Physical Activity by Older Adults

This study is interesting because it encompasses an area of research under the healthcare platform that has been under-researched over the years (physical health for the ole people in the society) thereby facilitating the need to have a study done and results tabulatedIs information provided regarding background, literature, aim/ aim objectives, methods, sample size, data […]

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace by Leo TolstoyWar and Peace is considered to be one of the greatest novels ever written (Moser 1992). It is based in Russia and dates back to the times of the Napoleonic wars. The novel is stretched from the period of 1805 to 1812: drawing up a clear picture of the effect […]

Neighbor Rosicky by Willa Cather

Literary Response #3 In Willa Cather’s Neighbour Rosicky Polly is first introduced as the daughter of neighbor Rosicky. The story first describes Polly when Rosicky states, “Polly got lots of spunk, an she got some style, too. Das nice, for young folks to have some style” (Cather 1932). As the story advances, the reader becomes […]

Migration to the USA

There was a time when the United States of America used to be called the land of opportunities for the people of the third world or developing countries. The land of the United States of America has been proved as the machine which converts the dreams into reality. Those desires which were a mere dream […]

Informed Consent in Midwifery

Being such, it becomes the “supreme test of solicitude, when unequal power finds compensation in authentic reciprocity of exchange, which in the hour of agony, finds refuge in the shared whisper of voices, or the feeble embrace of clasped hands.” (Ricoeur 1992, p 191) Thus, the subjectivity, personhood and humanity of both the nurse and […]

Terrorism in the Modern World

hods of research do not lend themselves to this study because of the wide scope and nature of the subject being taken up as the focus of this research assignment1. Therefore, this study adopts a theoretical rather than an empirical assumption. Cyber terrorism is a contemporary issue and therefore a greater focus is given to […]

Canadas and US’s Approaches to Immigration

Canada has adopted a policy of multiculturalism based on encouraging the retention of individual ethnic identities to the extent that they don’t disturb the societal cohesion and peace. This ethnic heterogeneity in Canada was reflected in the 2001 Census which recorded almost 200 odd ethnic groups. The term “cultural mosaic” is often used to describe […]

Children’s Literature

Real events and historical fact can be mentioned in children’s literature but the use of fantastic makes persuasion of plot easier and more interesting. Fantastic elements make books for kids more picturesque and multi-sided. On the examples of “Tom’s Midnight Garden” by Philippa Pearce, “Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry” by Mildred D. Taylor and […]

Discovering Elements of Fiction through Movies and Literature

In my opinion, I strongly agree with her. Artificial and chemically based products are very harmful not only to the environment, not only to flora and fauna and the different wildlife on this Earth, but these products are also harming the very people making and manufacturing them, humans. I believe that we should just remain […]

Diversity and Equality at Work

Capitalizing and maximizing on diversity has emerged as one of the fundamental requirements in organizations today. However, it is also realized that there must also be a certain level of equality existing in the diverse workforce in order to manage them successfully. Organizations are increasingly trying to impose equality among the diverse work culture with […]

Article 267 TFEU

The above arguments should be criticized and evaluated having in mind the scope of article 267 TFEU, the needs that this article serves but also the position of the community law in the hierarchy of laws of the member states. The examination of existing case law and the literature published on the particular issue have […]

Getting at the Truth in Three Shakespearean Plays

Every work of fiction worth its salt has a truth concealed in it. As the story unravels in a book or on stage and screen, the truth is arrived at, otherwise, the story turns out drab and boring, resembling one in which prince and princess meet, fall in love, marry and live happily ever after. […]

Gertrude Bell

Bell’s fondness of the place which was not her country of origin made her exert great efforts almost all her life and even made her reside in the country until her death which had resulted in the establishment of the country we now know as Iraq.Gertrude Bell’s roots can be traced from her great grandfather […]

The Cult of True Womanhood

Put them all together and they spelled mother, daughter, sister, wife – woman. Without them, no matter whether there was fame, achievement, or wealth, all was ashes. With them, she was promised happiness and power” (Welter 1966 p. 152). The scholarship has focused on how this ideology was promoted both by women and men within […]

Leading the U S towards Conservation

Environmental leaders like these two fought battles against the destruction of our mountains, pollution of our rivers, and soil erosion. Their careers have been marked by great leadership achievements in the form of public awareness and finally governmental legislations. Environmental protection and conservation of the Earth’s resources have become one of the major global issues […]

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer

The topic under discussion is controversial because of the following reason: there are many studies that have verified the lack of involvement of cell phones in the development of cancer. Still, numerous studies have published for warning people on the close relationship between cell phones and cancer. The two aspects, i.e. sides, of the particular […]

Essentials of Gillette’s Marketing Company

The marketing mix to be used should reflect the desires of the consumers which should be derived from the company’s understanding of their preferences regarding its products. Satisfied customers usually develop a great extent of loyalty in a company’s brand which in turn acquires a large market share compared to its competitors. Gillette is one […]

Consumer Buying Behaviour Model

The company focused on the unique needs of consumers in three different segments.The above market segmentation design, based on product benefits, is widely recognized as the state of the art and superior to traditional segmentation schemes based on industry type or consumer size (Moriarty and Reibstein 1986), sustaining a segmentation strategy based on benefits alone […]

Corporate Governance in Central and Eastern Europe

The dissertation presents a literature review on corporate governance in Central and Eastern Europe, the problems that are being faced in this sector, and opportunities as well as probable future directions. A quantitative investigation that attempts to investigate corporate governance in Central and Eastern Europe has also been included and this should provide further insights […]

The Concept of Aristotle’s Function Argument

According to Aristotle, it is perceived that the human function is the conscious venture that is everyone’s good and should be carried out properly. This article helps to explain in detail on how Aristotle perceives functional argument.The duty of the function dispute in Aristotle’s analysis of the human good is that for you to get […]

The Culture of Fear in 1984 a Novel by George Orwell

Throughthe author, we see thebeliefsoffearin the year nineteen eighty-four just as Koestler by rising to a climacticmomentofarrest, which with no doubts will drive us to anguish and loss of life. Thefearofmomentis presented by meddling with everymomentof Winston’s mindfulness similar to Rubashov in the text of “Darkness at Noon,” through issuing enough information of the perceptionpoliceandpolicestate. […]

How Enterprise Resource Planning Can Help Companies Become Lean

In the current economic climate, there is cut-throat competition and a rat race has emerged to capture and retain a large customer base. The larger a firm’s customer base, the stronger it shall become. A firm’s customers are its most valuable asset, as they are the ones who spread positive word of mouth if the […]

