Analysis of community practice

In community development, dialogic approach shot to fame fast because it facilitated teamwork, consultative forums and collective bargaining, from which constructive and more tenable ideas emanate. Thus, the concept of dialogic approach in community development will seek to establish ethical and mutually-satisfying frameworks, upon which community development initiatives and projects are to be established. Westoby […]

Research Use for Academic Purposes

I had basic computer skills but yet I consulted certain friends who could assist me in refining my computer skills. It was only after a while that I realized that I needed to have a plan and schedule to achieve results in a time-bound manner. Hence I prepared a detailed plan and time table. It […]

The Essential Aspects of Project Management

The project has anoverallperformance period of three hundred days, but the agreement allows for an extension of up to thirty days. Theproject’s guidelines and objectives are in the contract signed between ourselves, the Iraqi government, and therelevantfund’sdonorfor this project. The contract outlines the hierarchicalsystemof reporting projectprogressfrom the relevant Iraqi Ministry to the donor group. The […]

The Gorgon Gas Project

The project has been mainly criticized for the harmful impact that it will have on the ecosystem of the Barrow Islands. Other critics have raised the issue that the increased Carbon did oxide productions as a result of this venture will harm the environment of the area and will effectively harm the natural habitat of […]

Managing Project Closure

The focus of this work is to demonstrate the ability to identify the closure point and build this into the project plan and to allow for appropriate corrective action if changes are needed.According to the work of Young (2010), the most difficult part of a project is closure. Young states that it is “easy to […]

Assessment Leadership Portfolio

108).In case of the organizational problems like a lack of follow-through by the employees who are enthusiastic but not appropriately skilled, it is much better to resort to a transformational approach towards leadership that involves bringing up the desired changes in the concerned employees approach by building relationships with them and by extending the required […]

Embedding Sustainability Issues into Design and Business Contexts

Numerous business communities are changing the way they operate. They have realized that working sustainably or going green can actually cause increased profits. Usually, most companies are motivated to go green when they are operating under the bottom line scenario. However, soaring stock prices are one example of what sustainability can do to an organization. […]

Strategic Alliances And Brand Differentiation In The Automobile Industry

The term strategic alliances refer to cooperative agreements between potential or actual competitors. Strategic alliances can range from short-term contractual arrangements in which two companies agree to cooperate on a particular task or project, such as developing a new product, to formal joint ventures in which two or more firms have equity stakes. An alternative […]

GasLift Manufacturing Corporations

Speaking from research he carried out on his design of the gas-lift chairs, the person seated on the chair is bound to be seated on a hip inclination of 90o, or even less. The hip inclination is the angle between the torso and legs, causing the torso to press against the heart and lungs. Accordingly, […]

Starbucks Delays India Entry

Starbucks planned its roadmap to venture in India with Tata Global Beverages, though according to the present legal framework of the country, Starbucks could have entered India without any partner, yet the company is planning to enter into a 50-50 joint venture with TATA Group. As far as marketing strategies of Starbucks are concerned for […]

International Business and Economics

Franchising is very similar to licensing except in the degree of control by the licensor in that a franchise has to adhere strictly to a set of standards such as in marketing strategy and in its sales promotions (Welch, Benito, and Petersen, 2007, p. 53). Example of licensing would be a Mickey Mouse logo licensed […]

For Change

And for change to better the organization should be planned, whether the change is desired or not.One service provider seeks to generate $12M to build senior care facilities in rural counties in America, as it sees the insufficient senior care facilities available to senior citizens, denying them quality life they should be enjoying during their […]

Managerial Exam Solutions

In a bureaucratic structure, the project manager manages the evolution of change in the structure. In a matrix structure, the project manager shares roles and responsibilities with several functional managers. In a cluster organization, the project manager shares roles and responsibilities with functional teams in place of managers and in a network organization the project […]

How Should We Educate Our Children

The project-based learning approach has been actually developed to help young learners to become inspired in being able to further understand the society in their own point of view. Naturally, this approach to classroom activities directly emphasizes the essence of long-term learning. Through further development of the said process of teaching, PBL has been noted […]

Crisis at Renault Company

The companies decision is to transform the production of the Vilvoorde plant to other plants of France and Spain. In this situation, the company only needs 1900 employees for continuing their production function. This decision helps the company to save $ 160 million annually. One of the major reasons behind this is a powerful global […]

Research Methods Project

The atmosphere where the recording is done is an intrinsic part of the event and the intention behind the outdoor recording is to capture this acoustical atmosphere (Thein, n.d.). This can be captured in a mobile unit or a truck although a mobile recording studio has constraints of space. While there are several mobile recording […]

Aging with Grace Secrets and Lifehacks

The usual manifestation is a disturbance of functions including memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgment, and these may be chronic or progressive. This paper gives a brief summary of the book, my impression of the book, the strength and weakness, a comparison of the book with three journals, the lessons I’ve […]

Making Decisions in Business Situations

lt thing and for this, one needs to understand what are the basic ways in which a decision can be arrived at, without wasting much time and using the best tools and techniques in order to achieve the same. These decisions are very crucial to the outcome of a project but certain things should be […]

The Technological Innovations and the Business Strategy of BBC

Over the years, the company grew from a single person entity to one that employs people in the thousands and spans across the globe in its operations. (Briggs, 1985) The BBC is well known for its record of impartiality and independence in reporting and coverage of news events. Though there has been some criticism in […]

Strengths and Weaknesses Urban Planning in Australia

Government and urban authorities formulate programs aimed at improving the urban environment and promoting given economic and social goals. Since ancient times, as depicted by the ruins of ancient cities, urban planning has been practiced with well-organized streets, water and sewage systems, and walls. For example, during the Renaissance, European city areas were carefully and […]

Extreme Makeover as a Reality Show

“Recently, televised ‘makeovers’ – in which a member of the public is plucked from obscurity and transformed, by virtue of clever hair, make-up and style consultants, into a glamorous creature – have become popular. Makeovers have now become almost ubiquitous, with a rash of television programmes portraying the results of makeovers not only on a […]

Investing In Early Developing Country

The aspect of globalization was the core consideration with regard to the type of company selected. Since I was more inclined to a service company particularly in the baking and financial services sector, I settled on Capital One Financial, which is a reputed banking corporation with a global presence as well as being among the […]

Global and Products Industry Porter’s Six Forces Analysis

Porter’s six forces analysis of the global paper industry would involve certain factors such as threat of new entrants, rivalry among existing firms, threat of substitute products or services, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and relative power of other stakeholders. The explanations of the factors are given below:Threat of New EntrantsEconomies of […]

The Key Aspects of Criminal Law

eath, or the intent to cause grievous body harm and almost all kinds of criminal offenses require a demonstration of mens rea to endorse culpability of offense. (Mens rea. 2006).In this case, it could be seen that Amelia’s mens reus was to cause death to her husband, and therefore, prima facie, Amelia is guilty of […]


