Use ONE example of an organisation or issue you are familiar with to explore In what ways is gender relevant for work and organisation in the 21st century

2007). To that end, this paper will firstly explore the gender equality and/or inequality debate as conceptualized at the workplace in the 21st century as well as its historical foundations, alongside the key issue that often come to fore in gender equality and/or inequality discourses at the workplace. Similarly, this paper will also explore the […]

Global Corporate Governance

Global corporate governance Effects of competition and government intervention on Apple Inc External environmental factors define aspects that are beyond an organizations’ direct control because they rely on forces outside the organization. Government intervention is one of the external environmental factors that affect Apple Company. The interventions’ effects manifest through different arms of the government […]

Understanding the Growth of New York

1750 Both the authors, Trollope and Dickens, focus on the way the people and their lifestyle but while Dickens presents the people as he sees them all scattered around the city’s streets, Trollope tries to analyze their domestic habits and ways of living. She picks at the habit of changing houses annually especially if one […]

Discussion Response English 1

Discussion Response: English Race and gender relations affect individuals in diverse ways. An individual’s performanceand competence, for instance, were perceived as dependent on race or gender in past American society. Maya acknowledges race as a determinant on performance in past American society in her story. She further highlights gender differences as a serious form of […]

Social justice

ur social status and strive to forge towards an all inclusive society where individual rights are respected regardless of their race, class or level of education. There are many ways to define a society that is socially inclusive but all the definitions converge on the fact that this society should be able to arise above […]

Personal reflection on the self

Self-concept is way a person realizes a set of beliefs that define them. The beliefs explain the elements of academic performance, sexuality, racial identity and gender roles. In general, the self concept seeks to answer the question, who am I? (Myers, 2009). In regards to the social world, self-concept bears great significance. A person’s social […]


Running Head: Organizations and Behavior Organizations and Behavior s A: Different Types of Leadership and their Impact on ChangeLaissez- Faire:This style requires no leadership and supervision skills from the managers. In it, highly trained and competitive employees work without manager’s supervision.In the period of change, this style does not motivate employees. Employees do not appreciate […]

Foundations of Finance

CAPM was developed during the mid-1960s with several assumptions about the market and the behavior of investors, giving certain equilibrium conditions which allow an investor to calculate the return of an asset for a given level of systematic risk. CAPM makes use of a measurement of systematic risk which can be used to make a […]

Business Company Analysis

Assigning equal weights to each of these external factors, and arriving at the mobiles long-term prospects/evolution as the most important external factor, to which Google has responded with stunning success, based on the brilliant success of Android up to this point. We assign scores of 3 each for the Microsoft and Facebook threats, given that […]

Petrobras Sets Ambitious Capital Budget by J Fick

The article’s strength lies in the way in which the reporter has culled the financial data pertaining to the firm to provide an analysis of the plans of the firm in the next few years. Considering that capital budgeting and allocation of capital for various divisions is often an indicator of the company’s priorities, the […]

CAPM ICAPM and Multifactor Models

Later on research was conducted and the creators of CAPM theory related diversifiable which are unsystematic risks and non-diversifiable which are systematic risks for all the securities in the portfolio. Some management individuals conceived that CAPM is not genuine as it dominates participating management and investment study. Fabozzi and Markowitz (2002) state even though the […]

European Tax Havens

Instead of closing out contracts with cash settlements, a common procedure on the commodities market, the Hunts took delivery on silver. They then stockpiled this silver and used their large cash reserves to buy up even more futures. The billions in demand triggered the rise of silver to more than $50 per ounce. (Beattie, 2010) […]

Personal Financial Plan

Personal Financial Plan Personal financial planning involves the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan that can help people achieve specific financial goals. Personal financial planning can never be done without considering economic variables like tax policies, regulations, and other economic policies. Apart from the role of economics in developing financial plans, the use of […]

Marriage versus Living Together

13 June Marriage versus living together: Marriage was once thought of as a sacred bond and honoring its value was a definite obligation upon everyone wanting to share a physical relationship with some another person. The concept of marriage is still just the same in some parts of the world but it is the concept […]

Accountancy and Finance Designing a Balanced Scorecard

ns are not for profit making, it is important that appropriate good practices of financial management are maintained so as to ensure that there are adequate resources aimed at meeting the objectives of the organization and ensuring that they remain solvent while at the same time continuing to support the community. A scorecard is a […]

Summary and reflection of an Article

Summary and Reflection Summary According to the article, research has shown that football fans, particularly supporters of English Premier League (EPL) teams, prefer to see their teams battle it out with teams that they find inferior and easy to beat. These fans do not prefer attending games with very tough teams that may beat the […]

Financial management

However, a ratio above 2 would mean that PQ is not investing excess assets. For best and optimal performance, a W/C ratio between 1.2 and 2.0 is sufficient. A debt ratio that is greater than 1 would indicate that Mr. Banks company owns more debts in comparison to assets. Similarly, if his company is capable […]

Internship SWOT analysis paper

One of the key strengths within the sales and marketing department is the strong marketing team that employs the digital tools of marketing. As a result, the company has benefited from an expansive market segment resulting to high sales. As the result of the increased revenue, the company has been able to expand its operations […]

How IT improves managerial role

HOW IT IMPROVES MANAGERIAL ROLE by The role of information technology in management has steadily evolvedover years. This evolution has generally been driven by changes in IT, as both software and hardware have rapidly improved. The rapid changes in management IT role experienced has been brought by public management. The current normative model of public […]

Business Of The Resale Stores

Once this has been done, we will be doing a market segmentation to target our potential customers. Once this has been done, we will design the various strategies required to influence the customers.A detailed plan of how the organization work towards the achievement of its strategic goals and objectives is the operational plan for the […]


As a financial advisor, the business performance can be evaluated on the basis of the information that is obtained from the owner. In explaining the source of finance for Motors Parts Direct Limited, it is important to understand its meaning for the business. Financing is extremely important for starting a business and draw profit from […]

The Risks Involved if the U S Withdrew From Iraq

This flawed justification has since been proven to be untrue as well. However, because of the occupation of Iraq, the international terrorist organization, Al Qaeda has grown in number, increased attacks worldwide and has infiltrated the borders of Iraq. The war was wrong on many fronts but withdrawing would be committing yet another wrong. Even […]

The Financial Collapse of General Motors

Gm which has funded approximately $103billion towards employee-related obligations proved to be a disadvantage for the company. Not only legacy cost but also due to its poor business strategy. It relied on its old mode of thinking which resisted the offering, and manufacturing capacity. The business suffered decline where its market share fell from 45% […]

Electric sector in Ivory Coast

Electric sector in Ivory CoastIvory Coast is a country that has been struggling with both political and economic unrest for the last decade. However, since the inception of their new president in 2010 the country is trying to build up its infrastructure especially the electric sector. The mission of the country in terms of electricity […]

Explain the cost equity proportionate consolidation and acquisition/consolidation methods and when we should use them

FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING College: Finance and Accounting Cost Cost is the price of money used during the production of a commodity. This price includes profit acquired over cost incurred in producing the commodity (Datar, Rajan, Wynder, Maguire amp. Tan 2013). Cost method is used when accounting the stock purchases in another company.EquityEquity is the amount […]

Marketing in search engines and financing

Marketing in Search Engines and Financing Marketing verses marketing communication Marketing is a form ofbusiness discipline, that involves sending information (messages) to marketplace giving details of the companies and the type of brands a company offers. The term marketing covers all marketing activities. On the other hand, marketing communication refers to the messages delivered during […]

DiscussionAnalyzing Cost of Capital

Analyzing Cost of Capital The cost of capital is the price the company pays to obtain and retail finance. The major decision for company as concern capital structure is to determine the ideal amount to use for debt and equity in order to attain a perfect capital structure, and consequently minimize the cost of capital. […]

Trade Theories How Trade Shaped the World

The policies that government made to protect business came in many forms and in varying degrees. State could use their power to finance new business, permit or disable monopolies, impose tariffs, prohibit a wide range of contraband, control labour, and if necessary blockade competing nation. The Europeans, the Asians and the Arabs all recognized the […]


chapter 4 Summary of Chapter 4 of the New Society by Perrucci amp. Wysong Chapter 4: The Invisible Empire The general claim for this chapter is that there is a super class which dominates the political arena mainly through the invisible class empire. The chapter describes the political dominance of the super class and how […]

Business Administration at Oglethorpe University

Spending many years in business environment I have a burning desire to plunge myself into a study of Business Administration at Oglethorpe One may wonder why. Why do I need to start education when my career is developing and when I am happy with my professional achievements? The answer is quite simple. Since the start […]

Currency Exchange as a Key Instrument of International Commerce

The globalization movement created a greater need to determine the equivalent valuation of monetary units also referred to as the exchange rate in order to execute a trade of goods among nations. Currency exchange is the trade value of one unit of currency into another currency which is required to facilitate the trade of goods […]

Islamic Banking and finance

t, lack of technological support and sophistication for dealing with long drawn projects and existence of information asymmetry in relation to unique products offered by Islamic banks (Abduh and Omah, 2012). The paper is aimed at a detailed discussion of Islamic Banking development and foundations that lay the basis for their banking system. The paper […]

The Best Business Model

250 The focus of attention can move from making better stuff to investing in selling stuff better. The author elaborates this idea by stating that in the 90s most of the companies were trying to sell their products in new ways rather than detoxifying them. Haque shows how Detroit’s business model innovation of integrating into […]

Throughput Accounting and Optimization Part II

THROUGHPUT ACCOUNTING AND OPTIMIZATION PART II THROUGHPUT ACCOUNTING AND OPTIMIZATION PART II Response to Ricardo Morales Your post is very insightful. Comparing it to the personal experience of my company however, I would like to provide an alternative to the strategy that you used in your organization. I find that the organization was more focused […]

Case Study Malden Mills

1. List the pros and cons of Feuersteins decision to spend $25 million to pay his employees in the aftermath of the fire. In what ways did this decision both benefit and harm Malden Mills?The decision made by Feuerstein to spend $25 million to pay his employees in the aftermath of the fire was a […]

Course project part 1

WATSON LEISURE TIME SPORTING GOODS Introduction The issue is whether Al Thomas should invest in in his brother-in-laws business, the Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods to the extent of 20 percent of its ownership capital. Two-year financial statements have been given and must be analyzed before a decision can be made. This paper will analyze […]

The Railroad Era and Economic Growth

The only means of transport was either by wagons, stagecoaches or by the ocean, this discouraged immigration of children and women (Norris, 2008). Fortunately, in 1862, The Central pacific Railroad emerged from California’s need for a remedy to its transportation crisis as well as socio economic challenges. Construction of the railroad began at Sacramento in […]

Connection between Holocaust and JewishChristian Relations

A history of anti-Semitism and it is a prevalent belief in Christendom that the Jews, as the murderers of Christ, deserve all possible sufferings is the reason that Hitler’s massacre of the Jews was met with silent acceptance from the vast majority of his subjects. The continued anti-Semitic feelings of the Church stem from Christian […]

Case 3 Time Value of Money and Capital Budgeting

The PV of the negative cash flow = 1,722,000. Therefore, the MIRR = {5,430,732/1,722,000}^1/6 – 1 = 21.1 %. The firm should adopt project B. The supporting argument is that comparatively, project B has a positive NPV while project A has a negative NPV. A positive NPV is an indication of a possible future growth […]

To What Extent Can HRM Add Value to an Organization

The human resource management supports the companies in devising a comprehensive strategic plan by setting specific goals and focusing on their resources, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is on the basis of these plans the management recruits, hires, trains and motivates the members of the staff in order to work on the same lines […]

Trategic Marketing Plan of amung

In other wordѕ, when marketing their productѕ, whether locally or globally, firmѕ need to create a ѕucceѕѕful mix of:* the right product* ѕold at the right price* in the right place* uѕing the moѕt ѕuitable promotion.Product DeciѕionѕA product iѕ defined aѕ: Anything that iѕ capable of ѕatiѕfying cuѕtomer needѕ. Then the product iѕ the central […]

40 Questions about corporate finance

What was his annual rate of return on this sculpture? 4. You expect to receive $17,000 at graduation in two years. You plan on investing it at 9 percent until you have $94,000. How long will you wait from now? (Do not round your intermediate calculations.) 8. Teder Corporation stock currently sells for $55 per […]

Influencing the components of the cashtocash cycle

Finance and accounting Introduction Evidently, from the deductions and the recommendations drafted in the case A of this particular scenario, it is critical that we master and understand the various financial structures in a bid to generate as much profit as possible. Notably, with reference to this particular company, we notice that there is a […]

Reduction Plan on Vehicle Emission in Rural Areas

The way of doing business in almost all of the industries has experienced major shifts. The effects of globalization have made the world a smaller place to live in as the citizens today have a much wider reach. The effects of globalization have literally written-off the geographical borders of the national as well as international […]

Harvard style

These people are not involved in teaching, which is the main service of the education institution, but instead they look after administration, maintenance and provide services to main employees such as teachers etc. From my research, I can conclude that any educational institution would require personnel in the following support areas. A library is a […]

Internationalizing The Business Curriculum A South Korean

Innovation Academic Program for International Business Study Robin Self and Donald R. Self, in their article, have presented a case study that focuses on internationalizing business curriculum. The purpose is to use an approach that will be viable for various business schools with their limited finance. There are mainly two areas that need to be […]

What works in Security laws (Summary)

What works in Security Laws? affiliation What works in Security Laws? Security laws are clauses and regulations aimed atprotecting shareholders and investors. The significance of security laws is evident in the modern corporate world where shareholders fall victim of poor and invalid public offerings. With many organizations rising to the ability of offering shares, security […]