Counterterrorism Tracking Terrorist Assets

Effective execution of policies directed at tracking terrorist assets demands cooperation between all parties. This is informed by the fact that money, besides radicalization narratives, can be considered as the lifeblood of terrorist organizations. The freezing of terrorist’s assets involves blocking all property and interests belonging to persons committing or posing a significant threat to […]

There is no children here

LaJoe had eight children who were not staying at home due to poverty. They indulged in different activities to provide for themselves. Lafeyette and Pharaoh lived in a society, which was hard for a child to survive leave alone accessing basic human wants. Children engaged in drug selling and carrying ammunitions, which endangered their moral […]

Effective Team and Performance

A team is composed of a group of people who work together to obtain a common goal. A team that is effective in nature has particular distinctive characteristics that enable the team members to work more productively and efficiently. Such a team develops a means of sharing roles of leadership and ways of sharing accountability […]

The Marketing Game

Marketing Game Report mainly focuses on: marketplace study, rivalry, approach, execution of marketing mix, sales budget and earning income. The challenges faced by this helps to enhance the Marketing Game repot. The Marketing Game provides exclusive learning benefits in contrast to any other learning methods such as understanding book and editorials, lectures, visitor lecturer, case […]

Surveillance Security

A business continuity policy has been discussed. The cost of recommended items has been stated along with installation charges.The company, 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd. which is a mobile phone mail-order sales and repairs company based in the West Midlands (United Kingdom), needs physical surveillance and information security to ensure the security of workforce, system devices […]

Treasure Island Journal

Jim’s father passes away during these chapters as well. Another character, a blind man comes looking for Billy Bones. He gives Billy a black spot which appears to be a secret pirate code. Jim is very fearful during these chapters. He is not only afraid for himself, but also for his mother. Though Jim is […]

Analysis of Business Ethics Readings

Business ethics requires the view of all business activities through the lens of the moral values to determine their acceptability in society. For smooth business operations, all business actors must understand various issues such as the personal aspects of the business including family, sex, marriage and friendship, individual rights, and the moral values ascribed by […]

Professional and Organizational Issues in Counselling

Fidelity is described as staying true to the trust that the client has given to the counselor. During the counseling session, the client would usually divulge information that is very personal and private that it is the counselor’s responsibility to protect that confidentiality. Without the client’s consent, the counselor could not just talk about the […]

Management Portfolio Management Functions

Managers are among the key foundations of any organization. The fact that they are constantly faced with the challenges of dealing with the employees or staff of the institutions that they work for, the managers are expected to perform their duties not only for their organization but also for their employees as well. With the […]

Child Welfare in NYC

Essentially, child welfare aims to protect children and encourage stability in families. Services designed in child welfare include adoption services, supporting at-risk families to ensure their stability, and foster care among others. The attention of child welfare is drawn to the following situations among children often referred to as child abuse. neglect, psychological abuse, child […]

Export Marketing What You Need to Do To Go Global

Export marketing is the marketing activities involved in an export that helps in taking the opportunities of doing business in foreign countries while at the same time it sustains the production in the home country. Export marketing is very much important in today’s competitive world, as it is only through exporting or marketing to the […]

Circuit Analysis

Another method that can be deployed is by a combination of impedances.The impedances should be connected in a series format. Using Norton’s theorem, the transformation of the voltage generator to the current generator is possible. The main purpose of the experiment was to make users be familiar with the features of the oscilloscope that are […]

The Essence of Innovation and Change

It is very important that knowledge of innovation areas is effectively imparted on the people working for organizations and beyond. As such, this module has been a great source of very relevant knowledge and information on some of the contemporary issues that characterize innovation practices across the world. As realized in the readings, the essence […]

The Financial System In China

The banking sector may include the way the banking system operates, different types of banks, the main users (savers and borrowers), again if there are any constraints whatsoever on ownership and as well as the role played by the country’s central bank.The financial markets and banking system in China is indeed a vast topic and […]

Remuneration Policy and Employee Benefits

Telstra’s non-executive directors are remunerated in accordance with its constitution which provides an aggregated pool of fees total of which not exceeding the annual limit of $3,000,000. The company also offers salary sacrifice arrangements in the form of shares. Shares are offered in place of salaries with regard to STI and LTI. The remuneration report […]

Oracle Corporation

It supplies software useful for information management in businesses, which have made the company to establish a good name in the market as one of the leading suppliers. It offers software that is internet-enabled which is incorporated with the database, enterprise business applications and application development (Harper, 2003).The annual revenues for Oracle have been recorded […]

Types and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

The present study focuses on the schizophrenia disorder discussing its symptoms and the genetic basis of the disorder. Schizophrenia: The Symptoms: In men, the symptoms of schizophrenia may be observed in teenagers or at the age of the 20s. In women, the disorder may occur at the 20s or early 30s. The symptoms of this […]

The New Real Estate Database of Robinson Realty

It has a great influence on the Australian economy. There are various units and services in this sector. These are residential, commercial building and other infrastructural constructions.The housing sector is a growing sector. It is attracting lots of new players and competitors. Real estate services require low investment. The entry of the barrier is low […]

Scotland Planning Law

The UN Access to Justice in Environmental Matters Act was adopted on 25 June 1998 and then by the European Parliament Council in 2003 and finally ratified by the EC at the Århus Convention on 17 February 2005. These directives concerning access to environmental information and public participation in environmental decision-making (Arhus 2006). The Town […]

Human Resource Management Plan

In short, one can say that “the purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically, and socially responsible” (Werther, Keith, 8).The human resource has certain objectives without which there would be no need of it, there are four types of objectives, […]

Rene Descartes A French Philosopher Mathematician and Scientist

A great deal of this earlier thought was based on information gleaned from the senses. Descartes felt the only way to obtain true knowledge was to rely solely upon human reason while ignoring the senses. “His philosophy refused to accept the Aristotelian and Scholastic traditions that had dominated philosophical thought throughout the Medieval period. it […]

Various Learning Environments

These include personal mastery, mental models, team learning, shared vision, and systems thinking. As they discuss these issues, the authors point out the many ways in which learning organization is similar to current theories in Organization Development.Throughout the remainder of the article, the authors go into great detail regarding the five elements of a learning […]

Global Warming in the Newsmedia

There are several laws, treaties, and agreements made regarding the confrontation of the problem, however in most cases the measures decided have not been applied properly or – at the worst case – have been totally ignored. The role of news media in the limitation of the phenomenon is decisive. More specifically, because the news […]

Business in Europe

Leaders of the twenty-seven Member states in Lisbon signed the Treaty of Lisbon on 13 December 2007 (National Forum on Europe 2009). Last June 28, 2008, a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon was held. The only country that put the Treaty to a referendum is the country of Ireland. Other Members of the EU […]