They have children programs in which volunteers can interact with kids, and offering direct services to other homeless persons. At the organization, there is always an opportunity that fits well in an individual’s preferences. There are many homeless children all over the city who are in dire need of someone to teach good behavior, and […]

Diagnostic Assessment of George Costanza

Indeed, if there is one reliable verdict that has appeared from the present study on personality characteristics with which every personologist acquiesces, it is that nature of a person is just as varied and convoluted as the length of the day.She kept “Ego” notebooks, with notes on a wide range of subjects that affected her […]

Strategic Management of Kohls Corporation

The target market of Kohl’s Corporation is women aged from 25 to 54 who have children and a sufficient income to spend on their products. The company strategic approach is built around the convenience and price suitable for its customers. Under this strategy, the company has built its stores in a boxlike structure where shoppers […]

Euphemism A Technique of Expression

Euphemism often serves the purposes of diplomatic expression. Again it serves some commercial purposes also. But the prominent authors and writers have made the most effective use of Euphemism in their literary works. Moreover, a man consciously or subconsciously uses a lot of euphemisms in his daily affairs. As Garner says, they "thrive as much […]

Hamlet as a Philosophical Text

It throws up a complex mix of religious, philosophical, political, and psychological perspectives that critics have endlessly analyzed and argued about during the last four centuries.Returning briefly to the dramatic structure of the play, it is evident that Shakespeare had not heeded Aristotle’s injunctions on the Unities and the need to focus on action rather […]

Woodrow Wilson and World War I

What makes Wilson special among the great leaders of all time is his tenure itself. Immediately after inducting to be the president, he was forced to make the ultimate decision. America was of course on the brim of a collateral damage if it continued its neutral stand for a long time. Wilson’s decision was of […]

Security Politics and the Environment

Conversion in temperature can affect many industries which include farming, tourism and insurance. While prime climatic changes occur because of global warming and with more environmental knowledge, this exterior factor is becoming an important issue for organizations to consider. The increasing desire to safeguard the environment is affecting many industries like the tourism industry and […]

Uniqueness of 1960’s Decade

where some of the most important events of the 1970s. these events have somewhat eclipsed the historical significance of the 1960s. So which event of the 1960s is, according to me, so relevant in my life and to the rest of the modern world? I wish to put a focus on an event that took […]

How Corruption Became AllPervasive in Bulgarian Politics

In the early 1990s the hardest obstacle to overcome was for economists and political figures to have the strength to change the manner in which the Soviet Union satellite countries were operating for 45 years. A decade after the transition attempts the dominant characteristics of the Eastern European countries are their powerfulness to cope with […]

Democracy in America in All Its Glory

Democratic institutions are more likely to protect individual freedoms.On the other hand, freedom is something an individual enjoys. it is the absence of oppression from both government and other agencies although it should be practiced that where there is freedom, there is responsibility.Northern democratic traditions emphasize three inalienable freedoms: rights to personal security, personal expression, […]

China and Taiwan in American Foreign Policy

The break up of the Soviet Union and the demise of communism, except in China, should have paved the way for more amicable foreign relations between the two countries. This was not to be, as the confrontation across the Straits of Taiwan has demonstrated. Since the political ideology of communism and democracy are no longer […]

Realism and the International Order

Realism, as an explanatory theory of international relations, provides perhaps the most concise and strongest definition of what constitutes state interest, behavior, and the establishment of the international order. Accordingly, realists argue that states exist within an anarchic geopolitical framework and this framework is an inherent component of international relations. In fact, for realists, the […]

The Life of Senator Paul Simon

"He attended the University of Oregon and Dana College in Blair, Nebraska, but never graduated" (Paul Simon). "At Nebraska’s then all-white Dana College, he led an effort to make the school’s admissions policies color-blind" (Wright, 16). "In 1948, at the end of his junior year, with financial backing from local business people Simon pursued a […]

Electoral and Liberal Democracy

The author defines electoral democracies as those that have filled the positions of power through electoral means and there are competing parties for the same posts that the product of a competition for votes among the parties. The countries that come under this include multiparty democracies like Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Indonesia. These countries hold […]

Connecting System Thinking with Strategic Planning

As such, the fusion of these two approaches can lead to better management practices in today’s organizations.In the process outlined above, the definition of the situation is critical and which is usually the major problem. The causes of the problem such as behavioral patterns would be reviewed. In addition, the underlying structure of the behavioral […]

Open and Closed Economy Defined

Whatever economy a country has is dependent on the country itself – the decision of its government. But how do they differ?A closed economy is the type that does not trade with other nations (Wessels 2001). It does not interact with other economies in the world – no exports, no imports, and no capital flows. […]

Are Rousseau and Marx Theorists of Democracy or Totalitarianism

A common strain of socialist thought is dominant in their theories and both of them despised the capitalist bourgeois culture that was very much prevalent in society. However, one cannot consider both to be advocates of democracy as they preferred a totalitarian form of government.One needs to have a thorough understanding of both the theories […]

Developing Countries Should Be Exempted From WTO Rules

Hence, there is a strong case to be made for WTO rules exemption from a post-colonial reparation perspective. Alongside several emerging economies, many other countries that presently fall under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) category are former colonies for European imperialism (Cappelen, 2007). Moreover, the prevailing political chaos in most of these countries is […]

Why Did Japan Change So Much During the US Occupation

The underlying factors include the fact that it was Japan’s first military occupation by foreigners (Takemae and Ricketts xxvi). Additionally, the devastation suffered during the Second World War which left Japan vulnerable so that cooperation with the foreigners was not a problem, the approach was taken by the US to restructuring Japan’s post-war constitution and […]

Globalization Past and Present

Broadly as a “trend toward greater economic, cultural, political, and technological interdependence among national institutions and economies” (Wild et al, 2010). Integration of markets is now understood to signify convergence in preferences of consumers while the profitable dispersal opportunities of production processes all over the world to obtain efficiency gains are also a part of […]

Does the Thirty Years War Mark an Important Watershed in European Warfare

The Thirty Year War marks the last of its kind—a religious conflict fought under political guises. Unlike other religious wars, however, the Thirty Years War is known much more for its destruction, destitution, and lingering consequences:All this was effected by religion. Religion alone could have rendered possible all that was accomplished, but it was far […]

Environmental Impact Assessment in Australia

(EIS), and the assessment report (Thomas 2005, 153) in fulfilling its set objectives, Elliot and Thomas (2009) observed that EIA inevitably gets involved in society’s politics essentially turning it to be a political process (xii), which Thomas (2005) described to include not only ‘politics of parties and election’ but also ‘politics of personal and organizational […]

