Poverty Line Measurement Analysis

The World Bank introduced the one-dollar-a-day poverty threshold in 1990 in its World Development Report. This poverty line, applicable only in low-income countries, is based on the 1985 purchasing power parity (PPP) dollars and refers to household expenditure per person.This paper will determine whether the “one dollar-a-day” poverty indicator and those measures based on it […]

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Garca Mrquez

For the readers, it presents a situation similar to that of playing a cat and mouse game. They do not know what to expect at what time and the more the plot advances, the more the author’s intentions become apparent. The iconic Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez is widely regarded among the most prolific exponents […]

What Needs to Happen in Order to Fix or Slow Down Global Warming

As Michael Page (2007) has rightly said,” a firm and ever-growing body of evidence point to a clear picture: the world is warming, this warming is due to human activity increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and if emissions continue unabated the warming will too, with increasingly serious consequences.”Global warming is the result […]

American Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop

Trying to reduce her sentiments into the confined language of Imagism would have lost a great deal of the subtext, where a great deal of her meaning resides. It is through these devices that the life of the poet emerges, making statements of alienation, isolation and frustration even while discussing something as innocuous-seeming as the […]

Why Did So Many Colonist Die in Early Jamestown

At first, they had easy access to basics like clean water and simple fortifications that would protect them from native attacks. The journey was successful. In their first weeks of settling, they constructed a triangular fort and named the settlement Jamestown, saying that paying homage to King James I. Spirits was high. The colonists were […]

The Diversity in the Media

To fully understand the whole concept of media diversity, it is imperative to take a close look at the meaning of the whole phenomenon. Thus, according to a journal entitled ‘Media Diversity Matters,’ [online 2008], a diverse media is one that is inclusive of minorities and women in content, varied employment structures, that is who […]

Research Findings for Asthma

The lining of the airways swells from inflammation, which causes an increase in mucus that blocks the airways. Because it’s more difficult to breathe out than to breathe in, more air is retained in the air sacs in the lungs with each breath. Someone having an asthma attack may feel as though he or she […]

Aristotle’s Moral Virtues and Practical Wisdom

This is an important distinction to make as the formation of these moral virtues depends in large measure upon the experiences one has that help form them. The second part of the equation for happiness is the exercise of practical wisdom. Generally, Aristotle said that practical wisdom is wisdom based on rationality and an accurate […]

An Analysis of The Secretary Chant by Marge Piercy

The poem is written using stylistic allegoric interpretations of realities in which a clerk is about to spend the comfortable hours of the daytime while she still dreams about the bigger versions of the life settings where everything has been changing in proportion to the development of the life plot. However, still, a woman in […]

CO2 Emissions Into the Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide is a molecular compound containing two atoms of oxygen and one carbon atom. When carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere it can cause many problems to the atmosphere and life on the ground. In today’s world, there are climate changes brought on by the release of carbon emissions. The carbon dioxide in […]

Nazi Youth Movement

The path to achieving this goal was to create a curriculum for these young men – and women – and to erase prior teachings in religion and community, and to re-indoctrinate their thinking in the direction of the Third Reich.Today, more than 60 years after the end of World War II, people have more unanswered […]

Nutrition Grapefruit Diet

The whole plant, including the flowers and most especially its fruit, can be made to treat fungal infections, acne, indigestion, liver and gall bladder conditions, urinary infections, and even insomnia (Allen and Allen, 2007). It gained its popularity during the Great Depression during the late 1920s when “grapefruit, along with other citrus fruits, could be […]

British Airways Leadership and Change

During 2001-2 the Global recession forced further cuts in jobs and reduction in operations and during 2002-3 the threat of imminent war in the Middle East affected operations as this was the most profitable segment.It is very highly unionized and faced industrial action every now and then. This results not only in higher wage bills […]

Effects of Fats and Cholesterol on Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease, abbreviated as CVD, is known to be the leading cause of death in the world today (Gaziano, Reddy, Paccaud, Horton, Chaturvedi, 2006). Cardiovascular diseases include many kinds of diseases that mainly consist of the heart, brain, arteries, and other essential organs.Cardiovascular diseases were not very common back in the start of the 20th […]

The Wife of Bath’s Tale

Furthermore, since a man writes her prologue, we cannot help but think about why he wrote it. This imaginary character gives Chaucer a chance to address several subjects that might have been forbidden during his time. By making use of irony and wittiness, Chaucer can construct statements regarding women and how they are dealt with. […]

Competition in Supermarket Industry

When trying to capture a large market, especially during the peak periods of the year, most supermarkets tend to lower their prices in comparison to that of their rivals in a bid to retain and get more customers due to the competitive advantages that they seek to leverage within the market.In marking the boundaries in […]

Biodiversity Action Plan

The landscape is generally flat or gently undulating between 30 and 50 metres above sea level. The area to the west, the Western Woodland Farmlands, in contrast has a flatter landscape and fewer woodlands.Open landscape with trees in distant spots is the major characteristic due to removal of internal field boundaries in order to support […]

SocioEconomic Consequences of Landmines

When surface transportation is hampered, farmers can no longer transit their produce to marketplaces. This results in inflation and soaring of commodity prices. Mined roads make the effects of famine and drought more severe by hampering food relief and restricting the movement of supplies.Disastrous results follow when mines are embedded in fertile agricultural lands. For […]

Paul the Apostle to the Gentile

It started with Saul’s approval in the stoning of Stephen that marked ‘’the beginning of great persecution against the Church in Jerusalem’’ (Acts 8:1). It is Saul’s zeal to fulfill his agenda of persecuting the early Christians which were heavily influenced by his commitment to his belief as a strict ‘’Shammaite Pharisee’’ (Wright, p. 26). […]