How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government

Internet exchanges are beneficial not just for the customers or end-users but it helps businesses to exchange and grow together. Internet-based e-commerce includes business-to-business and business-to-customer exchanges taking place. The Internet is widely used by different industries for different purposes. Businesses use the internet for advancing their objectives, for cost reduction information flow, fulfilling orders […]

The Role of Data Mining and Fusion in Modern Marketing Management

The strategy is extremely important, looking to the long-term, to be proactive rather than constant work at the operational and tactical levels, constantly having to ‘fire-fight’ to survive in a harsh marketing environment. Hence, information is essential and needed so as to permit marketing management to carry out marketing analysis, planning, implementation, and control.“…marketing managers […]

The Importance of Physical Education at School

More they like to play video games and watch TV, apart from staying active in their everyday life. At school, children spend more and more time sitting that may reduce their active engagement in sports. Therefore, the rates of obesity among kids in the United States are high. To eliminate these, the importance of physical […]

Chinese Economy

The assessment of the situation of our existing markets as well as our potential new market, we recommend that we can enter the market through exporting by using piggybacking as the main method of entry into the market.Every new company aspiring to succeed in any particular industry and economy needs to first address various important […]

Business Litigation Law (International Business Law)

The paper concludes with summarization of the main point s discussed in the whole paper. Business litigation is a complex issue and area which involves many tort claims and contractual claims. Such claims many include the following fraud, breach of contract, the breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, infringement of intellectual property rights and tortuous […]

Exploration of Nazi Captivity

In fact, cruelty, bloodshed, and blind brutality were some of the policies advanced by the Naziss in the time of World War II under the regime of Adolf Hitler which led to the Jewish Holocaust. one of the most resolute mass murders in the history of humanity.Making a commenting or offering one’s views on a […]

Europe in the Contemporary World

The European society exploration and conquest that occurred between 1540 and 1650 also contribute, immensely, to this study. The fourth and most recent area explored in the study of European society’s contribution to international relations or politics is the iconic age of globalization that Europe experienced since 1980. These four notable historic periods in the […]

“John Proctor and Abigail Williams Affair

Causes and Effects"The play explains most of the factors that fueled Salem to the flashing point and kick-started its decadence.It all starts when John Proctor fans his affair with Abigail Williams. This simple decision has profound effects on the entire town of Salem. While we cannot pinpoint all the reasons that prompted John and Abby […]

Combined Personality Theory

The theory focuses on Consciousness and Unconsciousness, Driving forces of personality, Components of personality, Stages of personality development, types of personality, and Internal frame of references of a person.This theory defines The Conscious memory as all those sensations and experiences to which we are aware of at any given time. Some part of our memory […]

The Rights Of The Accused And Their History

The Rights Of The Accused And Their History In the 18th Century, people were accused of treason because they had committed crimes against the King of England. They only needed two witnesses to the crime in order for the individual to receive a very horrible punishment. In those days, they practiced more of an "eye […]

Pilates Basic History Guidelines and Benefits

Lecturer: Pilates refers to a system of physical fitness that was developed by a German physical – culturist called Joseph Pilate. It has become popular over the years, and by the year 2005, there were many people practicing it, In US alone, it had reached eleven million. Pilate referred to this method as Contrology. This […]

History of PepsiCo Company

The world leader in the salty snacks division having 40 percent of the market share in the world market and 56 percent in the US. The group has another division known as Tropicana Products which is the world leader in juice sales having a 41 percent share of the chilled juice market. In addition, they […]

The reation and Incidence of Nuclear Weapons

The paper will compare the articles written by John Muller and Robert Gallucci and discuss their viewpoints where Muller believes that nuclear weapons pose no threat to the world and Gallucci has stated that these weapons can be dangerous.In the article by John Muller, the incidence of nuclear weapons proves to be of no use […]

Electing Women in Ontario

Federally, women became eligible to vote on the 24th of May, 1918, “and in 1929 Canadian women were legally declared "persons" and were granted the right to become members of the Senate.” ( Since then, many Canadian women have been participating in the electoral process and affairs of state.Women only won the right to vote […]

Legacy of Chiles Dictatorship on Contemporary Chilean Society

The legacy of Chilean dictatorship under the military regime of Augusto Pinochet during 1973-1990 clearly asserted the fact that dictatorship is a socio-politico-economic evil and it can germinate in any society, at any point of time unless people learn to respect rights, the value of life and liberty of their fellow human beings.The dictatorial reign […]

Definition Symptoms and Interventions for PostTraumatic Stress Disorder

This paper was able to establish that PTSD is characterized by previous exposure to a traumatic event that produces intrusive recollections, avoidant symptoms, and hyper-arousal symptoms. This disorder is treated through psychotherapy, serotonergic drugs, and through cognitive therapy. Patients suffering from the disease have recurring nightmares involving their traumatic experience, they also become easily agitated, […]

Women’s Movements in the Maritimes up to WWI

It was considered to be a man’s prerogative, to venture forth and face nature, while women stayed at home, looking after the family and house. With the passage of time, changes in society slowly brought about a marked makeover from this home and hearth portrait of women and hence towards the middle of the nineteenth […]

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

The horrors and the barbarism!The pages of human history daubed in bloodshed related to wars and violence ask the crying question. How to make this Planet Earth heaven-like and create a fountain of love in human hearts? The answer is simple and straightforward. Eyes full of understanding and the life that refuses conflicts-enough these alone […]

Influence of Advertising Magazines on Young Women Self Esteem

While going through the pages of a woman’s magazines, whether it is Vogue or Women’s Day or Good Housekeeping, or McCalls, one can easily see long articles emphasizing the need and ways to lose weight in order to have a great life. The research paper’s purpose is to review fashion magazines for advertising and portraying […]

Application of the Frontier Myth

The account where he said that it was the gold strikes in the popular press which had supported the significant expansion of the mining frontier and provoked mining stampedes during the period of 1860s and 1870s. In American history one can find two ‘Wests’ – one is considered to be the real West in which […]

The Aspects of African Textiles

Historians have adopted various means of putting the facts and figures of their time. The most important facet of the history in the context of the information that is preserved for the posterity and which is used to disseminate information regarding the people and place, constituting the cause and consequences that helped shape their lives. […]

Global Marketing Strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings

The most famous products of the organization are Buffalo wings and various sauces. The organization is popular all over the world as BW3 (Company history, n. d). Over the years, the organization has increased the variety of products with the introduction of more than a dozen unique dipping sauces which are served with the special […]

The Housing Bubble and Indy Mac Bank

Many borrowers could not pay the loan back, as Indy Mac bank did not check the authenticity of the borrower before disbursing the loans. So the bad loans accumulated with the bank. The bank had no such provision to sell the property and pool money because the purchasing power of the buyers in the market […]

What Information Needs to Be Collected during a Nursing Assessment and How Can the Nursing Care Plan Be Evaluated