Significant Historical Monuments

In addition, these sites often involved in historical events, as the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial have been the location of a number of different events over the years. Monuments are a form of history-making because they symbolize significant aspects of history while giving a certain interpretation of these events, and passing these occurrences […]

The Functioning of the Supreme Court

He illustrates it in such a stoical manner, that the power of America’s superior anti-democratic and opposition of majoritarian institution completely depends upon the endorsement or agreement of the country.Even though we think that when it comes to politics, we pay close attention to the elected branches, Alexis de Tocqueville was his common acute as […]

Air Power Play

Realists of all varieties heed Machiavellis caution that "security for gentleman is impossible if not it be conjoined with power." (18) Leaders wishing to defend their condition from assault must learn to master the planned application of power and act therefore in all situations and against all competitors. Clausewitz’s dictum that war is a continuance […]

Creating America

This is an identity that is far superior to the one they used to hitherto have, as denizens of a nondescript region. This position of enhanced superiority is attributable to the fact that their new identity is the new nationality, which would steadily be recognized in the international landscape. In fact, even as the new […]

Nationalist Feelings in the EU Countries

Since 1999, Brussels has become the center, too, for diplomats and all defense ministries (Wessels, et al, xv). There has been a coalition forged on matters of political and legal relevance, and the EU now has a credible and recognizable voice in world affairs. However, the observation that critics return to time and again is […]

The Entry of Tiger Airways into the Australian Aviation Market

Increased traveling of international tourist arrivals. With Tiger’s stakeholder affiliations with Singapore Air Lines, there are a good potential for international tourists from Singapore, China, etc destinations to Australia to increase which will again boost domestic air travel as well.Possibilities of Quantas., the national carrier being taken over by outside parties such as Air Line […]

Fords Strategic Positions

Political: the political environment in which Ford had to operate can be considered as rather adverse. not only in the USA but all around the world the political conditions were characterized by constant and strong turbulences, a fact that also influenced the performance of Ford.b. Economical: The financial conditions within the international market could not […]

Concepts in Operations Management of David Garvin

Further, a demonstration of how product price, sakes and marketing, profits and losses can be closely associated with the product quality has been elucidated. Overall, this article focuses on the interdependence of product quality, cost and performance and on the company’s profits and losses. This review of product quality is based on the qualitative synthesis […]

What Is The Free Love Movement

The movement has its different stands on the issue, which has prompted many people to wonder. what is the Free Love Movement? At a glance, it is an organization that does not agree with the concept of marriage. It believes that marriage is a social, personal, and financial prison that no one should willingly subscribe […]

Toyota Creativity and Innovation Assessment

Toyota employs its expertises in a variety of other fields such as housing (Toyota Home), financial services (Toyota Financial Services), technology communications, marine, biotechnology afforestation and GAZOO (Toyota).In 2007, while celebrating its 70th anniversary, Toyota Motor Corporation sold 9.34 million vehicles making a profit of $13.7 billion. Having surpassed in size and profitability General Motors’ […]

Office Depot

Office Depot generated sales revenues of $15,010,781 in 2007 (Annual Report, 2007). However, the costs of goods sold and other operating expenditures left Office Depot with only $516 million in assets, which has led to decreased stock/share value for investors and has given Office Depot considerable financial challenges. This change in stock value occurred in […]

The Roots of International Relations Conflict in Iraq

The detail of the statement is illustrated in the latter part of the paper with adequate supporting evidence. Introduction to International relationships: Rules and regulations play an evident role in the development of a society. A productive output of a society witnesses successful adheres of rules and regulations. Thus, the system provides the base of […]

Politics in Application and Practice

Politics is a universal activity. Therefore, political education requires a deeper understanding of political activity and widespread knowledge about it. Political activity is the fundamental ingredient of politics and emerges from politics. This means that politics and political activities are one and the same. Thus, politics is an embodiment of political activity (King, 1977. Pages […]

The Neoliberal Counterrevolution and its Impact on the Development

The result is the emergence of a new social order, based upon the free market and private interests, as opposed to State intervention. (Dumenil and Levy, 2000).During the decades after the IInd World War, Keynesian economic principles characterized development. The developed nations such as the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan demonstrated high rates of economic […]

A Trip to the Theatre

On February 13th, 2010, I attended a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Rose Theatre in London. The cast included Dame Judi Dentch, someone I was familiar with from her role in Casino Royale as the supervisor of James Bond. Her portrayal of Titania was as expected as she is considered a great […]

Managing Integrated Global Supply Chain

Just selling a final good product isn’t enough. professional customers tend to visualize their deals as a permanent establishment of sustainable partnerships, and viable networks which, if not fulfilled, can cause a tremendous loss in value and image acquired from years of consistent value delivery to 100% satisfied customers.A look into Wal-Mart’s existing supplier chain […]

What Feminism Is

Men had more rights, and it seemed to be the most natural thing.The term “feminism” generally meant “the qualities of females during the mid-1800s. (Sally Haslanger. Topics in Feminism, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) But in a way, it sort of distinguished women from men and may have led some women to start comparing the rights […]

Job Satisfaction and Leadership in Organizational Behavior

The most fundamental factor on which any organization depends is the philosophy of the managers and the solidarity of their leadership in guiding the organization towards its goals. It is the driving factor for the organization because it decides the traits of the organizational culture that comprises both formal and informal matters of the organization […]

The Philosophy of NonViolent Protest

Thoreau’s civil disobedience model has continued to influence political leaders in contemporary history and prime examples include Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Cesar Chavez, who adopted Thoreau’s philosophy to effect significant social and political change (Powers et al, 1997, p.360). Indeed, academic commentators have suggested that whilst Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi […]

Positivism and the Separation of Morality

The “law functions as a scheme of interpretation”1 and it is that system or set of rules that order the manner in which we view the world. Richard Weaver speaks of rational society as the “mirror of the logos”, with the preservation of society being “directly linked with the recovery of true knowledge.”2 He offers […]

God’s existence or rather Death

Mankind unless God was to make this his will, which he has not done thus far, although this has not stopped various philosophers from trying to persuade their audiences one way or another. Plato believed that gods did exist, although in a much different way than how Christianity has portrayed God. Rene Descartes argued that […]

Management and Leadership of Marriott International

Even though leadership and management styles have been written about much later, but research suggests that both these have been in practice throughout recorded history. Different leadership and management theories have been espoused by different authors. The concept of ‘organization culture’ has become popular since the early 1980s (Hofstede, 2005). There is a definite co-relation […]

The Nursing Philosophy

Each patient has multiple components that are responsible for making each person unique and special—these are biological, psychological, socio-cultural, and spiritual. The patient has a capacity for growth and development as well as the desire to obtain the maximum capacity to enhance one’s potential.The state of good health is not merely the absence of disease […]