Finance (Principles)

Jack wishes to have the exact same amount of monies available at the end of the 12 months as his friend Sandra. Thus Jack is aware he must re-invest the principal and any interest earned at the expiry of the 9-month term deposit. Jack should re-invest his money in the next three months at 0.47% […]

Describe investment terms that are important to mutual fund buyers

1. Calculating mutual fund fees Calculating Net Asset Value. Given the information below, calculate the net asset value for the Boston Equity mutual fund.Total assets$240,000,000Total liabilities8,000,000Total number of shares4,400,000The net asset value per share is equal to the current market value of the mutual fund’s portfolio minus the mutual fund’s liabilities divided by the number […]

Assignment 5 New and Improved Rewards at Work

This will provide the rest of the junior staff with the challenge to work even harder to attain higher positions, so that they can enjoy these privileges. Again, in respect to the above measure, these very innovations in employee benefits are to be provided to the junior and auxiliary staffs, so as to serve as […]

Finance excel

Retirement Plan Grade May 12th My Retirement Plan I believe I will retire when I am no longer in a healthy condition to serve society to the fullest. I believe that retirement should occur when I reach around sixty-years old. After considering the information in the Actuarial life cycle, I believe may live up to […]

Sources of capital

Sources Of Capital For Profit And Not-For Profit Organizations Sources Of Capital For Profit And Not-For Profit Organizations Introduction There are various sources of finance through which both the For Profit and Not-For Profit (NFP) organizations can raise capital to finance their operational and profitability needs. Many of the sources of capital for both the […]

Case in Public Administration

However, the process is often marred with instances of administrative lapses. According to this case, policy making in budgeting and finance sector is a highly consultative process. Consequently, there arise accountability concerns, a common phenomenon in group undertakings. It therefore calls for stance and clear observation of organizational principles to ensure credibility and timely delivery […]

Accounting principles impact

While this is considered to be critical to effective financial reporting, these principles are also a significant part of the financial control within organisations. The principles have different impacts upon the organisation as discussed below. This could be termed as the most significant accounting principle among all the available accounting principles. The concept of revenue […]

Is your model the best model why and why not

Question: Is the organisation structure model the best or not? A good organisation structure model seeks to ensure that the following elements have been fully and properly implemented. These elements include: authority. responsibility. accountability. information. rewards. In the event that the mentioned elements are not adhered to fully, then the organisation implementing the structure designed […]

Introduction to the Health Professions I US Health Care System Summary

US Health Care System Summary Question Research asserts that health care in the United s is provided by several organizations. In most cases, these health care facilities are operated by the private sector. Therefore, the healthcare in the United States is extremely expensive (Niles 67). The health insurance is offered by the government with the […]

Marketing Plan for Atlantic Quench

The researcher states that the current marketing strategy of Atlantic Quench is to push its product portfolio of existing juice products in its existing market. Atlantic Quench has specialized in producing cranberry juice products, which are known for its high nutritional value. Based on the current marketing strategies and the environmental condition, the marketing plan […]

Danforth Donnalley Laundry Products Company Integrative Problem

Danforth Donnalley Laundry Products Company Integrative Problem Cash flows reflect the flows of cash from and into a business entity. Cash flows can either occur in the operating, financing and investing activities. The use of debt to finance Danforth and Donnalley Laundry Products Company falls under financing activities. Debts taken by companies to finance its […]

Role of Venice in the 12th Century

750 which in turn facilitated trade to Padua, Vicenza, Treviso, Belluno, Ferrara, Mantua, and Verona. These towns carried the city’s merchandise to the central and southern parts of the peninsula in caravans where there were sure and ready market (Wielnbsp.82-83). Another source of income for Venice was rental of its boats and ships. Venice became […]

Public Budget and Finance

Taxation is a symbol of civilization since it has always been the source of revenue for empires and states since historic times (Samson, 2003, p21). Taxation generally developed as a method of nations giving legitimate protection to their subjects and their properties. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had taxes that required nations to pay […]

Lost civilization ( the fall of Rome )

Its cultural influence spread across the whole of its empire to such an extent that most of the peoples came to adhere to it. The Roman state and empire was essentially built through military might and it relied heavily on the latter for its survival. Most of the high-ranking officers in the military often came […]

International Finance and Investments

Abundant in natural resources, it has ranked consistently high ranking in nearly all criteria of investment attractiveness. This empirical study will focus on Australias inward FDI profile and performance against the backdrop of global FDI flows. It will thus attempt to achieve some perspective essential to a better appreciation of Australias performance and potential in […]

Supply chain

Management- Supply Chain Supply chains are systems of people, organizations, information, resources, and activities involved in the movement of products or services to customers from suppliers. This paper analyzes the roles and activities of supply chains in transforming raw materials, components, and natural resources into finished products delivered to end customers. Sophisticated supply chains include […]


Internship Journal Life provides a number of challenges. These challenges provide a means in which a person can navigate a given scenario. My first work as an intern has provided a new learning experience. The period has changed my means of learning and has opened a corporate understanding of the financial environment. The challenges are […]

The Role of Accounting on Business and Our Society

The Role of Accounting on Business and Our Society Organisations use accounting information for various purposes, be they general or specific. Importantly, financial statements would be used to communicate accounting information for general purpose to external stakeholders (Gibson, 2012). The balance sheet or statement of financial position gives a report of the financial position of […]

Revenue Recognition D&amp

Class Act Finance and accounting When should revenue associated with the above agreement be recognized by Act?International accounting standards (IAS) defines revenue as part of income that arises from the ordinary course of business activities of an organization/entity. The main objective of the norm is prescribing the treatment of revenue resulting from several types of […]

Judea Declares War on Germany

Judea Declares War on Germany This article from the Daily Express is a call for the Jews all over the world to fight Germany. It is the Jews’ answer towards the atrocities committed by the Germans against them. This article exposed to the world that the various international communities of Jews are joining forces in […]

The Natural Disaster of Hurricane Katrina

Before Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, there was a positive impact on the development in education, cultural and economic sectors. For instance, the teachers introduced digital directions in school curriculum and developed school systems that facilitated innovation and industrial revolution. In addition, demographers say that there was an influx of […]

Capital Market and Investment Banking Process

You cannot as well borrow from friends or family members and to make matters even worse back loans are inaccessible. Thus, the end of this is that one is in need of money. At this same instance you might be having one of your friends who have established a rapport with rich persons. This makes […]

Segmentation Targeting and Positioning

SEGMENTATION, TARGETING, AND POSITIONING Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Introduction In any competitive market, segmentation, targeting and positioning are important phenomena of marketing that ensure that marketers are able to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. Such competitive advantage comes because marketers are able to discover the right group of people whose needs are met by […]

Business Process Analysis

Running Head: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Generally, in any given organization the function that’s used to determine the process of performance of daily activities in the business is the operations management. The operations management is needed in any organization regardless of whether it deals with services or goods. Its main purpose is to keep track of production, […]