Therefore, in the health assessment, the nurse must consider all of these dimensions. Whereas nursing assessment is a component of the nursing process, according to Kozier, et al (2004), it is the systematic collection, organization, validation, and documentation of client data for the purpose of establishing a database about the patient’s response to health concerns […]

Versions of Jason and the Argonauts

Made for a modern audience, this film diverges from the original myth in order to tell a story that is more satisfying to the contemporary audience.The oral traditions of epic poems and tales are the foundation from which the story originates. The story is Greek in origin and uses the traditional Greek gods as the […]

Dealing with Policing in the Society

They play a binding force in the society in which they operate. If they would not have been present, the lawbreakers would have been on the loose, with no fear of law enforcers, and would not have felt any obligation to follow the rules. (Thomas, 1993)The police force is also a very visible occupation in […]

The US Constitution for the People or the Nation

Age of Enlightenment, an ideology that supported, among other issues, a government built and operated by the general population, one governed by laws, not a monarchy. One needs to look at the history of the document, Bill of Rights, and the Justice System created by the Constitution to realize that it supports rights for all […]

The American Revolution and Slavery

The slaves were brought to the colonies in order to work on rice farms, tobacco farms or other agricultural products. The slaves were skilled in agriculture and they understood how to work the fields, but it was still difficult to work. The worst areas for slaves were in Georgia and South Carolina (Doak and Olwell […]

India as an Emerging Market

From then, most of the things pertinent to India, be it of social, economic, political, or cultural, have undergone profound transformations as India became an emerging superpower with a vibrant market and a growing population. This paper intends to introduce briefly the internal and external realities of contemporary India and its strengths and prospects vis-à-vis […]

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Although this holiday enjoyed generations of celebration, it was necessarily changed by the conquering Spanish as the Catholic traditions of the old world were enforced and overlaid upon this custom. As it has evolved in the centuries since, both retaining and revising many of the more traditional approaches, Dia de Los Muertos has become something […]

Understanding Children’s Behavior

Indirect bullying – also known as relational/social aggression – is less obvious and less visible (spreading rumors/gossip, and exclusion/rejection from a group). and cyberbullying – uses the Internet, cellular phones, or other technology to harm individuals. (Lamb et al. 2009, p. 356-57. Ontario Ministry of Education 2007, p.3)Bully children are impulsive, domineering, and inconsiderate (Bullock […]

The Standards of Care of a Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Other symptoms include fatigue, articular stiffness, anorexia and fever. A complaint of pain and limited lifestyle are the characteristic features of the onset of the disease. If left untreated, the inflammation will result in serious life-threatening conditions during its progression. Morbidity, progressive disability and hastened mortality feature the untreated disease conditions. As a result, it […]

Delivering Education to a Client Regarding Hypertension

This means that this client must lose weight in order to turn his health challenges around. The challenge for the community nurse will be to help the client understand the need to change their behaviors with eating and with exercise. In this scenario, the individual must start exercising daily and start eating meals at home […]

Crohn’s disease view on nursing diagnosis and management

It is one of a group of diseases, together with ulcerative colitis, known together as inflammatory bowel disease. Although the disease can affect any area from the mouth to the anus, it often affects the lower part of the small intestine called the ileum (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 2012). Crohn’s […]

The Six Countries Surrender of Elements of Sovereignty

There was a dire need to build what was ruined and Europe has the choice of whether to pursue this as an integrated region or as individual countries. As to the integration, there were two political and economic models invented at that time – the long history of nation-building wherein economic integration follows political unification […]

What is Healthy Lifestyle among Young Adults of the United Kingdom

As suggested by the National Health Service (2008: 9), an unhealthy diet is clearly associated with poor health and premature death throughout the globe. Given this, it is clearly the case that there is a need for the population to highly consider their diet to avoid cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity. Adopting a healthy lifestyle […]

Human Resource Management

Alan Arrowsmith, for his experience with small businesses, was appointed as the HR manager at GS. His teaching experience in the trades section of the local technical college, where he handled subjects related to health and safety, risk management etc also made him proficient of HR manager post. GS plumbing underwent tremendous expansions such as […]

Health Issues in Haiti

The 1804 constitution approved several aspects about the country in that there was freedom of religion but the national religion was to be catholic. The constitution also stated that all the members of the state would be regarded as black. This was meant to reduced racism that had spread so much in the country whereby […]

Can the Security Dilemma in International Politics be Overcome

When the peaceful atmosphere prevailing between the countries gets aggravated, the countries themselves will try to solve the conflict. However, in other cases, the countries will approach International Organizations (IOs) to help them in finding a solution, and in certain ‘extreme’ cases, the IOs themselves will intervene to solve the conflict. Although, intervention or even […]

Reflective Journal of Clinical Experience

I observed for redness, drainage and bleeding at the stoma site, then listened to breathing sounds with a stethoscope. and monitored O2 saturation level. These were the tangible treatment activities undertaken when assessing the patient’s condition.However, outside of the tangible activity being performed, issues of holistic patient care had to be considered in order to […]

Efficiency of the Fire Protection Trainings

Fire investigation is very essential to help people realize and eliminate the unsafe practices that lead to fire breakout. Fire investigation can also be employed in the study of the effectiveness of fire training education of the occupants in protecting the buildings against the harmful effects of fire.Fire protection has long been a matter of […]

Internal and External Environment of Nestle

The paper will address the key issues challenges affecting Nestle Co by conducting an environmental analysis. Organizations face various challenges in their operations both internal and external and to develop the right business strategy, these issues need to be addressed. The report will make use of different environmental models such as SWOT, PEST and Porter’s […]

Risk Assessment in a Restaurant

A restaurant involves many activities that include but not limited to the cooking of foods, serving the foods, cleaning the restaurant, management of restaurant operations, and security. Whether small or big, every restaurant undertakes the activities mentioned above. But this report would be looking at the risks involved in the cooking and serving aspects of […]

Children’s Health and Wellbeing Outdoor Play

Kids and children are distinctive in several ways. They have great potential to understand things, but they are in need of great supervision and attention from their teachers or parents. The first three years of the time of toddlers has been considered as the most critical period for learning things because brain development is so […]

Smoking in Public Places

Now I think it stinks and I hate being around people that smoke and I think it’s a great idea that these businesses put a stop to smoking in their buildings. I also think it’s a great thing that government places also put a stop to that.Recently though I was in a hotel for a […]

Innocent Smoothies

“The Threats-Opportunities-Weaknesses-Strengths (TOWS) Matrix is an important matching tool that helps managers develop four types of strategies: So Strategies, WO strategies, ST Strategies, and WT Strategies.Socio-cultural: The population of the U.K is getting more conscious about the problems related to obesity and health. Any product having the health effecting ingredients can lead to the loss […]

