommel in the German North African Campaign of WWII Respected by both friend and foe, Erwin Rommel was unlike most of his fellow German generals. He was a skilled tactician and strategist, and a professional soldier who never allowed politics to interfere with his command. It was because of […]

Arab Spring in some states in the Middle East but why not IRAQ

1) Did the Arab Spring affect your assigned country (IRAQ)? Describe causes, events and consequences. Describe any international interventions in an Arab Spring uprising in your assigned country (IRAQ). If an uprising did not occur, attempt to explain why, or if there has been another form of resistance. THE Arab Spring began with Tunisia and […]

Wichita Confronts Contamination

Review of the Wichita Confronts Contamination case study The Wichita Confronts Contamination case study mentions that political bargaining is essential because it gives every party a win-win situation. This is most notably because of the misunderstandings that were experienced between all the parties. The political bargaining in Cherchers point of view gave everyone a piece […]

Slavery by Another Name The ReEnslavement of Black People

Slavery by another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black People Introduction The main idea of the book was to bring to fore one of the less talked about critical issues in the American nation. that is the resurfacing of a new form of slavery. The neo-slavery has been reignited from the aftermath of the American civil […]

Russian and American Management Styles

Gazprom has been on its successful track with a strong mission of providing a continuous supply of gas and oil products to Russian customers and also to maintain a domain for long-term gas exports. Aslund (2007) stated that Gazprom was the mightiest of all Russian companies and it was ruled by its managers. It was […]

Is independence consistent with Scotland keeping the pound

de The Euro, A new Scottish currency and keeping Pound as a part of a formal sterling currency union. The UK government argued in this regard that after independence, the economies of Scotland and rest of the UK might start to vary due to certain imperative factors encompassing the formulation along with the execution of […]

Lessons of the Cold War

Lessons of the Cold WarThe cold war began shortly after the Second World War. Its main enemies were the Soviet Union and the United States of America. It was named cold war was because both sides were afraid to fight each other directly since they were afraid the use of nuclear weapons could have led […]

The Rwandan genocide

The Rwanda civil war was fought between the Hutu regimes. The Francophone nations of Africa and France also supported the regime. The Rwandan Patriotic Front, took the support of Uganda and created a lot of chaos and tension within the country which eventually led to the rise of Hutu Power.Hutu Power believed in an ideology. […]

Tennessees Political Economic and Social Development

Tennessee’s Political, Economic, and Social Development Thesis statementThe most significant political development in 1970s was the rebirth of the Republic Party which made Tennessee one of the actual two-party states from the South. The conviction of Jacob Butcher and Ray Blanton in 1982 for conspiracy and fraud enhanced economic development. Manufacturing industries continued to expand […]


W2 DQ Table of Contents Onthe Kashmir Dispute Between Pakistan and India 3 Pakistan-India Analogy with US- Soviet Union: Validity 4 References 6 Onthe Kashmir Dispute Between Pakistan and IndiaOn the hypothesis that it is third parties lack of will politically that is the biggest stumbling block to diplomacy that is an effective preventative, literature […]

Comparing Organization of Politics

Pluralism can be defined as a kind of political theory which states that power statutorily resides with the central government, but non-governmental and independent organizations like lobbyists also exert significant influence on the final decision-making outcomes. Political pluralism is largely practiced in the United States where special-interest organizations hold some influence mainly on the members […]

Ceating an International Child Welfare NonFor Profit Organization

According to his view, there are three types of non profit organizations: corporation, trust or others. Others mean an unincorporated association. Generally the non profit organization is created by a legislature.(Hopkins, 2012, pp.6-7). Non Profit organization in Brazil: Salamon and Anheier (1993) the non-profit universe in Brazil is as diverse as the religious, social, and […]

S4 W7 one pager

The capabilities of the league of Arab s affiliation The capabilities of the league of Arab s The League of Arab States was established and created with the aim of cushioning its member states from economic and regional uncertainties. In the creation of this organization, there was a law that was passed which blocked any […]

The Middle East in World Affairs

The Middle East in World AffairsQuestion 2Most of the transnational movement and ideologies sought to improve the accessibility of the countries thereby promoting trade and interaction among the nationals and improve the economies of the Arab countries. The dictates of Pan Arabism for example increases the accessibility of all Arab countries to citizens of other […]

South Africa and the end of Apartheid (CASE) Module3

South Africa and the end of Apartheid What lessons have you learned in the last two modules that apply to the situation in South Africa? How is it different? Unification is defined as the process of making two or more entities one. For example, the historical development of German and Korea has been faced by […]

Theory skills and intervention 2

veral client-centered eating disorders and political feminist theories exist that can be used to assess her condition and offer help (Culley amp. Bond, 2012). This paper will focus on these theories and the kind of questions that would be asked towards assisting Tina.The fundamental question to ask Tina as a counselor is whether she acknowledges […]

Latin Christendom

It was natural that a sense of rivalry between Latin Empire and Greek Empire should develop very readily. And still more readily did the rivalry of Greek-speaking Christianity and the newer Latin-speaking version develop says Wells (1922, p.45). His rule was the time when State had the utmost supremacy and after his death, State power […]