Annoted Bibliography

Annotated bibliography affiliation De Cecco, M. (2005). Monetary Theory and Roman History. The Journal of Economic History. Doi:10.1017/S0022050700035105 Marcello de Cecco was a distinguished and prominent professor of monetary and financial history in the University of Rome and Siena. He is a popular economic historian. In his article Monetary Theory and Roman History, he expounds […]

Valuing a start up business

VALUING A START-UP BUSINESS al Affiliation) Discussion Valuing a start-up business is an aspect of evaluating how viable a business is in terms of profitability. This involves assessing the economic viability of that business and its impact to the community both in short and long terms. Market forces and the industry in which the business […]

Assignment 1b Scenario

In the final section IV, there is some basic information about the financial considerations of our new project. My role in this project will be to provide the analytical information about the project to the management, which will help the management to carry out their decisions and make plans and strategies for the project. Reporting […]

The most powerful people

The Most Powerful People The Most Powerful People Explain why these three men (the 3 bankers who are listed as the 4th, 5th, and 6th most powerful people in the world) might be considered more powerful than most countries leaders. The Newsweek Magazine of December 2008 listed central bankers Ben Bernanke of the U.S. Federal […]

Total Rewards Program Geico

Total Rewards Program includes seven categories such as workplace flexibility, paid and unpaid time off, health amp. wellness support, community involvement, caring for dependents, culture change initiative and financial support in order to support work-life effectiveness.This section covers three verticals such as learning opportunities, coaching/mentoring and Advancement Opportunities of Total Rewards Program. Integration can be […]

Integrations and reflection

Integrations and reflection Introduction I feel that the sessions I had gone through in the business has been able to create in me a valuableknowledge base that would help me in my career path. The business classes that were conducted by my teacher helped me to analyze the different aspects of the business environment. Discussion […]

High frequency trading

Module Demerits of High Frequency Trading Those that get involved in high-frequency trading are aware of the impact it has on them. For the average investor, there are concerns that HFT is making things difficult and volatile for them instead of leveling the playing field for everyone (Aldridge 60). The problem arises when companies have […]

Areas of Concern to Ensure Business Success

Areas of Concern to Ensure Business Successa) Change of ownership Jones is a sole trader as he manages and enjoys all the profits alone. However, sole proprietorship has disadvantages. First, the business lacks continuity because the life of the business is limited to the life-span of the owner. This means the business closes down if […]

Micro economics

Aside from stocks and bonds, other investment instruments are mutual funds, stock options, and other financial derivative securities, which are briefly defined and described here. A stock is ownership of a corporation represented by shares that are a claim on the corporation’s earnings and assets (Downes, John amp. Goodman, Jordon Elliot, p. 556, Barron’s Educational […]

Financial issues

Financial Instruments A financial instrument is an asset owned by either an individual or an organization that shows the right to receive or offer cash to another financial institution. Lately, many issues have come up with regard to financial instruments. Some of these issues are not only current but there are also prospective ones. The […]

New Perspectives on Computer Concepts

Enterprise Resource PlanningIntroductionAdvancements in all types of technology are taking place at a rapid pace. All businesses need to cope up with the latest technology trends so that they can stay ahead in the competition. The use of information technology in businesses allows the proper handling of information for the organization. Technology DescriptionEnterprise Resource Planning […]

Personal Finance Heath insurance

Health Insurance Service in Qatar Introduction Health insurance is crucial for a country, its economy and its people. Qatar has made health insurance compulsory for each and every of its people. The people who are working deserve a good health care for themselves and their families. There are several health insurance companies in Qatar. The […]

Venture Capital and Economic Growth Singapore’s Experience

The government’s active use of the public sector as both an investor and catalyst for development has given rise to the characterization of Singapore as Singapore Inc. Through its government’s strategy, Singapore has evolved into a base for multinational companies (MNCs) to engage in high value-added manufacturing and product development, and coordinate regional procurement, production, […]

Interpretation of Interest Profiler Results

Managers, education programs or rather career-related programs must never use the results as a screening process for training or jobs. Generally, from the Interest Profiler results I obtained, I can comment that most of the jobs I have an interest in having the code EC. This code often implies personalities who in most instances have […]

Project Execution Case Study (Blue Spider Case)

uliar race for grabbing the power/ business and in this melee, at times, the interests of human resources/ employees, ethics are not accorded the priority that should ordinarily be associated with such decisions. As is quite apparent, from the case study, in order to have a pie of the Army’s Spartan program, Parks Corporation wanted […]

Engineering Ethical Issues of the Katrina Hurricane Response and the TVAs Kingston Ash Spill

Deontological and theological ethics focus on the person’s decision-making process as the member of a profession and within the modern organization. In the public domain, deontological ethics are intended to safeguard the organization’s integrity by assisting individuals to the professional norms, avoid misdeeds and mistakes (such as nepotism and corruption) that go against the […]


Impact of knowledge management systems on innovativeness in ITRC Interview Questions The following are the interview questions that are created for three different types of respondents in the ITRC.1. What does knowledge creation in an organization require?2. What type of managerial decisions helps knowledge creation in your firm/department?3. What are the successful factors in knowledge […]

EGR ETHICS Challenger disaster

Impediments to Responsible Decision Making Concisely, the Challenger Disaster ensued on January 28, 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger burst into flames soon after takeoff killing all its seven-crew members. The cause of the accident was attributed to the failure of the O-ring seals which sad to mention, had been identified as a potential hazard […]

IT Journal entry

Information Technology: Flash Drives What Technology Hardware are you discussing? Flash Drive Technology Definition This is a cased semiconductor based memory commonly used in preserving and retrieval of data (Callister amp. Rethwisch, 2012). Its mode of storage does not entail any electrical power or moving of devices as with the case of magnetic drives. The […]

Rotork Fluid Systems as a Global Company That Is Designed To Serve Customers for All Needs That Are Associated With Fluid Powered Actuators

2000 It is evidently clear from the discussion that Rotork Fluid Systems have their manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, and Sweden which is supported through the application of a strategic network of Centres of Excellence, control system packing, serving application engineering, and commissioning and support sales support for local industries installation. Rotork Fluid […]

Ethical case study to student in HRM class

Mr. Hady shall obey to boss. Since the decision has to be taken on time therefore, obeying this will benefit the company, Mr. Phill and himself. This decision will be harmful in two areas. first, Mr. Hady would not be able to satisfy himself for doing this wrong thing and in case this act causes […]


247) learned to struggle against financial difficulties possibly at a young age. He joined military just at the age of 17. Moreover, he rose quickly through the ranks of his department. Starting as an entry-level technician, he soon developed deep understanding of airplanes. He successfully served at the level of officer rank. Ultimately, when he […]