A Family Feud in In N out Burger

The paper concludes by references to instances of such behavior in similar firms and makes the case for a dispute resolution mechanism to deal with such cases.The paper draws heavily from the book on In ‘N’ Out Burger by Stacy Perman that gives an excellent account of the case from all angles as well as […]

Early Life and Education of Mercy Amba Ewudziwa Oduyoye

At a very young age, she faced the struggles of political instability, colonial domination, war and violent ethnic and religious strife, famine, ecological disasters, the overthrow of Apartheid, the ever-widening economic gap, and the torturous path to Democracy. She became the leader of the Ecumenical Council and strived tirelessly to make the voices and concerns […]

How Do Digital Media Affect Reasoning on Important Social Issues

Digital media has affected the reasoning on significant social issues. thus contributing to increased violence and unethical behaviors. Many teenagers spend most of their time in social media such as televisions or play video games on computers. This has contributed to increased violence because some video games are dangerous to teenagers. thus, they contribute to […]

From Social Network to Privacy Issues

There are many existing research studies on the emergent phenomenon of Facebook. Research on online privacy generally finds out that Facebook as an online social networking site has pros and cons. It is advantageous because of the ability to maintain or even strengthen social capital such as friends, family, colleagues, and others (Ellison et al. […]

Career Progression and Social Networks

For the last five years or so, online social networking has achieved immense momentum. Sites like Facebook, Myspace, Hyves, Twitter, and others have earned a large share of the world’s business by providing social networking. All social network sites have several typical features like each of them gives the user a homepage that links all […]

Employability Skills CV for the Job Position of Customer Service Advisor

The required skills for the Customer Service Advisor, Sales Presenter and Care Assistant job positions comprise brilliant communication skills, proficiency in Information Technology (IT) related skills and effective problem-solving as well as decision-making skills (Warwick District Council, n. d). The major duties for the job position of a sales presenter would comprise business development activities, […]

Social Networking Plan in the CocaCola Marketing Strategy

Coca-Cola brand is a highly valued brand in the beverage and food industry. The brand is commonly known for its community involvement as well as its high sales in the global market. On the other hand, to continue its dominance in the global market, Coca-Cola Company has in the last two years actively involved itself […]

Challenges Practices and Methods as Provided by the Social Media

Specifically, the concept of e-business with respect to its integration with the social web is discussed. Marketing and advertising are also developing new meanings in line with the development of social media across the globe.Social media is the most trending phenomenon of the present and the future. It has highly extensive boundaries and should be […]

Airline Administration Test

This reduces not only labor expenses but the operational costs of crew rostering, capacity planning, ground handling, and scheduling of flights (Knorr Zigova, 2005).Networking consists of the utilization of the Pricing and Revenue Optimization System, an algorithmic application that determines to price based on customer information and yieldable demand stored electronically (Riddell, 2006). That satisfies […]

Globalization and International Business

The degree of globalization can be gauged by the political difference that exists between the trading countries. the cultural proximity can augment such businesses, the institutional factors that help increase the enrollment of international students and information dissemination. In short, without globalization, international businesses would not have seen such success.Globalization is a phenomenon that has […]

Wrist Watch with Music

Organizations are faced with high intensity of competition within the industry and also from new entrants. There is even competition from the outside players as well. Every business has to innovate to stay ahead in the competitive market. No business can afford to offer the same unchanged product. This will lead to a decrease in […]

The Systematic Design of Instruction

Social networking will have an impact on the design of effective instruction as both learners and instructors will collaborate with one another using the social media to learn and teach more about particular subjects, test out theories and ideas, learn actualities, and determine each other’s views. Both learners and instructors will be able to find […]

External Environmental Analysis of the Coffee Industry

Schwartz (2004) has rightly pointed out that in previous occasions, companies establish a marketing plan on the basis of its allocated budget but now companies decide marketing plan on the basis of its strategic objectives. Schwartz (2004) has also pointed out that modern marketers are emphasizing more on customer satisfaction and customizing the product offering […]

Successes of Asos

This case study report identifies what drives successes at the retailer ASOS with a focus on marketing, consumer research and knowledge, and stakeholder relationships.ASOS recognizes the importance of marketing and building a positive brand image in its customer audiences. The 16-34-year-old market group is one which is not burdened, largely, with complicated lifestyle obligations such […]

Analysis of The Kiss by Anton Chekhov

The story is also outstanding for its accommodation of dual characteristics of the concrete and the abstract. In other words, while the romantic preoccupation of Ryabovitch has a certain immediacy and specificity, by the end of the story, it becomes clear that the author is dealing with human universals. The character of Ryabovitch pitted against […]

The Impact Drugs Caused on Dylan and His Music

In the film, Dylan and John Lennon just drove around the city in a taxi and carried all sorts of drug addiction. Later, in an interview with Rolling StoneMagazine magazine, Lennon admitted that they had been sniffing heroin all day and that Dylan was nearly hiding from a drug overdose. The impact drugs caused on […]

The Effect of Copyright on the Evolution of Music

The author is the person who creates it, and, in the case of music, is the person by whom the arrangements necessary for the making of the recording or film are undertaken.(Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 I(9)(1) . Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 I(9)(2)(a)). Copyrights expired after 50 years. (Copyright, Designs and Patents […]

Bilingual Education Issues

The Bilingual Education Program started in 1968 when the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was amended, referred to the Title VII. This permitted pilot projects to help the poor children with educational disadvantages due to their inability to speak the English language. The U.S. Supreme Court decision Lau v. Nichols in 1974 provided […]

Final and Strategic Plan Starbuck’s Global Quest 2006

Introduction In the modern world, coffee is one of the most popular refreshment beverages with nearly US$80 billion sales in retail every year. Starbucks is one of the largest coffee houses of the world, with 20,366 stores in 61 countries (Alvarado et al., 2007. Khattab et al., 2013). Starbucks started its venture in 1971 in […]

Roar by Katy Perry

The music video Roar by Katy Perry dawns on the woman at that point that his boyfriend is somehow selfish and only cares much about himself. However, a tiger soon mauls him as they wander about the jungle, leaving the woman alone. The initial parts of the storyline depict a confused woman left alone to […]

Essentials of Indonesian Music Culture

Most of the time, the colonies have been suppressed and oppressed by their colonizers. These harsh natures pushed the colonies to adapt and live the lifestyle of their colonizers to compete with them in all aspects of things. The traditional culture of the people has been undermined. The colonizer’s culture strongly asserts its influence to […]

What to Take from In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

This movie received four Academy Award nominations in 1968, including one for an original music score by jazz/pop-legend Quincy Jones. Later, more movies were made on the same theme. A TV mini production on the same theme was aired in 1996.Reading about the murders in The New York Times, Truman Capote, a high-flying reporter wanted […]

Current Level of the Agreed IP Protection under the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement

Though it also endows with for the endorsement of definite safeguards, for instance, utilization of copyrights by governments, obligatory licensing, corresponding imports, and other exceptions to exceptionality rights, that be capable of void or restrict the privileges of patent holders in certain circumstances. In actuality, such procedures have been established by developed countries in array […]

Joan Towers’ Music

As Scholes (1979) points out, the listener to Towers music can hear octatonic scales which Stravinsky, Bartok and Messiaen used, melodic lines rising in fourths reminiscent of Schonberg, intricate rhythms which also recall Stravinsky, free-associative harmony like that employed by Debussy — all combined into works which have their own individuality, their own character and […]

My Work after Winning a Lottery

Work is a matter of the three things mentioned by Firth – pride and dignity, personal achievement, and my relationship to the world. I have to spend my time and effort to the place and people that I have been in contact with and accustomed to before I got this big money. Work is not […]

An Investigation into how the Effective Implementation of Strategic Information System Delivers Competitive Advantage in Tesco

Finally, the proposal deals with the recommendation which provides probable suggestions for the improvement of the company.Tesco Plc is undoubtedly the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Headquartered at Tesco house in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, the company is into the business segment of grocery items and is a retail chain of repute. It was founded […]

The Impact of Economics on My Life as a Business

In order for business people to become successful in today’s global business, each businessman should be knowledgeable in study of microeconomics and macroeconomics. For the purpose of this study, the importance of the basic principles of microeconomics such as the supply and demand of labor and products2 and how individuals, households, and firms make decisions […]

The Concept of Microeconomics

The paper attempts to present the concept first followed by its practical utility. The concepts presented are perfect competition, monopoly, imperfect competition, and oligopoly. These concepts are of high practical importance and everyone can be felt if she/he observes the market. The concepts are described simply and lucidly, which can be understood even by a […]

Differentiates Developmental Theory and Rudimentary Theory

When action research findings are shared. they increase the interrelation between theoretic research and practice. The rapport between the two differentiates developmental theory and rudimentary theory thus publishing action research transforms information into application knowledge. More so, publishing an action research encourages other people to undertake similar researchers in the same or other areas, thus […]

The Profession of Paramedic

The patients and other people expect more care and service from the part of a paramedical professional.Assertiveness is an approach used in various fields of interactions among the people. It is a key expression put on the military ground. Assertive engagement is an essential or necessary requirement to meet the troubles inside the paramedical field. […]

Data Envelopment Analyze to GP’s Super Clinics

According to the results obtained and achieved and also according to the laws of the health care systems in Australia, it has been suggested how the Data Envelopment Analysis can be applied in the GP clinics and what are the possible outcomes measures of the system. The primary health care present scenario of Australia has […]

Nucor Steel and Partner’s Healthcare

As a function of this, the following analysis will consider and review the means by which Nucor Steel and Partner Health have attempted to leverage increasing returns within their organization as a means to make them more competitive and ultimately more profitable within the markets that they compete. Although it is oftentimes not easy to […]

Code of Ethics for Nurses

Code of ethics is a statutory set of written guidelines on which an organization bases the required ethical standards that its employees need to follow. The Healthcare department follows a strict set of moral values that need to be observed by the professionals, mainly because of their diverse interaction with service users. The practice of […]

Female Genital Multilation

Although this practice may take place in hospitals, no scientific procedures like anesthesia is used for the genital cutting process. Generally, this cultural practice is performed by a traditional circumciser using equipments like knife, razor, or scissor. According to WHO reports, this cultural practice is widely observed in many African regions and some parts of […]

Prostate Enlargement

One solution to reduce the problem of prostate enlargement is that there is a need of educating both aged and aging men about the symptoms and appropriate treatment means of prostate enlargement. Many types of research support this position/argument. This is because this is a complex medical problem that highly affecting the health status of […]

Turning White by Lee Thomas

Lee’s profession was doing well until he noticed some patches on his scalp. With time, the patches spread to half of his face, body and even arms. He visited a dermatologist who diagnosed him with Vitiligo in 1996, a skin disorder that affects 40-50 million people in the world. Initially, Lee kept his Vitiligo status […]

The Spread of MethicillinResistant Staphylococcus Aureus

In most hospitals worldwide specific rules have been implemented regarding the various phases of the hospitalization of patients – also regarding their treatment. these rules could be regarded as prevention measures – at least up to a level against the spread of infections in hospitals. However, because the specific issue is of significant importance, a […]

Between Old and New Social Movements and Cultural Change

The work reveals the command of the authors on the problems people undergo while following the social norms and cultural values on the one hand and imitating the footprints of modernism on the other. D’ Anjou Male also find unawareness of the majority of the participants of a social movement regarding the hidden agenda behind […]

Assessment Methods of Nutritional Status

In 1965, the US Congress passed the Social Security Amendment which established Medicare, which provides for a basic program of hospital insurance together with a medical insurance program. This national health insurance progr4am is intended for citizens aged 65 and over and also for citizens with some form of disabilities under age 65. Today, the […]

Social Policy Themes and Issues

An important development took place in the history of NHS was outlined in the 1989 White paper, that tuned in to the NHS and Community care act in 1990 (Pollock and Majeed, 1995). In the 1990s legislation, the NHS and Community Care Act implemented a new policy that asks the local authority social services department […]

The Entry into Practice for the Family Nurse Practitioner

This facility is in a rural medically-underserved area where the clinic is part of the hospital system – but is not a hospital in the strictest sense. The clinic, however, shares the tax ID number with the hospital. It is also a provider-based health clinic (more on family practice and services). It is well-funded and […]

The Human Rights Act

The result will be a new mental health act and legislation for the detention of dangerous people, which will maintain a balance between the rights of individual patients and the rights of the community as a whole.Article 5of the Human Rights Act guaranteeing liberty is the most important article for detained mentally disordered people. Interpretations […]

Family Medical Leave Act and the Economy

FMLA could be a very important provision to have at workplaces in that it aims to promote positive welfare among employees but at the same time, its effects can be damaging on the economy and the performance of organizations hence some changes are being considered. However, the main question is. “Are these changes to the […]

Changes as Seen by the Mental Capacity Act 2005

Act for or on behalf of a person who lacks capacity must be done in their best interests and finally, anything is done for or on behalf of a person who lacks capacity should be the least restrictive of their basic rights and freedoms. (MCA 2005).The Act affects individuals over the age of 16 and […]

The Importance of Having Health Insurance

With the increasing awareness regarding health, the trend of getting health insurance has greatly increased over the years. It has been estimated that around 85 percent of all Americans have their health insurance done either by the organizations that they work in, by the government or by private health insurance policies. This paper will focus […]

How to Tackle Obesity and Promote Fertility

Wrong eating and lifestyle habits, genetic and environmental factors, a functional variation of endocrine glands, intake of certain drugs, and age are proved to be contributing to obesity. Whether obesity affects fertility is still a complex and difficult issue to fathom, but scientific evidence shows that abdominal phenotype (women with abdominal obesity) is associated with […]