Strategies in the Areas of Health and Safety Management

What we are accustomed to in terms of health and safety legislation is commonly known as a prescriptive approach to legislation while the UK’s system is based on a goal-setting approach that encourages the development of strategies intended to ensure basic human health and safety standards are met. There are many ways in which these […]

The Nature of Nursing

Patients with respiratory diseases such as occupational and environmental lung diseases, fibrosing lung diseases, chronic lung infections, cystic fibrosis, and acute respiratory failure among others often experience difficulty in breathing and sleeping disorders. Within the respiratory wards, nurses play a critical role in providing a good delivery of health care services to patients and minimizing […]


On palliative care, the prevailing attitude is that unorthodox therapy methods like dance, touch, yoga, acupuncture, homeopathy, and osteopathy may be tolerated on managing chronic bodily pain but unacceptable in other areas of medical treatment outside palliative care. Thus, Bausell (2007) notes that although alternative medicine has grown in popularity in the past 15 years […]

Advanced Nursing Practice in Australia

This evolution in advanced nursing practice in Australia and other countries is because of increasing demands on the health care system and changes in the delivery of health care which include the growing cost of acute health care. the increasing number of specializations in health care. the greater avoidance by medical practitioners of particular client […]

Health Prevention and Promotion on Older Adult

The best way to improve the health of elderly people is through adoption of preventive measures. Health promotion and disease prevention on older adult helps in improving the quality of life for the elderly persons.Aging modifies the health status of the older adults as they become more prone to chronic ailments. Additionally physiological processes change […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Thinking

Under the influence of this principle, individuals in the business community increasingly decided to use some of their corporate power and wealth for the social good. These voluntary community obligations to improve, beautify and uplift were quite evident by many business leaders. One early example was the cooperative effort between the railroads and the YMCA […]

The Efficiency of the Healthcare Systems in Canada France and Germany

Some of these differences can be accounted for by differences in cultural outlook, and others by spending differences.One could argue that a strict life expectancy comparison skews the data and that other factors, such as genetics, poverty, public health and other practices can make a significant difference. Although each country has plusses and minuses in […]

Roe Versus Wade’s Abortion Trial

Overturned all the state laws that acted as a restriction to the access of women to abortions during the first three months of pregnancy and allowed to stand the restrictions during the second three months of pregnancy only as far as they were designed to offer protection for the health of pregnant women. (2).Norma N. […]

Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons or Xrays by Phonons

The phonons can be quantified as the vibrations of ions in their respective positions of equilibrium. The experiment manages in measuring the static and dynamic factors of both the core electrons and the electrons located in the outer periphery. These x-ray diffraction experiments provide information regarding the behaviour of quantum liquids. The speed of sound […]

Gender Bias in Hospitality Service

It is believed that women are more likely to have social skills than men in activities that require emotional labor, like listening to complaints and attending guests. Joan Williams in her book “Unbending Gender” observes that “women are held to a different standard at work and tend to be labeled as strident or abrasive when […]

Assay question i)Wage discrimination against women (ii)Barriers limiting women’s promotion (e g ‘glass ceilings’) (iii)

A feminist model of preferences must be incorporated into policy recommendations and welfare economic analysis. Most significant, institutional structures are a big concern and should be analyzed carefully. Basing on an economical point of view, some aspects of women equality need to be addressed, and various steps be taken to overcome them. They include: Wage […]

Online Behaviour of Young Adults Regarding Luxury Shopping

The phenomenon for luxury goods has changed as there has been the emergence of ‘new luxury’ products that are commonly consumed by the middle class. Conversely, ‘old luxury’ products include brands like Dolce and Gabbana, HUGO BOSS and Louis-Vuitton are not as widely consumed as the ‘new luxury’ among the middle-income young consumers. In a […]

How to Bring Your Kids Up Gay by Eve Sedgwick

The author introduces the main question of her research, where is the profession’s greatest responsibility – to support the values of the community or to provide real help and understanding into what is often labeled ‘deviant behavior’.From a diagnosis standpoint, the author illustrates the concerning direction taken in the publication of the DSM III in […]

Best Criminological Practices for Crime Prevention

The paper is introduced with an elucidation of what works and concludes with a comparison between what works and what the best practices discussed revealed.The what-works paradigm, according to Miller (2006) follows an evidence-based criminological approach. Evidence-based criminology necessitates that high-quality evaluation research is carried out to ground the foundation of a policy or practice. […]

The Life of a Slave Girl by H Jacobs and Huckleberry Finn by M Twain

Twain is widely recognized as a writer more appealing to the society and represents freedom for freedom. Jacobs depicts slavery as the oppression of freedom or social restrictions of slaves’ rights for further existence. Therefore Twain and Jacobs provide two different approaches to freedom as the essence of human life and as a means of […]

Applied Quantitative Methods for Business in China

Since the CPI for years 1985 to 2009 has been calculated. The next task was to calculate the inflation rate. The inflation rate for each year has been calculated and is enlisted in the following table.The annual real GDP of China has been found to be increasing successively during the period 2000-2007. However, it remained […]

Human Resource Management In ABC

The number of researches has been done on human resource management (HRM) in the past highlighting the factors affecting human resources and eventually the performance of the organization (Steijn, 2002). One of the two leading factors is individual differences e.g. gender, age, race, and qualifications (Reiner Zhao, 1999). The second factor is the work environment […]


However, it is to be kept in mind that the apparel selected for selling in the Canadian market needs to be according to the trends of the market they will be marketed in. The reason for selecting China for this product is due to the benefit from economies of scale. The textile products from China […]

Meaning of Identity For a Person

Soon the way we respond becomes our habit and then it gets labeled as Personality and that gets stamped as our identity. Our identities are influenced and shaped by a number of structures. The key structures being a)the family we are born into b)The nation we are born into and c)our gender. So we may […]

Human Rights Cost of Implementation

Looking into the history of cultures and civilizations at large, it becomes evident that humans have always been the lovers of freedom of thought and action since their arrival on the Earth. All the wars, battles, and conflicts are mere the outcome of the suppression and oppression committed on the poor, weak, and helpless strata […]

Bend it Like Beckham Finds the Solution

In order to obtain a definition of self, this concept indicates, we must first determine a definition of what is not self, what is Other. In creating this definition, we inadvertently end up viewing the Other as being somehow less than or less valued in some fundamental way. Additionally, this concept indicates that without a […]

Motivating a Highly Diverse Group in a Work Setting

That means, it not only includes the traditional categories of race and gender, but also people with disabilities, gays, and lesbians, and other non-traditional categories considered having “diversity of thought” or those from different disciplines, college degrees, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.It was Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. who inspired the concept of diversity when he advocated […]