Acer Analysis

d ACER INC: TAIWAN’S RAMPAGING DRAGON In your opinion, which played a greater role in Multitech’s growth strategy: Traditional Motivations or Emerging Motivations? Why?Multitech’s growth, according to the case study, is greatly attributed to venturing globally because of the far-sighted approach of its able SEO. The emerging motivations strategy was the key motivator for its […]

Practical User Interface Design Making GUIs Work by Carl Zetie

By dividing the book into five (5) chapters, the author is able to clearly examine Graphic User Interface’s (GUIs). All the chapters of the book are coherent and not isolated or independent in topic content. He proposes incorporating fundamental principles for industrial and domestic designs and their concept to the Graphic user interface design. These […]

Engineering science

Hence for the three resistors in parallel, the effective resistance Rf = 1/7+1/12+1/14= 50/1 68. Flipping this upside down gives 168/50Ω For the second set of resistors in parallel, their equivalent resistance Rf = 1/16+1/19= 35/304, and flipping this upside down yield 304/35 Ω. The total circuit resistance is found by summing the 304/35 Ω […]

The United Arab Emirates Burj Khalifa

2500 The UAE is an Arab country which is situated in the southeast part of Arabian Peninsula of the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south and runs beside the sea border of Qatar and Iran. The UAE is considered as an alliance of seven emirates, each of them […]

Chinalco Mining Company

China has experienced some significant amounts of economic growth in recent years, i.e., a growth rate of circa 9% for the last about six years or so. It is in a position to enjoy unprecedented industrial growth. but as Whewell (2008) points out, despite its current huge appetite for raw materials, China has limited natural […]

Genetically Engineered Crops

2500 The essay outlines the genetic engineering for agricultur. The U. S., British, and other governments that envision the biotechnology sector as the wave of the future, and as a means of augmenting their national competitiveness, have strongly supported the industry and its efforts to commercialize (and normalize) these new technologies. They have devoted considerable […]

Robie House University of Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright

Robie House, of Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright was born June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. During his early age his family moved frequently when he was 12 years old. He spent his summer vacations with his mother’s family in Spring Green. He was an outdoorsy boy and thus love to explore […]

Hazard Reporting and Control

Hazard controls refer to those procedures that are laid down to protect people from being exposed to substances or systems and the processes required to monitor individuals’ exposure and their health to hazards such as chemicals, materials, noise, vibrations, etc. There are three categories of hazard controls and these include elimination or substitution, administrative controls, […]

A History of Engineering in Classical and Medieval Times

The MET329 Fluid Power is a career course offered by accredited worldwide universities such as Indiana State University. The course was inspired by the long-time application of fluid power dating back from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where water was used for irrigation (Hill 143-152). Fluid power course includes various engineering and science modules, which covers […]

Industrial Hygiene in the Chemical Industry

In the present working environment of the chemical industry, workers are highly exposed to the potential risks of chemical hazards. Chemicals are inflammable as well as highly reactive. This is the reason why chemicals are referred to as ‘hazardous’. The chemical hazards can be in the form of solids, aerosols, and liquids. Chemicals constitute of […]

Effective Project Planning and Management

In fact the basic goal of any project management is to develop high quality engineering and technology products. In addition, the high quality project management practice of engineering products and technology can be a realistic activity that involves project management resources for each engineer, professional, experienced architecture and managers moving into management roles. Moreover, in […]

Housing Development Process

However, emphasis on the architectural requirements of the houses has not been significant in the conventional practice of house development, although it is as important as the structural engineering concerns of the development. Importance of an architect is further exaggerated by a social change that has increased peoples’ interest in fashion, looks and aesthetics. An […]

Lean Manufacturing

Running Head: Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing [Institute’s Executive Summary Lean manufacturing aims at detecting and eliminating the waste from the product process. By doing so, companies can reduce their cost, effort and time at high rate. This can be done by making a lean team and training the employees. Some famous production control systems include […]

Paper 2 The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The paradox of the technological developments has become a historical issue. Thus this issue finds place in history texts like inventing America: The History of United States (Pauline Maier, Merrit Roe Smith, Alexander Keyssar, Daniel J. Kevles).This text takes innovation as a theme to analyze the history of the United States. The authors excitingly point […]

Why the Eiffel Tower Should Not Be Torn Down

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower was built between January 28 1887 and March 31 1889. The original idea to construct the Tower was Eiffel’s although the design came from one of his employees. The Eiffel Tower is located on Champ de Mars in Paris. The Tower was built by Eiffel’s own […]

Second question to complete the project

Number: Lecturer: Activity Design scenarios and claims The activity design scenario has two actors ly Android users and programmers. The two actors have divergent understanding of the Android phone. While the user does not understand the cause of the problem in the Android programs, the developer or programmer can rectify the problem. Both actors have […]

Engineering and Construction of PBS &amp

Most construction firms across the globe are project driven organizations. They do bank in project management solutions such as Foreshadowing project applications to control as well as manage their projects in relation to budgetary and time matters. Project managers do need adequate knowledge and ability to maintain and create their projects. They do acquire the […]

Ethical Issues of Drinking at Work

Due to it, drinking can be defined as contradictory of the ethical conduct at work and especially in the field of engineering as far as it is directly linked to the well-being and quality of life of the public. Prior to narrowing the following discussion to the topic of the issue of drinking in the […]

Summary for case study ( an engineering logistic (software) solution )

Redesigning a physical distribution and logistics system: The Bebal Cucine case study’ by Nonino and Panizzolo examines logistics planning of Fabel Group, an important brand name in the area of high quality modular kitchen, involving transport carriers. The company has three production plants that supply kitchen furnishings and designs under three different brand names to […]

The Colorado River Runs Dry

Insert Colorado River and Water Crisis Global warming is on the surge and is almost at a break-even point. The effects are evident everywhere from low running rivers, empty reservoirs and half-filled dams. A case in point is the Colorado River. The river is the seventh longest covering a total length of 1,500 miles (Zielinski […]

Main Rules of Energy Governance

Energy GovernanceQuestion 1Public governance and policy influences the type of energy resources a country uses. In countries where representation in the government is evenly distributed, implementation of energy policies that are environment sensitive is easier compared to countries where specific parties are favored by electoral rules. To ensure that energy consumption does not lead to […]

Employment Problems in India

Summary and recommendations: India graduates millions, but too few are fit to hireSummeryAnand Geeta authored the article that was published by The Wall Street Journal on April 5, 2011. The author explores education system in India and its impacts on students and notes that the country’s education produces graduates that are not fit for the […]

Public administration

bicycling coalition, has moved to formulate the policy that can be implemented to reduce the number of accidents due to bike riders not following bike lane rules in NYC. Whereas there has been a significant level of focus put on the pedestrians’ involvement in the motor vehicle accidents, there has been little attention accorded to […]

Evaluation of Innovation T Mobile Nike Considered and Swatch

There are three basic techniques in which enterprises can compete they include production, development, and distribution. This is where T mobile, Nike and Swatch enterprises have developed their competitive advantage. This paper will compare and contrast the process of creativity and innovation involved, in the development of a product, a service and a process in […]