Effects of EMTALA on Healthcare

It defines the conditions and circumstances under which a patient may be denied treatment or transferred to another hospital.The EMTALA is part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) that was passed in 1986. EMTALA has a broad range of implications that determines the provisions of emergency care treatment for patients, including the ones […]

VentilatorAssociated Pneumonia and Nursing

The question that has been formulated and researched is: for patients, who are on mechanical ventilation, does the use of ventilator bundle, with an examination of critical care nurses’ knowledge on the ventilator bundle, an effective prevention technique for VAP? The paper discusses how EBP can be incorporated into practice and the leadership model was […]

Relationship between Entrepreneurship Innovation and Economic Development

As technological change permeates our lives, it is essential for each individual to understand the forces underlying and unleashed by technological change in order to become better decision makers, managers, policy analysts, and researchers. As Braunerhjelm points out, economists have undoubtedly made considerable advances during the last decades in understanding the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation, […]

The Assessment of Language and Communication

Considering language and communication, it seems all children are born with the ability to learn and learn quickly various methods of connecting with their caregivers and others. This type of communication is necessarily based on physical actions and tone of cry when the child is very small, but as they grow older, children begin to […]

Innovation and its Relevance

As a matter of fact, innovation is the main tool which can be effectively used by the management to have an edge on the competitors. Most of the renowned business organization has used it effectively in their competition strategy. Company lacking in this field may soon find them out of market or facing shrinking market […]

Maersk Line and the Future Container Shipping

The company deals in the shipment of various goods and this provides a competitive edge compared to other companies that specialize in the shipment of goods from one line. The company also boasts of an edge over competitors in regard to its extensive network globally and essential in improving the company’s sales across the globe. […]

The Connection between Consumer Behaviour and the Economic Downturn

Although all participants in these economies experienced significant changes, consumer behavior changes form a critical indication.An economic downturn in the North Atlantic and Europe has seen consumer buying patterns change from big-time spending to limited spending, even though consumer behavior may be influenced by other factors such as cultural beliefs. Changes in consumer behavior basically […]

Customer Relationship and Sales Management

Increasing insecurities, volatilities, and complexities at the market place alongside escalating global competition are compelling the business organization to spend in creating and sustaining customer relationships (McKenna 1991). Innovative and advanced marketing tool instruments are being invented to create, satisfy and maintain customers for realizing viable competitive advantage.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has recently come out […]

Applying the Marketing Concepts to Forever21 in the Chinese Market

Marketers need to mold their products according to different markets in order to better satisfy their needs.I have chosen Forever21 as the organization that I will analyze, in the Chinese market. Forever21 is one of the famous clothing stores existing today. It is known for its trendy and fashionable clothing offered at low and affordable […]

The Principles of Marketing in the Service Sector

It is evident that both sectors are different in terms of the product as well as the basic business model involved. The marketing techniques used by these sectors also differ as their processes will have varying objectives and goals. Though there are a number of changes in the marketing techniques applied by the service sector, […]

Leadership and Motivation of Marks and Spencer Company

In accordance with Parnell (2003, 16) ‘in many respects, the evidence for the existence of a strategy can permeate an organization. sharing strategic information with lower-level managers and employees may enhance both job comprehension and organizational commitment’. In other words, the introduction of a specific leadership in a particular organization could not guarantee the positive […]

Agricultural Marketing Orders

According to Sims and Montana state university (312), the intention of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act (AMAA) is to be able to establish and even maintain orderly marketing conditions for commodities in the agricultural sector in interstate commerce. This will enable farmers to receive higher prices. The AMAA also protects the interests of consumers by […]

Entrepreneurship Climate in the Organization

Entrepreneurship Climate in the OrganizationHow well do new ideas arise and to what extent are they considered and implemented?The traditional management concepts are mainly driven by perception of opportunity and controlled resources. Strategic orientation is determined and met within short duration with complete promise to every chance resulting up to a greater distance. But, the […]

Competitive Strategies used by top companies

This is the leading reason why every company, be it a large multinational or a small home-based startup, should pay attention to its marketing teams and increase the importance placed on the strategies that they come up with. While the main focus of any business is the creation and retention of capital, there is little […]

FiveYear Career Forecast in the Field of Management

This paper will present a comprehensive listing of my personal and professional profiles.I am 35 years old at present and working as a Senior Derivatives Operations Specialist at Credit Suisse (New York, NY) with an annual salary of $85,000. I do not own any real property or house, hence, I simply lease out a modest […]

Value in the Context of Marketing

For example, Weinberg at al’s recent report into changing consumer behavior highlights that approximately 65-70% of consumers fall within the category of “multichannel shoppers” and increasingly have the highest purchasing power (Weinberg et al, 2007). As a result, Weinberg et al posit that it is “critical that organizations effectively employ a multichannel marketing approach, as […]

Easycar com Inspected in the Detail

The market serves two types of consumers, tourists, and business consumers who represent the majority of revenue production, nearly 50/50. The somewhat homogenous nature of the industry, thisbeing streamlined to provide similar services, requires companies to differentiate their products and services in order to gain competitive advantage. For example, EasyCar partnered with Mercedes, thus offering […]

Globalization and Politics

The framework, which includes the likes of foreign exchange policies and related issues pertinent to companies engaging in global operations in various economic markets and sectors. With authors suggesting that Politics (or the State) and Globalization are incompatible (Cameron Palan 2004) to that of “domestic politics remain resilient in the face of globalization” and “income […]

Future Management Challenges at Starbucks and Peet

According to reliable sources, Starbucks does not have any philosophical management styles. However, it does put a lot of emphasis on some strategies that make it flexible and different from its competitors. For instance, the company puts a strong sense of ownership on its staff. From the highest rank to the lowest level, every employee […]

Is Fashion Impacted by the Global Recession in Any Way

This forces clothing retailers to alter their strategies to gain consumer attention and sales with a new emphasis on pricing, untraditional styles of marketing and advertising,and has also improved the competitive position of some low-cost fashion retailers that are seizing market share from more upscale clothing retailers. Further, the recession has even changed the method […]

Market Research Programs at Castle Bingo Company

Castle Bingo’s online web site concentrates on the information based on the club information. The current location for the main club is favored mostly especially on the by the focusing groups but their experience is expected towards the current location of the sites for the new facilities. The main concern is that the offline and […]

Entrepreneurship in Description

He is the one who decides on the strategy of his enterprise.An entrepreneur is a person whose chief and distinctive abilities are to take risks, has knowledge of market functions and manufacturing know-how, has marketing and management skills, and finally possesses the ability to co-operate with others (Littunen 2000). He is able to foresee the […]