Questionnaire McDonald’s

The constant focus on quality is an obsession at McDonald’s and it is a leader in adopting the best health standards for the consumers. We continually collaborate with Government and health officials to effect improvements in health care standards. (Food Quality. 2008).The Company has made it a mandatory rule to provide all new employees with […]

Standpoint Epistemology

Such mentality creates bias assumptions and conclusions with regards to the questions related to knowledge.During the early 1970s, a movement called the “feminism” was established in order to fight for their human, social, and political rights equal to those of men. Establishing the movement was the feminist epistemologists’ way of preventing the unjustifiable beliefs that […]

Relevance of Masculinity to War and Conflict

The arena of war is also an arena of idealized masculinity: “Standing conscript armies with permanent officer corps. Such corps…became repositories of gentry codes of masculinity” (Connell, 1999 p 192).Despite this apparent harmony, the field of battle is also a field of conflict, where Masculinity is created, protected, and threatened. Part of the reasons for […]

International Woman Rights Law

Factors such as the segregated labour market, disparate social roles in terms of family responsibilities and gender-based violence present additional obstacles to the equal achievement of economic, social and cultural rights by women.”1Rights and privileges, which are often taken for granted in developed countries, are often denied to women in minority groups. Their own governments […]

The PsychoEmotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Working women are usually faced with a multitude of challenges. On top of balancing their duties and responsibilities as members of their families, they need to be efficient workers and competitive in their chosen professions.One main challenge is the issue of proving themselves as worthy employees to gain equal opportunities with men. Sexual stereotypes passed […]

Corporate Finance Environment

However, there are a number of reasons why mergers and acquisitions have been triggered in the recent recession of the economic cycle.Also, one needs to understand how and when the bid price is set. Since both the parties in the deal want to safeguard their interest in the deal whether it is a merger or […]

International Business Finance and Trade

The structure of Preussag was renamed to Hapag Touristik Union (HTU) which in 2000 was transformed into TUI Group.The general credibility of the TUI is quite excellent. Strategically today TUI is the largest and leading tourism and shipping organization of the world, operationally active mainly in Central, Northern and Western Europe while it has the […]

Budgeting Process

As described by many authors “cash flow is the lifeblood of every business” (Williamson, 1999, p.57). The firms thereby need to take great care while handling the cash flow. For effective management of cash flow, the management should have a predetermined volume and time schedule of cash inflow as well as cash outflow. Therefore it […]

One of the Most Important Things in our Lives Money

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiological needs (food, water, sex, sleep) and security needs (housing, comfort, stability, love) are at the core of the human needs pyramid. Money allows you to meet these and higher needs of happiness.Finance is the foundation that allows you to change a lot in life. If there is not […]

Adult Day Care Center

Adult day care centers can usually be associated with an alternative to the institutional long term care, supported living and complete-in -home care (, 2013). Adult day care centers also provide safe environment along with personal care, nutrition and hydration during the day (, 2013).They also provide relief while the primary caregiver is not available […]

Should the US Leave Iraq or Not

Taxpayers will have a burden of paying taxes which goes up as high as $88 billion dollars just because of the war and this amount will elevate if the war carries on The United States is in a tough situation. This country has gone to war without the UNs approval and now has been more […]

Launch of Zico in the 2012 London Olympics

Keeping in mind the target audience, Coca Cola is launching Coca Cola Zico in the UK market by using the London 2012 Olympics as the major platform for it since the Olympics is considered to be the most prestigious sporting event to take place once in four years. The Zico campaign can certainly attract a […]

UAE Economic Analysis

The given project provides recommendations to improve the economic condition of the UAE with the help of vital economic indicators like real GDP, inflation, the balance of current account, trade account, population, unemployment, etc. To have a better insight, the government budgets for the last 5 years were analyzed. The performance of different industries such […]

Business Prospects of Petrozuata

The parent corporations of Maraven and Conoco are PDVSA and DuPont. When the impurities have been gotten rid of, the syncrude may be traded at market costs to Conoco in a Dupont-warranted off-take concord. After 35 years of buying concord, Conoco will move its shares without any cost to Maraven (Estry 1999, p.27).Petrozuata was financed […]

Economics of Transition in Eastern Europe

The private companies have been observed to be faster in adopting improved production methods resulting in bigger profits, dividends and better service to clients (Glaeser, p664). There are several examples across many sectors that do support this view. This paper seeks to examine both the private and public systems and arguably determine if indeed the […]

Mandatory Drug Testing in Schools

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimated that in 1988, there were over 3 million illicit drug users over the age of 14, of which about 40% of the males and 35% of females reporting that they had tried an illicit drug at least once.1 Corroboration for these high rates of use among school […]

SWOT Analysis of Trump Organization

Other Trump Organization assets include interests in a Florida resort, a skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea, a string of golf courses, and the Miss Universe Organization, which runs the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe beauty pageants (Funding Universe).”The company is started and managed by Donald Trump, a University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of […]

Causes of Finance Failures in Small and Medium Enterprises

Since the characteristic features of the SME’s are that they are labor-oriented and production-based, their requirements of capital inputs tend to be on the higher side. However, they have the advantage of being a catalyst for “employment generation and wealth creation.” (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 2005).4. Government barriers and “regulation barriers” in […]

Management of Decision Making Bank Muscat

The Investment Banking Division of the Bank, where I work, has been asked to handle the additional work of insurance retail. The managers and employees are putting up stiff resistance to the introduction of insurance operations for fear of being burdened with additional work. Bank Muscat is the largest bank of Oman with a strong […]

Difficulties Louis XVI Faced on His Accession

But Louis nursed a prejudice against violence. Even during his life, when his subjects generally liked him and exempted him from their harsh and bitter sarcasm, Louis XVI did not know how to sell himself to his people” (Padover, 1939, p. viii)The nation cried for a king, and it was given an image of a […]

People Organisations and Management

The principal difference between the private sector and public sector organizations is their for-profit and for non-profit ideologies, respectively. Private sector organizations function in a disciplined and structured manner. Although public sector organizations have their own defined policies and structures, approaches and control mechanisms become diluted owing to the large span and bleak management. These […]

International Corporate Finance Evaluation

It is not that an unexpected increase or decrease in the foreign currency may not be profitable and will always cause a loss. But this entire uncertainty hampers businesses and overall economic growth.Forward or future market concerns the delivery of the exchange rate to be delivered within 3 days or more. Here the banks will […]

Australian Cultural Code in Jasper Jones

The author, Craig Silvey, mingles the story with situations arising from the ongoing war in Vietnam without ignoring the Aboriginal agitation for equality. His effort to bring out the struggles the community faces in terms of discrimination and inability to conform is manifested across the Jasper Jones story. While the text is not a comprehensive […]