Sports marketing

Sports Marketing: defines marketing as the act of buying or selling in a market. Accordingly, the term sports marketing fundamentally means a bargain or sale of sports. Sports make a diverse industry that covers different aspects pertinent to sports that include but are not limited to sports media, sports team administration, sports engineering, and […]


In fact, some of their great architectural works still stand strong in major towns and cities across the globe. However, one is left wondering whether the modern architectural works would withstand the test of time and last long as the structures build in the ancient Rome. The great work of the Romans can still be […]

Maria Full of Grace

In the scene when Maria is traveling to Bogota, the movie captures infrastructure development in the countryside as average. The road on which Maria is traveling on a motorbike is depicted as having only two lanes. The roads are narrow at various points where sharp turns occur along the overlooking valleys. There are a number […]


The automotive company tries to build its brand equity through enhancing its strengths in production as well as engineering. The major motive behind its marketing strategies is to facilitate more of interaction with the customers so as to deliver exceptional service. The strategy of developing brand power gives the firm strength of being competitive in […]


Consider your lifetime goals and discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals. Being an engineer in the near future must entail not only passion for technical work on my part but even knowledge on industrial economy that is often coupled with socio-cultural awareness to figure how […]

Engineering Strategy

Having won National Bed Federations Bed Manufacturer of the Year – 2011/2012 award and the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark (MGM) accreditation, this entity is engaged in producing customized and handcrafted comfortable beds, using sustainable materials of high quality. It is a British company originated within UK and operating in various territories outside it (, 2013). […]

Rail Transportation Engineering System

Engineering Systems like the rail transportation system analyzed in this report, are characterized by a high level of technical complexity, social intricacy, and elaborate processes that are aimed at fulfilling important functions in the society. Usually, various disciplines are required for input into developing solutions for Engineering Systems, and adopting a systems approach is quite […]

State of Purpose

Application Essay s s Grade 26th October Application Essay: Scholarship or Research Assistant Grant RequestIt is very disappointing when one admires the ideas behind tall buildings and skyscrapers, only for them to be brought down by natural catastrophes.As a young Iranian boy, my passion was in the technology behind tall buildings and sky scrappers. Thus, […]

Thought Piece

Future shock Future shock, as defined by Alvin Toffler in his book, is a mental of people and the entire socialstructure. His shortest depiction of this word is an individual opinion on too many developments taking place in a short duration. Whereas the world has continuously experienced modification, the rate at which it is developing […]

Chemical engineering design project

The cost of ethanol in the U.K Compared to biodiesel, ethanol production is perceived to be more commercially viable (Chris and Wooders 20). According to the biofuels industry survey of 2011, the rising prices in feed stocks will tend to be influential in stemming or deterring the future viability of biofuels. The production of bio-feedstock […]

Commom App Describe a character in fiction a historical figure or a creative work (as in art music science etc ) that has had an influence on you and explain that influence

Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence. Defining and realizing which professional path to take has often been a task beyond ease and I must admit that I would not have been certain enough with my pursuit of architecture […]

Wireless Application Protocol

Running Head: WAP Application WAP Application [Institute’s WAP Application Unwired Planet brought the application WAP, an acronym of wireless application protocol used as an application network communication for wireless communication environment (Stallings, 2004). In today’s highly modernized communication world, WAP has some limitations to its functionality. Visible limitations include 1) the pace by which the […]

Rethinking Design Education for the 21st Century

Robert Mosses And Impact On New York Information Article Summary The article d Rethinking Design Education For The 21St Century: Theoretical, Methodological, And Ethical Discussion has been authored by Alain Findeli and was published in the journal of Design Issues during the period of 2001.1 In this research article the author tries to advocate that […]

Use of Technology In Your Chosen Profession

The Use of Technology in my Chosen ProfessionsTechnology can be used to achieve better work performance in all professions. It saves time and resources that can be channeled to other uses. This essay focuses on how technology can be used in my chosen profession as a pilot.Technology is significantly used in the design, manufacture, and […]

Assignment (training and development )

Training and development. Training and development are crucial functions of the human resource management to ensure the staffyields quality performance. Since the employees are one of the most important assets that help in achievement of organization’s objective, the nature of training and development should be one that focuses on achievement of objectives. After a successful […]

Organizational and Technical Issues of Significance in the International or Global Magagement of Information Systems

Organizational and Technical Issues in the Management of Information Systems 9/30/2009 Organizational and Technical Issues in the Management of Information SystemsAbstractInformation systems (IS) help organizations become competitive. A large number of IS have failed as the organizational culture and IS have not been synchronized. Other issues include stakeholder involvement, information security, and development of organizational […]

Cold War and the Los Angeles area

COLD WAR AND THE LOS ANGELES AREA The cold war was a period of collision and rivalry. The two super powers did not fight against each other but the war was expressed through costly defense, nuclear arms race and a number of proxy wars. The cold war changed the economic picture of the US. The […]

Discuss the contributions of ancient Egyptian civilization to the modern world

Modern World Contributions of the Civilization of Ancient Egypt Table of Contents Contributions of Ancient Egyptian Civilization to the Modern World3Works Cited 5 Contributions of Ancient Egyptian Civilization to the Modern WorldThis paper discusses the contributions to modern civilization of the ancient civilization of Egypt. The literature provides a vast list of those contributions, spanning […]

Software engineering Module assessment 2

SCRUM views the systems development process as a collection of actions that integrate known workable mechanisms and procedures with the best development team to develop systems. Since these actions are loose, controls to handle the process and underlying risks are used. SCRUM is a typical upgrade of the commonly utilised incremental object-oriented development cycle. Although […]

Methodologies used for determining the sustainability of residential and commericial properties

SUSTAINABILITY IN CIVIL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION Submitted by: Submitted For the Sustainability in the Residential and Commercial Development In the United Kingdom, sustainability in residential and commercial development is governed by the Building Research Establishment Assessment Method (BREEAM) and the Code for Sustainable Homes by the Department for Communities and Local Government (2006). Both rating […]

Master in Human Resource Mgmt Case study Roles &amp

bilities An example of lifelong learning is continued professional development. Learning continually throughout life is vital if we are to make informed choices about our lives and the societies in which we live (Smith). If the engineers that graduated 40 years ago did not seek any further knowledge, their knowledge would be so outdated today […]

How Much Does Culture and Lifestyle Affect Behavior

Running Head: HUMAN BEHAVIOUR How Much Does Culture and Lifestyle Affect Behaviour?HUMAN BEHAVIOUR 2 AbstractThis paper summarises a published article that analyses the impact of culture and lifestyle on human behaviour. The article maintains that these factors are major contributors in formulating one’s behaviour. This paper also specifies the principles that managers must follow in […]