Ethics and Professional Conduct

In short, the ethical principle differs in different societies. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for a society filled with Muslims and Christians to standardize ethical principles. Business is one area in which ethical principles have relevance. The ultimate objective of many of the business organizations in this world is to make as much as […]

Development of Strategic Management

It has tasted all kind of market experiences from success to failure. It has been continuously involved in the product development and marketing strategies in the highly competitive and rapidly changing market.There have been various points where the company and its management had to take strategic decisions. It was strong leadership and clear objectives that […]

Strategic Approach to Export Activities of Australian Business Organizations

In the Australian business environment also it is very much evident that organizations that engaged in export businesses have more growth prospects and opportunities (Austrade-1, n.d.).These business organizations also receive substantial support from the government agencies in performing their export activities being within a framework of trade policies and laws. The export activities also help […]

Marketing for Starbucks Light Lunch Option

(Harris, 2007. The Queens Gazette, 2007) Aside from offering salads and pasta to its existing consumers, Starbucks Coffee will also sell two yogurt parfaits throughout the country. (Reuter UK, 2007)1. Target Market Strategy. Taking advantage of more than 4,400 Starbucks coffee shops throughout the United States (Harris, 2007), the company will actively advertise using television […]

Merchandising Management Sales Phasing

As a function of continuous planning and product determination, the product firms make out numerous market predictions and forecasts based on factual data. The demand can be assessed from six separate product differentiations. These are product items, product form, product line, company turnover, industry turnover, and national turnover. There are five spatial positions – customers, […]

NonMarket Factors Crucial in Emerging Markets

This is an interaction between the prospective customers and business partners which include forging alliances with the local production units.The second core area constitutes the non-market factors that have a direct and indirect impact on the overall performance and operation of the firm. ‘These are characterized by 4Is: issues, institutions, interests, and information’1 (Baron, p2). […]

The IP Spoofing

Online banking, marketing, retailing, registration, voting, conferencing and all internet-based transactions actually will be greatly affected if these attacks are not solved or prevented. Businesses would suffer from losses financially and governments would all the more suffer from criticisms as to integrity. It is therefore seriously desired to have a secure connection by all means […]

Tesco’s Marketing Mix Plans

It has its own brands and believes in delivering value to its customers. Thus customer reluctance could be won over. Because of such customer backing, it could not only achieve the market leader position against its competitors like Walmart and Sainsbury but also challenged majors in many non-food and finance-related sectors (Anon, 2009).This year, the […]

Challenges Faced by the Apple Company

Since the success of the Apple II, the company has gone from a roaring success to almost bankrupt when some of its products like the Apple III, Liza, and the earlier versions of the Mackintosh did not really quite make it well in the market. Perhaps the biggest change that the company undertook this 2007 […]

Marketing Communications on Drinks Market

The average consumer is UK is becoming health conscious while at the same time there has been a shift in consumer tastes. Since 2005 there has been a change in the consumer demand and tastes (Farr, 2006). With an increases in the demand for premium soft-drinks, the fruit drinks had a 20% increase to GBP196m […]

The Difference between Strategy and Tactic

For illustration, many corporations’ leaders usually observe superficially how their counterpart firms attain a significant market share in their line of specialization, which prompts them wishing to enjoy the same thrill of success. What they do not understand are the rigorous, tiresome, and time-consuming tasks, which these firms have employed in the realization of their […]

Successful Time Management

According to Pausch (2008), the management must organize the workspace or environment in order to eliminate destructions and ensure maximum concentration. Eisenhower time management method classifies tasks into either urgent or important tasks while the action priority matrix determines the priority of tasks depending on the efforts and perceived benefits to the organization. According to […]

CRMRelated Perspectives and Emirates Airlines

Particularly its strategic CRM policy initiatives have been considered to have a qualitative and quantitative impact on the financial metrics like the revenues and profits because the organization has been able to achieve positive synergies through its global operations in general and Dubai operations in particular. The positive correlations between CRM strategy at the Emirates […]

Apex Manufacturing

To worsen this situation, Apex has been forced to alter the vehicle’s exhaust system due to recently emerged governmental rules on the manufacturing companies to reduce noise levels. In one way or another, these competitors predicted that this would transpire and therefore, implemented this in the recent releases of their vehicles. Apex did not implement […]

Organ Transplants

In the United States, for example, 27 578 organs were transplanted in 2007. These organs came from 14 399 organ donors. This shows that organ harvesting has also contributed to the success of organ transplants. There can be no organ transplants without organs donated. The number of lung transplants increased by 4.3 %, and there […]

Management Challenges by HRM managers

This paper illustrates that for the past four or five decades, the competition in the market has reached its intense possible levels. The market is becoming a ruthless place where there is no room for mistakes. Increased customer awareness, technological advances, globalization, ethical concerns, new competitors, and many other factors made life a tough job […]

Supply Chain Management

It requires commitment from all the supply chain partners coordinate effectively in terms of order generation, order fulfillment, therefore, creating an enterprise that is beyond just the producer’s site.Many large organizations that have both a local and global presence have recently begun to understand the strategic importance of the supply chain. One of the biggest […]

The Constitutions Checks and Balances

As reflected in the Constitution, every branch is adjusted to the systematically driven balances and basically high-quality oriented checks that guarantee that none can gain the usurpation. Meaningfully, the equal subordination in powers between various branches should be based on the background of amendments. All amendments are meaningful, so all of them support the equal […]

Critical Thinking Analysis

This tremendous ‘cash cow’ means of doing business has managed to both fly under the scope of the public radar until relatively recently as well as profit on weaknesses within the American corporate system, but Crook (2007) questions whether this means of doing business is sustainable into the future.Although the subject is broached later in […]

Is there often underinvestment in infrastructures relative to need

To conserve the significantly decreased finances, all the decentralised schemes of reserve management are compelled aiming to concentrate on ways of evaluating and monitoring the spending of the available funds. Other than creating normal fiscal and objective tracking of plan performance, the examining systems have to review the participatory procedures, accountability, transparency, and the efficiency […]

Organisational and Stakeholder Ethical Considerations

Ethical Organisational Culture Approach One of the approaches to analyse the case is through ethical organisation culture. Alvesson (2002, pp. 4) states that organisational culture refers to those shared rules that guide cognitive and behavioural aspects of membership to an organisation and the avenues through which they are developed and expressed hence a system of […]

Transforming International Security

Today’s international security system can also be characterizedby conflict and preclusion, a vital function of rapid technological progress in national security management, regional security problems. and development of non-state actors as a major source of national as well as international insecurity. The security systems of most of the countries around the world have no longer […]

Managing Organisational Diversity

I feel so about this manager, as he is able to follow and be Aware, Understand, Action, and feedback. This forms the Diversity competency model and all of these are clear in the functioning of my manager.The manager at my job is one who portrays his understanding of the fact that diversity in a place […]