The Development Strategies of India and China

In the six decades since the end of the Second World War, the United States had dominated global politics and had also attained the status of an economic and military superpower. But with the onset of globalization, countries with an abundance of cheap labor such as India and China are primed to assume the leadership […]

English Language Learning

We have selected Pakistan as our target market as Urdu is their mother tongue and most of the people like to go abroad to work or get higher education. Therefore, they usually face problems if they are not familiar with this language and hence join different institutes in order to learn English ( Shahid, 2008). […]

Critical Comparison between native and nonnative English teachers

A teacher who comes from a native land does not know the accent of the students and thus cannot get attuned with the children who are from the different social backgrounds. Besides, it becomes difficult for the teacher to understand the requirements of the children. And therefore the students lose their interest in that particular […]

Correcting the Spelling Errors

The main reason for this change was to improve his English language skills. Since the move, the student has improved his English in terms of speaking and comprehension.I met with and spoke to the student regarding his spelling problem. He found writing in English so difficult because English words are not spelled as they are […]

Grammar Lesson Plan for ESL and EFL Students

The students for whom English is a second language have a tough time understanding and speaking it correctly. Therefore, teachers must help them to improving their reading, writing and understanding the language better by rendering the learning process interesting for the students. For beginner level it is very important to understand and learn whatever is […]

Why is football the most popular sport in UK

Today many individuals are thoroughly involved in this game and the football fever has become so strong and viral that it has taken the height o0f obsession in many individuals. Football has many different forms which are actually seen in the past. Initially this sport started as a game for farmers who made use of […]

Introduction to

The English at first showed little interest in the religion and culture of India. It was during the days of Warren Hastings that the British began to take real interests in Indian culture and thought. Hastings believed that the quickest route to the heart of the people was through the language of the country. Later […]

The Difference of Political System Between Canada and China

The political culture of Canada is described as layered, although the various levels cannot be clearly distinguished. Canadians believe in the democratic form of Government and that the rule of the majority will prevail when a compromise solution cannot be found. The system of Parliamentary democracy also supports political equality, as in one person, one […]

English Vowels

Both the fields of phonetics and phonology are interested in the way in which humans produce speech. However, the interest of these two fields, within the context of the way in which humans produce speech, is approached from two different perspectives.Phonetics is concerned with the production of sounds called phonemes from a physiological or anatomical […]

Current Situation Cultural Factors in Brazil for Investing

Brazil is expected to invest the US $18.4bn for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in 12 Brazilian host cities funding 50 projects (Portal Brasil, 2010). By the end of the 1990s, Brazil was ranked tenth in global automotive producers as the nation was willing to experiment with a wide range of supply and production arrangements […]

Voltaires Candide Satirical Analysis of Hypocrisy

This hypocrisy, in Voltaire’s view, needed to be stamped out so as to transform life in Europe. The church, as depicted in Voltaire’s work, is one of the most hypocritical places. Although the priests and other religious leaders preach the idea of a perfect world, created by a perfect God, they fail to practice this […]

Americas Executive Document 9066

In a few months, over 110,000 (over 65 percent) were relocated to the internment camps, which were constructed and dispersed in Arizona, California and other states in the western side. There was a special provision for those who were half cast. the American women married to Japanese men had an option to go to the […]

The Sale of Goods Act

Satisfactory Quality as envisaged by the Sale of Goods Act, 1979 is a relative term, as the quotient is the satisfactory needs being met of a “reasonable person”, and more often than not is governed by variables like price and description, wherein aspects of durability, safety, appearance and freedom from minor defects are to be […]

Cultural Pollution by Immigrants in Anne Tylers Digging to America

The fears of immigrants culturally polluting the United States were expressed as way back as two hundred years ago by Benjamin Franklin. He feared, as early as in 1751 that his home state of Pennsylvania will get overrun by German immigrants. “Why should Palatine Boors be suffered to swarm into our settlements, and by herding […]


I thought it was an easy language to learn because I only used limited, and same, vocabulary all the time. Unfortunately, I was very much mistaken to assume that it would be easy for me to do my postgraduate studies in English. I had expected to "master" the English language in a short space of […]

Accounting Information Systems

Air New Zealand has also has diversification in aircraft engineering and ground handling services of airlines. Apart from it won services it also provides these two services to other domestic as well as international companies. Subsidiaries of this group also offer online ticket booking services, retailing and travel wholesaling services. Vision of the company is […]

Understanding project contractors and contracting businesses

Understanding project contractors and contracting businessesAnalysis of such parameters will help us with an understanding about how the companies have performed over the seven years and whether they were able to add value to the company. One of the companies chosen above has a high total asset usage and the other one has a low […]

Managing High Technology Programs and Projects

A project is typically a collaborative enterprise (Blum, 1986). It usually involves research that is conducted frequently, involving a carefully planned research design that sets to achieve a given aim. Projects are social systems within organizations that are constituted by teams to accomplish given tasks within a given period of time (Spottydog, 2003). A project […]

The Boeing Company’s Innovations

Boeing. Initially, it was known as the Pacific Aero Products Company in the start and was able to get several Navy contracts during World War I. Later, Boeing changed the name of the company to The Boeing Company, and, in collaboration with his engineers, he was able to design the seaplanes, Bluebill and Mallard in […]

Key Ingredients that Helped to Become a Successful Leader

The fledgling real estate you are struggling to build now has become highly successful. Our firm now constructs space-age structures, green buildings all over the world and there are more than 5000 employees. This letter will explain some important points about my struggle and will speak about the kind of person I have become. It […]

New Practice Field

The primary requirements to be incorporated into the design of the new practice field will include baseball playing field and parking facility that would hold about 50 cars and a small clubhouse.The proposal should be arranged simply and efficiently, specifying the brief description of the bidder’s capacity to conform to the requirements of the RFP. […]

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Value Management

We found from books, journals, articles, and reading materials, concepts, and philosophies of value management, including its rich history and beginnings.A primary figure in value management is a man named Lawrence Miles, whose innovative thinking started new methods of analyzing functions in manufacturing. This process of valuing was copied, and later on, perfected by other […]

The Role Of Information Technology In Organizations

Some of the investment services that the organization undertakes include the programme and project management, project designs. while construction services such as building, civil engineering, and support services such as upgrading and maintenance of water, gas, and electricity. The organization has a strong culture, leadership, and technical. competence it nits operations.The Balfour Beatty customers are […]

Marxist Response to September 11

A significant aspect of this article is when it discussed the Patriot Act. On the surface, this policy is used to protect the population of the United States by preventing future terrorist attacks before they can be carried out. In reality, however, it is a serious invasion of privacy that makes each and every American […]