Ideology and public policy

The policies are meant for the betterment of the society and people living in the society. There are endless ways through which public problems raise. There are different policies being coined in order to fight with those public problems. The policy responses that are made to fight these public issues can be of local, national […]

Unauthorized Practice of Law by Legal Assistants and Paralegals

2500 The ABA adopted in 1997 the following definition: nbsp.A legal assistant or paralegal is a person qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. nbsp.The ABA […]

The Significance of World Religions

1750 Religion is one such issue that is much misunderstood and raises passions to unexpected limits. Given the two sides of a coin, religion can be used constructively for the betterment of society or to serve the vested interests of a few. It is intriguing that intolerance in the name of religion has grown in […]

The Perspective of Chinese Women Writers

Chef, the one who had just bought the Hunan Cafe, deemed that she was just trying to loosen up the atmosphere a bit and just uttered a joke with the best of intentions (Chen 29). On the contrary, one of Han Weizhongs soldiers just chimed in and inquired all about divorce (Chen 29). The daughter […]

Strategic Management in the Higher Education Context

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia controls most of the territory that define the roots of Islam and its origins (Alshamsi, 2009). This is because Saudi Arabia encompasses the geographical scope of the area that was inhabited by the Prophet of Islam and the various activities he was involved in, during his life and the founding […]

Pick a topic from the link provided in the details section

In recent times that unfortunate reality has began to change. The Department of Education along with other government agencies have made curbing violence in schools a priority. More so than ever, schools now have the information and encouragement necessary to make sweeping improvements in this area. Bullies threaten students. The act of bullying threatens the […]

Recruitment Selection and Deployment of Human Resources

Case Study: for Recruitment, Selection and Deployment of Human ResourcesSodexo identified several major problems the management was having in the running of the company. One of these was shortage of staff. This problem was not an initial issue but soon became a burden with an increase of over 1000 constructors and sub constructors of OPG […]

Public School Uniforms

Annotated Bibliography Public School Uniforms Annotated Bibliography Alleyne, Sylvan I., Velma LaPoint, Jennifer Lee and Harold W. Mitchell. Black Educators Views on Middle School Students Dress and Uniforms: Addressing Challenges from Commercialism. The Journal of Negro Education. Vol. 72, No. 4Retrieved From: In this article, Alleyne, Sylvan I., Velma LaPoint, Jennifer Lee and Harold W. […]

A Memorable Experience from Childhood

I have always considered lucky to be a luxury among a few people who either have lost hope or prefer receiving free things. During the family vacation in Africa, I had a chance of visiting Maasai Mara national park in Kenya. At first I was reluctant to make the trip. however, after my parents convinced […]

A NonProfit Organization Solve Inc

This has answered the needs of customers in a timely manner and provided return trade-off. Price entails the charge of the services that we are offering. this has been tricky since it determines customer base of our company. We are offering low priced services and products to allow customers afford. In addition, we are non-profit […]

Fluid management in dialysis patient

When a patient is on dialysis, circulation of the blood is on one side of a semipermeable membrane, while, on the other side, a special dialysis fluid is circulated. Blood composition must be closely matched by the dialysis fluid. Urea and creatinin, metabolic waste products, are diffused through the dialysis fluid membrane and discarded, while […]

For graduate school

Personal ment Personal ment Serving in the air force for 10 years as an air force militant has been a great experience for me. I feel great to have served my nation and stood with the troops in Afghanistan for two years. I went to college and completed my studies after which I maintained full […]

Award Thank you letter

5/11 RE: Maria C. Mansella Merit Award Dear Ms. Concetta Nicolosi, I want to sincerely thank you for honoring me with the Maria C. Mansella Merit Award. I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness in designating me for this award and helping me reach my educational goals. It is an honor with humility to be associated with […]

CoxsackieAthens High School Valedictory Speech

In this discussion about the American education system, the controversial issue is whether academia has adequately prepared its students for the challenges of higher education. On one hand, Goldson argues that she is graduating at the top of her class only because she did her best to follow what she was told to do within […]

Transcription of the 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address

1000 This clearly indicates that almost all thoughts are self-centered, which gets in the way of appropriate thinking as per the author’s argument. All points that the author presents make sense. Wallace is correct when he maintains that thinking should be acquiring the capacity to exercise some sense of control with respect to what people […]

Explication of Death of a Salesman

Willy tries to offer good parenting to his two sons starting from when they were in school, but fails at it too. For instance in play 1 when Bernard, a neighbor’s son comes claiming that Bill is going to fail mathematics. Willy tells the small boy to give Bill the answer to the equation and […]

Personal perspective paper

Personal Perspective MBA is indeed the success criteria for any individual who wants to make it big in the business world. For that to happen, it is significant to know that hard work and commitment are the cornerstones and the keys towards achieving that. Having said that, once a person has side tracked his education […]

Engendering of Militarism and Warfare

Therefore, feminists’ rationale that militarism and warfare have been gendered is very plausible, as shall be seen further, in the discussion that ensues forthwith.According to Cock (1992, 2- 3), one of the ways by which militarism and warfare are gendered is through the assigning of military department and functions, patriarchal features. It is not a […]

Personal assessment

[Supervisor Personal Assessment of Management Skills (Associates Version) Following is a of assessment of my colleague’s abilities and skills on the basis of scores I have given to each set of statements in light of his personality:As far as the self knowledge of my colleague is concerned I slightly disagree to this. Although he is […]

Diversity Training Manual Part IV

Diversity Training Manual Diversity Training Manual This Section of the Diversity Training Manual focuses on religious discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII). Title VII protects workers from employment discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or protected activity.nbsp. Solely with respect to religion, Title VII […]

The Role of the Founder in Creating Organizational Culture

That is, Organization is an organized human activity, apportioned into different ‘organs’ or departments by a leader. ‘Organized human activity’ in the sense, ever since our origination, we humans have been showing activeness both mentally and physically, which have transformed our globe from a primitive one to an advanced one. Physically speaking, this activeness is […]

Evaluation of your learning

The drive to establish student self-worth is a part of the hidden curriculum within the Lifelong Learning Curriculum. The hidden curriculum is characterized by its intention to unconsciously include learning experiences into the overt curriculum. The hidden curriculum aspires to help students acquire social values and skills (Cornbleth 1990, 50). Another significant feature of the […]

The Effective Leader

nbsp.Instead, one accomplishes prominence by leading the field with one’s ideas. If one thinks of some of the most renowned people in the field of Effective education, one knows they got to their positions not by demonstrating high scores on examinations of knowledge of books on effective education, but by being leaders with their ideas […]

Application Letter to the University of Fairleigh Dickinson

Application Letter to the University of Fairleigh Dickinson Most of us aspire to have a very good career and life and in the quest for the best possible things that life can bestow upon us, the primary thing that everyone tries to achieve is to have a very sound education that they believe will lay […]

Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper

In this case, we want to test whether the average salary of a person who has been to school for less than 16 years in less than that of another who spend more than 16 years in school. In hypothesis testing, there is the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. The null hypothesis is the […]