One Year Clinical Results of Er Cr YSGG Laser Application in Addition to Scaling and Root Planning with Early to Moderate Periodontitis

it to a consortium of bacteria rather than by a single microorganism [2], with bacterial plaque gradually accumulating with time causing secondary tissue inflammation known as gingivitis, chronic periodontitis is usually treated by removing subgingival deposits, bacterial biofilm, and smear layer [3,4]. This strategy is aimed at abating, if not eliminating, etiologic agents of the […]

Portfolio Theory as Applied to Property Management and Investment

Behavioral economics has recently been challenging the basic assumptions of the modern portfolio theory. There are people who understand modern portfolio theory as a mathematical formulation. The formulation mainly focuses on how investments can be diversified. Under this criterion, investments that are grouped together are put together and it is believed that they have a […]

Implementing Change of Leeds City Council

In 1999 with major changes taking place at the national level of government in the form of devolution, local councils were scrambling to ‘keep their heads above water’. During this time period, it was evident that each department was focused crisis after crisis within their own department and there was no vision for propelling the […]

Management of Maritime Operations

Such an issue occurs in the case of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM). The terms of this Convention are reviewed and explained in this paper aiming to show the operational and commercial effects of this legislative text on the organization. Suggestions are made as to […]

Influence of Hesketts Service Profit Chain

This in turn helps the managers to build customer satisfaction and loyalty and then determine its impact on profitability and growth.Services are intangible and hence service quality is a growing concern in every industry. In the service sector, customer satisfaction is a critical variable and management theorists call this the service profit chain. The service […]

CrossCultural Management of Dancom Company

Culture, in this sense, includes systems of values. and values are among the building blocks of culture” (Hofstede, 1994). From this definition, one can perceive how much influence culture has on people. This is markedly felt in an international environment. If people are considerate and understanding other cultures and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate […]

Geographical Profiling Helpful In Criminal Investigation

Profiling is one of the major purposes which include case management, database development, cause, and pattern analysis, forensic demography, typology validation, personality evaluation, principles of geocoding, numerical predictions, and the ethics of annoyance and interrogation/ interview strategies.To minimize crime level different strategies and methods have been used. Endless researches are going on to reduce and […]

Fluency Interventions in SpeechLanguage Therapy

The potential impact of stuttering on children’s development is severe and the problems outgrow as the child enters into the adolescent stage affecting their self-esteem, self-image, and academic and occupational relationships. If speech and language disabilities identified and intervene at an early age, these disorders can display positive outcomes. The treatment is often personalized and […]

Building the Entrepreneurial Organization

Confidence is always thought to be exuded by an entrepreneur in the face of high risks, uncertainty, and opportunities as well (Palich Bagby, 1995, pp.425-438). Entrepreneur ends up assuming certain risks associated with failure or loss and creates a new business venture while at the same time ensures other ventures by guaranteeing them specific returns […]

The Principles of Total Quality Management

The paper will also give detailed illustrations related to the standards and expectations of a typical five stars hotel front office, descriptions of Rotana’s Front Office standards, and analysis of Rotana’s front office standards will also be provided. The report will also include a survey about the performance standards of the Front Office department of […]

Effective Management A of Competition Culture and Control

The Tata Business Excellence Model is an example of an effective organizational control system. Corporate culture is the collective behavior of the individuals in an organization who work towards common corporate goals. The Toyota Way proves how the right corporate culture can strengthen the competitive edge of an organization.The formulation of an effective strategy for […]

The Ways of ProblemSolving in Management

However, this is all pretty confusing to understanding and more so within the business circles and the related processes in which managers perform their duties and tasks.Organizations in the present times are doing their utmost in order to know more and more about their valued customers and stakeholders. For this, they have devised certain strategies […]

The Effect of Management Style on Employee Behaviour

The problem can be corrected with the cooperation of all the employees of the department and the management of BAPCO.It is an accepted fact that employees play an integral part in the survival and growth of any organization. It is the vision, role and style of the management that determines the quality and productivity of […]

The Customer Service of a Public Sector Organization

The departments of public sector organizations that are gaining the most important these days are waste collection and street cleansing for a number of reasons. Firstly, waste management is becoming an issue globally and there are drastic steps being undertaken to ensure that waste is properly collected and managed. For managing it, the pre-requisite is […]

Chessington World of Adventure

As a first task, the report will evaluate the strategic objectives of operations management within Chessington and how it is achieved with the aid of various departments. Then as a second task, the report will discuss how an appropriate system can be designed to ensure quality in services. In the final task, the paper will […]

Information Technology and Management

The main aim of this research is to spotlight the new emerging trends of business and corporate management. This research will assess the facilities, tools, advantages, and enhancements that can be brought into a business through this system (MIS) implementation. The main focus of this research will be on the detailed analysis of the strategy […]

Classical Approaches to Management

Later, Classical Management also came to be associated with Human Relations development. No specific timelines can be drawn to view and study various aspects of Classical Management because their propounding and practice often overlapped each other. However, it is certain that the emergence of Bureaucratic, Administrative, Scientific Management and Human Relations predate World War II. […]

The Prevailing Problem of Royal Mail

But the annual report indicated that mail volumes and revenues are falling, competition from private postal service providers is increasing and electronic mails are also a growing threat (Royal Mail group, 2009).By autumn 2007, a series of postal strikes started in the UK and it severely affected those companies which were directly dependent on Royal […]

Macroeconomics in a Nutshell

There are also constraints caused by the presence of factors of production. We are considering these objectives, the affiliate constraints, and the correlation between them.Above all factors, macroeconomics aims at the factors that contribute to improving people’s living standards over the long run. To follow the performance of an economy over some time and to […]

Different Merchandise Strategies

Literature Review Different Merchandise Strategies The retail market typically thrives when s identify the efforts the retailer makes to appeal to their needs, that is why smaller convenience outlets within town centers are becoming so popular (Shannon para 5). Secondly, online sales are becoming the new trend to in replacing the out of town big […]

Effective Corporate Social Responsibility

Effective Corporate Social Responsibility is an important asset to acquiring critical stakeholder resources. Consequently, firms who have greater and easier access to required resources are expected to be better positioned to exploit the cost structure benefits of organizational efficiency and thus more likely to gain a performance advantage over their respective competitors. This examination should […]

Psychological Contract in Contemporary Organisation

Also, the field of Human Resource Management is also largely impacted by such external and internal environment changes. Psychological Contract Theory has now become a regular debate because in involves both employers and employees, who operate in an unstructured, uncertain, unclear, and unpredictable business environment where small changes may lead to adverse or sometimes uncontrollable […]

Psychological Contract

This paper will cite a number of significant studies. These will be cited to underscore the fact that psychological contracts are extremely important for the business organization for the simple fact that it is directly linked to productivity and efficiency, and, henceforth, profitability.The psychological contract concept was first coined and identified sometime in the 1990s […]