So called soft drugs such as cannabis should be legalised Discuss

The recent public debates on the consumption of marijuana emanate from the fact that marijuana drives serious health effects and there are fundamental differences between Federal and state laws concerning cannabis (Office of National Drug Control Policy 2014, p. 1). Indeed, while certain states and individuals have been calling for the legalization of marijuana, others […]

Adam Smith’s View of Slavery

He supports this conclusion by observing that the late resolution of the Quakers in Pennsylvania to set at liberty all their Negro slaves, may satisfy us that their number cannot be very great. Had they made any considerable part of their property, such a resolution could never have been agreeing to. This quotation reveals the […]


These constitute the six main parts determining the quality of the tragedy (William 212). A protagonist, on the other hand, is the main character in a play, a novel or any other literal work. It could also mean a character advocating a political cause. This paper seeks to defend in clarity the model of the […]

World Politics in International Relations Realism

Realism is based on international politics. Different theories however explain different concepts and propositions concerning realism but the basic ones that are shared by the different theorists are that the international systems are not hierarchical but anarchical, states are primarily the actors in the political systems and that states act to pursue their own interest […]

Information Systems Management in EGovernment

For example, the National Health Service (NHS) aims to have access to a far wider, and more detailed suite of digital mapping (The Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2011). Further, according to HM Government and Ordnance Survey (2011), the initiative of Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PMSA) is targeted to create a common location data […]

Catholic Church in SixteenthCentury Europe

he mournful words of the Pontiff at that time, as he lay on his deathbed in 1559, clearly spell out the darkest moments of the Catholic Church. From the time of St. Peter there has not been a pontificate so unfortunate as mine. How I regret the past! Pray for me. (Pope Paul IV). The […]

Japanese views on Gender

The post-war educational reforms in 1949 had opened all forms of higher education to women but the ‘gender-track’ in Japan continues. Higher education in Japan serves only two functions – general education and professional education and there is significant difference in the higher education of men and women. Women were given education enough for them […]

The structure of the suggested Central Bank for GCC

Additionally, the Gulf States generate wealth from their vast oil and gas resources that allows their economies to operate above unprecedented development.The empirical research in this study provides information that supports creation of a well-developed financial system. One of the issues captured in this report tends to answer the question on the better options that […]

Threat and Risk Management

In most instances, such an action is followed by a wave of terror attacks on key western institutions (Sanchez, Smith-Spark amp. Almasmari 2015). The United Kingdom has been a vocal supporter of freedom of speech. As a result, its leaders have led the world in condemning the outrageous actions. In addition, they have called for […]

External Environment Analysis of Rio International Company in Dubai

The company currently provides its services to the Middle East and other Asian countries at large. It is believed that it is through its lengthy relations that the company has stronger networks and connections. Locally, the company extends its services to airports, resorts, catering suppliers, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and Multi Star Hotels (Atninfo, 2013).In […]

While Giovani Sartoris theory of polarized pluralist party systems is useful for explaining governmental instability we need to take account of other factors to fully explain the political instability experienced by preFifth Republic France

between political systems that are unstable and those that are stable, disputing that the political system’s polarization and segmentation is dependent on how many relevant parties take part in political battles (Sartori, 1990: p331). The purpose of the current essay is to discuss the cases of the 3rd and 4th French Republics, the Weimar Republic, […]

Comparing the way that Karl Marx and Max Weber perceive social classes

Marx famously reduced historical development to a function of economics, depicted as a struggle between the proletariat or working classes and the bourgeoisie as owners of the means of production. In contrasting modern capitalist societies with feudal systems, Marx taught a historical dynamic of evolution of culture through the political economics of inequality he viewed […]

Politics and society

The winning party is required to win approximately 20 percent of the total votes on top of winning approximately 20 percent of the legislative seats (Jez, 2010). Under the FPTP system, the pattern is repeated time and time again. In addition, the FPTP excludes minorities from fair representation. Under the rules of the system, some […]

The Theme of Family in the Novel Beneath Lion’s Gaze the Explanation How the Title Informs the Book How to Breathe Underwater and the Theme Between Cultures in Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Yet, this is just a beginning of all hardships this family encounters within the new regime. As Hailu has two sons, they have different views on the political situation in the country. While Dewitt is willing to protest against the old and then against the new power, his father and his other brother view the […]

Henry Clay

as Senator from Kentucky (1806-1807). came back to the State House of Representatives (1807-1809) and in 1810 he came back to the Senate and served until 1811 (Clay 1852, 87). He was the pioneer of a group of Congressmen known as the War Hawks when he was a U.S. Agent and Speaker of the House […]

The Global Political Economy

The linkage of international banks, financial institutions, and trade illustrates the difficulties facing current government systems. There are suggestions that the current global political economy is beneficial to the Global South. In this paper, I will outline the extent to which the international political economy has undermined development in the South. With the advent of […]

Is Political Intelligence a Powerful Form of a Leader

Intimidation, being a common managerial style among current business managers is gaining popularity in the corporate world. According to Kramer (2006), although subordinates find intimidating leaders rather tough and hard to deal with, these leaders, and managers find the style rather effective in managing their subordinates. Intimidation involves a number of elements, which prompts subordinates […]