The Google Maps Road Rally

Supervisor The Google Maps Road Rally of Austin Austin is capital of Texas located in American Southwest in the United States. I have chosen to write about Austin as it is one of fastest growing city in the country ranking third in the list. Austin prides in positioning three fortune 500 companies’ headquarters such as […]


The concept of the Welfare State, as Barr (2004) postulates, lacks precision and as such no single faceted definition can be best termed as best describing it. The reason behind the above statement is as a result of the fact that welfare stems its meaning from an array of sources that go beyond activities that […]

Introdyction to psycological theories and issues

According to this theory, the individual inherits all his behaviours due to the complex interaction of genes. Most of his characters and behaviours remain constant throughout his life, as outside environments do not affect his individuality in any way. His individuality is predetermined. From this standpoint, types and characteristics measured with personality are constant and […]

The Education system of China

The other stage is secondary education. this stage is classified in two groups, specialized education and the academic secondary education (Wang 27). The academic lower and upper middle schools are obligated to provide academic secondary education. On the other hand, a student going for vocational secondary education or specialized education can attend training for two […]

SelfEsteem and the Education System

This is why it is vital to understand how modern theorists and educators are using innovative methods for improving the self-esteem of youths in the eight to 16-year-old age brackets so as to provide them with more positive self-concept well into adulthood. Failure to assist these youths in developing positive self-esteem is a failure to […]

Parimary Article Summary

Primary Article Summary Primary Article Summary Leininger, M. (1997). Future directions in transcultural nursing in the 21st century. International Nursing Review, (44)1, 19–23. The concept of transcultural nursing (TCN) was first introduced by Madeleine Leininger. Her theory emphasized the need to conduct a thorough study of human behaviors and their cultures, whether Western or non-Western. […]

How Cultural Differences Affect Conflict Management within Lenovo

5000 Conflict of any of the business establishment is extremely embedded in cultural dissimilarities in the circumstance of communal, financial, and chronological conflict. The Chinese habitual clothing reveals that they were very much informed about the monument of stitching and binding, subsequent to the prehistoric era. Chinese culture and civilization are one of the extremely […]

Post Soviet Eurasia

2000 Speaking about the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is important to note that the its main reason was killing of established regime by the crisis, caused by the internal contradictions of the Soviet system and the inability of the Communist Party to resolve them. The end of the Soviet Union led to the […]

Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them

Wages that include overtime allowances and travel allowances for the staff of Members of Parliament reveal a sudden increase just before the elections and this reveals that they are being utilized as a part of the election campaign (McLennan, 2004). Estimating corruption is always difficult because people never reveal the facts of corruption that they […]

On Life Home and Education

If Buddha was my father, he might have gladly given me my needs for such a ridiculous idea. Unfortunately, my father is a hard-working man who believes that my decisions and actions today will have consequences which I will either enjoy or suffer tomorrow. As a parent, he says he needs to guide me through […]

Summary &amp

Response Summary and Critical Response: Working at McDonald’s Summary In Working at McDonald’s, Amitai Etzioni argues that working in fast food chains, of which McDonald’s holds a pioneering status, is not good nor educational for the youngsters these days. Etzioni claims that while working in fast food chains may seem to be beneficial at first […]

The Best Practices for Recruitment Selection and Induction

The workers only form the crucial ‘cog’ in the running of the organization. And, only if these crucial workers are recruited or staffed optimally through an effective recruitment process, the organization can achieve optimum success. In the case of running an enterprise or organization, the recruitment function is a continuous process, and so the leader […]

On the City of Tulsa

On the City of TulsaThe City of Tulsa and Tulsa County has owed its success on private enterprise that has flourished and allowed room for substantial economic growth. New and existing infrastructure projects allow the retention of jobs and the advent of new ones that are highly beneficial to the residents and provide a welcome […]

The Relationship Between Richard Rodriguez and Richard Hoggart

In using Richard Hoggart’s definition in The Uses of Literacy of the scholarship boy – the working class, whose members are for the most part destined to academic failure – here is how Rodriguez (1983) defined it in his terms in his book, The Achievement of Desire: The child is moderately endowed, intellectually mediocre, Hoggart […]

Module 6 Practice Exercise

Module 6 Practice Exercise Question One The loan committed is 4.35 US dollars. The upfront fee is 0.70%. The back-end fee is 0.35%. The take down value on the loan is 60 percent. One basis point is equivalent to 0.01%.0.7/100*4.35=0.030.35/100*4.35=0.020.6*4.35=2.61 The total fee incurred is 2.61+0.02+0.03=2.66 million US dollarsQuestion TwoThe fitness studio inc. issued a […]

New technology Getting Mixed Grades in School

New technology Getting Mixed Grades in School a. Should technology funding be tied to professional development for teachers? Technology funding should not be tied directly to the professional development of teachers since both may be quite independent of each other. A school may need computers for education as a general purpose tool and may need […]

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a trend that has gained huge momentum in the corporate circles for the last two decades or so. The management and stakeholders have changed their focus drastically in trying to make their corporations more socially responsible. In so doing, they ensure that their corporation has adopted policies that aim at benefiting the […]


1250 The assessment has been made in accordance with theories provided by research scholars regarding the benefits of work based learning and the skills obtained from this process which will help an individual to secure a better job. The report also highlights the researcher’s future plans in terms of the developments that are yet to […]


The issue of ethics in a real world setting can indeed be murky. As Nussbaum puts it, The moral world is not neat, thatfulfillment and loss do not cancel each other out, that values are plural diverse, and incommensurable, not simply superficial versions of some underlying and unitary value expressible in terms, for example, of […]

What are the ways in which the Early Years Foundation Stage supports practitioners in thier planning for young children’s learning

Many theorists have presented their own views on children. Behaviorists led by the prominent B.F. Skinner, John B. Watson, Edward Thondike, etc., see children as organisms that learn by reinforcement. The Maturationists, led by Jean-Jacques Rosseau, Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, etc. see the child as like a seed that contains all the elements to produce […]

International Students

From this study it is clear thatnbsp.the main reason for many universities and governments to attracts a higher percentage and/or ratio of international students to their universities might have to do with the fact that they are attempting to promote diversity and understanding between peoples, the fact the matter is that the economics surrounding international […]


A Reflection on Margaret Edson’s Wit Margaret Edson’s play Wit invites dis on various aspects of knowledge such as meaning, types, and values the society places on each type. Language and its use in creating and maintaining authority, and how it relates to different types of knowledge, is another pertinent question the play addresses.Knowledge, as […]

Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure Affiliation: Sun rays are both essential and destructive to the humanskin, a concept that dermatologists critically account for. Patient education is fundamental as to the extent of sun exposure that is necessary or destructive to the skin (Reichrath, 2008). Conducing patient education in relation to sun exposure accounts for minimization of sun exposure […]