What Is Important?

The answer to this question is another question: “What grade are you seeking?” or, better still, “How important is this subject for your later life?” If you want an A, you have to assume that every detail is important! What is usually meant is this: “What should I concentrate upon to assure myself of passing […]

Study Old Exams?

Opinions differ. There are at least three good reasons for a professor’s calling back exam papers after an exam: Exams are hard to write, and good questions which separate students fairly into groups represented by a letter grade are long in preparation. Safeguarding exams saves the professor much time if he can safely use old […]

A Typical Study Session

With the necessary equipment before you, spend four or five minutes thumbing through the entire area to be covered by the exam, page by page, in both textbook and lecture notebook. This part of the routine is intended to give you the scope of the exam, so you know how much work lies before you. […]


The mysterious results of hypnosis have led people to ask whether learning can be improved by it. At present, the answers to this question are inconclusive. It appears that a person, or subject, can be induced to recall elaborate instructions and “suggested” knowledge upon being brought out of hypnosis. The total process is usually time […]

Teaching Machines

Rapidly rising in importance are the mechanical devices which teach subject matter and also test at the same time. At present, the results are quite interesting and promising. Interacting personalities are not involved in the use of teaching machines, and because of this, one of the age-old relationships of teacher-to-student is missing. How much this […]

Reading-Acceleration Machines

When we begin to read, we must laboriously identify each letter and then each word at a time. Later we comprehend several words at a time, and with practice can even learn to read entire sentences at one glance. Many people never get past the first stage. They waste much time wading through the individual […]


Television is definitely a tremendous factor in bringing a new dimension to education. Its potentialities are far from fully exploited. A widespread reorganization of teaching programs is about to take place, as soon as some of the present difficulties are overcome. The eye-to-eye appeal of television brings students to a closer bond with the speaker. […]

Distractions, Enemies of Retention

We are not constructed to pay attention to more than one thing at any given time. While there is said to be a minor amount of evidence favoring hopping from topic to topic, it seems fairly evident that when one’s attention shifts back and forth too rapidly between two things competing for attention, the result […]