Impact of DSP in the Economic

The component can be very well related to that of development in the overall context of the technological landscape. With the inclusion of this particular component i.e. DSP in the technological aspect, integration to a whole new level is attained at large [14]. With this concern, this research report will highlight all those significant factors […]

Merging IT at DaimlerChrysler

Merging the companies proved to be a challenge, one in which IT was seen to be the solution. In the next nine years after the union, DaimlerChrysler strengthened its supply chain, customer relations, and all other aspects of a profitable business. However, in the end, the company lost money and its place as one of […]

Managing Information Systems Change

Despite their efficiency in tactful problem-solving in the technical perspective of the system, these two critical aspects lack significantly in troubleshooting troublesome eventualities that often characterize the human component. As Loughman Fleck and Snipes, R. (2005) postulate an understanding of this aspect within the entire system is absolutely critical to successful corporate analysis as well […]

Emirates Airlines

It has a workforce of about 40000 employees (Gulf News). It has mixed fleets of Airbus and Boeing and is one of the six airlines to operate a wide-body aircraft fleet. It has 77 aircraft of Boeing 777 and has 58 Airbus A380s (Haines, 2008). The company has won numerous awards and has made a […]

Genetically Engineered Food and Product Preservation in Modern World

Genetic engineering is referring to a special technology that enables scientists to alter the genetic makeup of all living organisms such as plants, animals, and/or bacteria. Other terms used to refer to genetic engineering includes: (1) gene technology. (2)genetic modification. (3) biotechnology. (4) transgenic. (Human Genome Project Information, 2007) This technology includes food modification techniques […]

Reasons Why Outsourcing Has Gained Popularity in Airline Sector

Airlines are increasingly been choosing to outsource their line and base maintenance services rather than using in-house engineering. Engineering and Maintenance (EM) of aircraft is essential to provide the maximum availability of aircraft capable of undertaking flight operations. It also ensures that aircraft are maintained and operated to acceptable levels of safety. The airworthiness of […]

Analyzing the general environment/Macroenvironment

Analyzing the macro-environment [School Analyzing the macro-environment There are numerous elements involved in the macro-environment analysis that have an effect on the operational decisions of a company. The elements are beyond the control of the company but need to be identified because these items can impact the profitability of the firm. The goal of the […]

Effectivness of Cycling Interventions

The study examines the impact of incentives and education on changes in behaviour in pre-intervention and post-intervention periods among the subject groups of volunteers.Interventions through “go bike” and “bike it” programs at school level are intended to be incentive-based and education-based respectively. The efficacy of such interventions has often been questioned by both experts and […]

Asian Tigers South Korea Taiwan Hong Kong and Singapore

The growth of the ‘ Asian Tigers’ in the 1960s In the 1960s, the Asian tigers were very poor thus labor was cheap, and in abundance. They then made educational reforms and coupled this with the cheap labor to establish productive workforces. In order to improve productivity, they focused on improving education at all levels […]

Evaluation of Tesco

Situation analysis takes into account five important areas of marketing that are necessary for decision making. These five areas are consumer, company, collaborators, competitors, and climate.In this report, an overall situation analysis of Tesco will be executed with the help of SWOT, PESTLE and Porter’s five forces analysis. Tesco is a U.K. based public company […]

Juvenile Probation Programs

IAP considers three overlapping phases of treatment – (1) pre-release and preparatory planning. (2) structured transition in which participation of both institutional and aftercare staff prior to and after release is involved. and (3) long-term follow-up for supervision and service delivery (Altschuler, D.M., et al., 1999). According to the chief components present in the IAP […]

Juvenile Delinquencies in the Contemporary World

Nevertheless, these crimes cannot go unpunished. The juvenile justice system in the United States involves children below the age of 18 years. in Ohio, each county has a juvenile court, which tries juvenile offenders. The Ohio department of youth service confines juvenile offenders and provides intervention programs among other juvenile justice services (Wonnacott Wagner, 2008, […]

Management of Higher Educational Institutions

The society relies on the services on higher education institutions to develop future generations of responsible persons. Minus the services of higher educational institutions, society would be filled with persons with low professional and social portfolios (Brown Katz, 2009). For this reason, governments have put in place strategies that make access to the services of […]

AntiColonialism and Affirmation of Nationalism

This paper seeks to how deep Oyono goes insofar as anti-colonialism and affirmation of nationalism is concerned. Essentially, the novel is a narration of the story of a young black boy. The boy runs away from his tribal village captivated by the lifestyles of the white, and ultimately adopted by a Dangan missionary white priest, […]

The Era of Technology for the Environmental Based Issues

Chapter-10 Discussion Question-2 The current era has been recognized and referred as the era of technology in which there are number of things have been transformed and completed with the help of this particular thing. Environmental issues could be a vital one from the standpoint of a country which could be controlled through the effective […]

The Demise of Colonial Education

The first thing that must be understood is how relevant this system of education to the political agenda of the countries asserting their independence. One thing that must be understood is that education is a tool to open the eye about the problems of the world and look for the solutions that are feasible and […]

Nickel and Dimed Response

This concept of class does not refer to how bad or how good a person is, but it represents the social and financial status of a person. This book raises a big question that requires an answer: why in our modern, advanced society are we still bound with this problem? Surely we should be making […]

A Service Concept for the Launch of a New LowCost Chain of Restaurants

Customers are significant for every business, however, for fast food companies, which offer food which is perishable, it is very important to retain customer, create customer loyalty and regulate customers to survive in the increasingly competitive environment, which has been elevated through the globalization of fast-food chains. Brink and Berndt (2004) found that many companies […]

The Explanatory Power of Functions of the Variables and One Which Can Influence the National Growth Structure in the Most Effective Way

Since the proper functioning of an economy is dependent upon the efficient operation of the domestic financial sector, so, a crisis-affected financial system of an economy needs to be attended readily. A robust financial sector can bail a nation out of many crucial phases which makes its well-being of prime importance for the administration of […]

International Relations Theory and the War on Terror

The world forever changed the morning of September 11th, 2001. The attacks on the World Center represented the most serious terrorist acts ever carried out on US soil. A watershed moment in world history, that fateful morning will forever be engrained in the American national psyche. From a political, social, and economic perspective, the hijackings […]

Mahatma Gandhi University

Additionally, based on the constitutional directive principles, the Ministry has to ensure, through reservations and quotas, an adequate representation of the scheduled classes and the scheduled tribes (those sections of Indian society that have been traditionally economically backward and were not allowed to get an education or participate in the economic growth) and the minorities […]

International Baccalaureate

The first IB member schools were predominantly private international schools and included only a very small number of private national institutions or state schools. As the years progressed, more and more schools have been authorized to offer one or more of the IB programs and currently, over half of all IB World Schools are state […]