Herodotus Herodotus According to Herodotus, Greeks live in a country surrounded with water. The sea has always played an important role in their history. They are always seafarers seeking opportunities for trade and finding new cities across the Mediterranean sea.(History 101, lecture 4) Their lower population and increased population greatly declined in commercial ties. The […]

Joint Ventures BP and Rosneft

He added that BP was not safe and that they would look for ways to harass it. Browder also criticized the BP head Bob Dudley for striking a deal in Russia, given that he disappeared in 2008 after a disagreement with the company’s oligarch partnership in the previous joint venture TNK-BP (Saloner, Shepard, amp. Podolny, […]

Heresy in Early Christian Church

Conclusion: The attitude toward heresy and the reason for its formation and the church’s opposition to it is stated in general terms.Heresy was the term used to characterize those groups of religious sects that challenged in some way or another, the ideology that came to be accepted at orthodox Christianity. While many of the heretic […]

Rules of Engagement

The Understanding of the Rules of Engagement (ROEs), the limited war ideology and the assumptions as seen through different perspectives along the chain of command: Insert your name here.Insert your institute’s name.AbstractThis paper discusses the understanding of the Rules of Engagement employed during the Vietnam War at different levels of the chain of command. It […]

Representation of Slavery Fort McHenry and Hampton

While the Hampton is a representative place of life during the eighteenth and nineteenth century in Maryland, Fort McHenry was a representation of the heroic fight for the civil and political challenges. Fort McHenry represented the place that battled the British and gave to the country the stars and stripes anthem. Baltimore was not a […]


This results in organizational politics which may be good or bad for the company depending on the intent of those playing politics. Some play a fair game and for the benefit of the organization while others play politics to achieve personal ends. The question that begs answers therefore, is. is it possible or desirable to […]

Relationship between Byzantium and Islam

According to the research findings, administrative and doctrinal differences caused the Eastern and Western churches to divide in 1054, ending a centuries-long partition between Greek and Latin Christendom. Byzantium attained its political height through Justinian, who re-conquered the old Western empire parts. Successive attacks from various peoples, including Latin Christians, made Byzantium weak, finally falling […]

Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King

The Differential Tone in ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ Martin Luther King Jr. was an icon who goes down the history lane as an impeccable leader. He is famous for excellent speech delivery, but the tone of his writing speeches has been subject to controversy. The arguments are diverse with some stating his work is subdued […]

The Wall Street Movement

Americans always believed that the core promise of opportunity would allow anyone committed to improving their station in life, would at least receive the chance to do so. It is a system that intertwines the representatives of our government with corporate interests, and in the process denies the ordinary man and women the opportunity to […]

Issues in Islam as Viewed by the Progressivists

The largest numbers are however to be found in the Middle East and Asia. This is the founding home of many of the world’s religions. With the passage of time have arisen different practices within this religion. There are also practices that have emerged as a result of the poor interpretation of the Holy Book. […]

Journalism and/or the media

Despite this being the 21st Century and the time we expect the media to air its views freely, there are still some aspects that curtail this freedom. In many states in the world, various governments use legislation to regulate the media. This way, the governments limits what gets to the public domain, and what does […]

BHS 499 (Computer &amp

Information Systems) Module 4 SLPAssessment of Proposed Projects ASSESSMENT OF PROPOSED PROJECTS IN HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION This paper presents the analysis of action plans which were undertaken by few health care organizations as far as recruitment and retention of nurse anesthesia faculties are concerned. and as an offshoot to the current nursing and Certified Registered […]

Womens Liberation through the Equal Rights Amendment

The aim of this scholarly treatise is not only to provide pertinent information regarding the women rights advocacy but also to demonstrate insightful ideas and recommendations for the now and the future. In 1848, the first-ever Women’s Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. Abolitionists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott spearheaded the […]

Fidel Castro vs Osama Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden was fighting for religion with a foreign power in his country but Castro Fought with a dictator. Osama was killed in 2011 but Castro handed over government to his brother due to bad health. This paper analyzes the personas of Fidel Castro and Osama Bin Laden against each other.Castro was born near […]

How did the term ‘Butskellism’ arise Was it justified

In this paper the historical view will look at the content of ‘consensus’ and how it emerged and was translated into actual policies. In short what actually was the postwar consensus? There onwards the academic debate which surrounds and is continuing as we write. so to speak. will be examined. The core questions like. was […]

International Business Strategic Management

The Danish political system focuses on increasing international security and stability, which will be essential in handling the demands and expectations of international investors. Denmark has a population of 5.6 million with a GDP of $211.9 billion per annum. In addition, the region has approximately $37,900 in income per capita with an inflation rate of […]

Circumstances That Led Michael S Kimmel to Become an Activist

This paper includes discussions regarding historical background or circumstances that led him to become an activist, theoretical and ideological factors that Kimmel’s studies are based on, influential feminists, contributions that he has made to the society and the practical applications of his subject. Kimmel, like most other activists, has a story behind his indulgence in […]