Paul the Apostle to the Gentile

It started with Saul’s approval in the stoning of Stephen that marked ‘’the beginning of great persecution against the Church in Jerusalem’’ (Acts 8:1). It is Saul’s zeal to fulfill his agenda of persecuting the early Christians which were heavily influenced by his commitment to his belief as a strict ‘’Shammaite Pharisee’’ (Wright, p. 26). […]

Paul the Apostle to the Gentile

It started with Saul’s approval in the stoning of Stephen that marked ‘’the beginning of great persecution against the Church in Jerusalem’’ (Acts 8:1). It is Saul’s zeal to fulfill his agenda of persecuting the early Christians which were heavily influenced by his commitment to his belief as a strict ‘’Shammaite Pharisee’’ (Wright, p. 26). […]

Taming the Wild Things for Children

Despite parental fears of traumatic results in their children, picture books depicting monsters and other scary creatures seem enjoyable to young children. Such storybooks seem frightening since they contain alarming images, disquieting texts, and threatening concepts. Take as an example the book entitled Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. In this book, a […]

Taming the Wild Things for Children

Despite parental fears of traumatic results in their children, picture books depicting monsters and other scary creatures seem enjoyable to young children. Such storybooks seem frightening since they contain alarming images, disquieting texts, and threatening concepts. Take as an example the book entitled Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. In this book, a […]

Taming the Wild Things for Children

Despite parental fears of traumatic results in their children, picture books depicting monsters and other scary creatures seem enjoyable to young children. Such storybooks seem frightening since they contain alarming images, disquieting texts, and threatening concepts. Take as an example the book entitled Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. In this book, a […]

Taming the Wild Things for Children

Despite parental fears of traumatic results in their children, picture books depicting monsters and other scary creatures seem enjoyable to young children. Such storybooks seem frightening since they contain alarming images, disquieting texts, and threatening concepts. Take as an example the book entitled Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. In this book, a […]

Jack London as an Idealist Writer

The story resembles Shakespeare’s tragic playsas tension and anxiety mount up in the minds of the readers regarding the plight of the man who neglects the old timer’s warning that he needs to take someone with him in his journey through the icy cold wilderness. Jack London makes his narration poignant by rendering all the […]

Jack London as an Idealist Writer

The story resembles Shakespeare’s tragic playsas tension and anxiety mount up in the minds of the readers regarding the plight of the man who neglects the old timer’s warning that he needs to take someone with him in his journey through the icy cold wilderness. Jack London makes his narration poignant by rendering all the […]

Jack London as an Idealist Writer

The story resembles Shakespeare’s tragic playsas tension and anxiety mount up in the minds of the readers regarding the plight of the man who neglects the old timer’s warning that he needs to take someone with him in his journey through the icy cold wilderness. Jack London makes his narration poignant by rendering all the […]

Jack London as an Idealist Writer

The story resembles Shakespeare’s tragic playsas tension and anxiety mount up in the minds of the readers regarding the plight of the man who neglects the old timer’s warning that he needs to take someone with him in his journey through the icy cold wilderness. Jack London makes his narration poignant by rendering all the […]

Jack London as an Idealist Writer

The story resembles Shakespeare’s tragic playsas tension and anxiety mount up in the minds of the readers regarding the plight of the man who neglects the old timer’s warning that he needs to take someone with him in his journey through the icy cold wilderness. Jack London makes his narration poignant by rendering all the […]

Symbol and Irony in the Short Story

Most readers are constrained to imagine whether such works could have been accomplished by the same person, or whether the man was not himself with drugs (which he never touched) or with wine (which he drank but under the influence of which, he was unable to write).Poe began to write verse before he was fifteen […]

Symbol and Irony in the Short Story

Most readers are constrained to imagine whether such works could have been accomplished by the same person, or whether the man was not himself with drugs (which he never touched) or with wine (which he drank but under the influence of which, he was unable to write).Poe began to write verse before he was fifteen […]

Banks as a Kind of Financial Intermediary

Banks are one of those institutions through which the process of financial intermediation takes place because banks offer a fundamental mechanism to channel the sources for external funding for those in needs of funds and those who wants to save. However, since banks are major source of external funding therefore banks not only play a […]

Banks as a Kind of Financial Intermediary

Banks are one of those institutions through which the process of financial intermediation takes place because banks offer a fundamental mechanism to channel the sources for external funding for those in needs of funds and those who wants to save. However, since banks are major source of external funding therefore banks not only play a […]

Banks as a Kind of Financial Intermediary

Banks are one of those institutions through which the process of financial intermediation takes place because banks offer a fundamental mechanism to channel the sources for external funding for those in needs of funds and those who wants to save. However, since banks are major source of external funding therefore banks not only play a […]

Level of CO2 that Affects the Microbial Activity Diversity and Numbers

Previously reported C balance calculations showed that in the ecosystem investigated growing season soil C inputs were strongly enhanced under elevated CO2. It is hypothesized that the absence of microbial responses to these enhanced soil C fluxes originated from mineral nutrient limitations of microbial processes. Laboratory incubations showed that short-term microbial growth (one week) was […]

Physics Exam

2 Hours to CompleteThe questions will be sent through messages, once i know that someone can accomplish it, then i will give the Questions. Please let me know if you can accomplish the 15 Questions, giving $2/question17/05/202030physics

Cost Accounting

About Your Signature AssignmentSignature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with a grading guide or an automated rubric that allows […]


I need someone to complete for 8 buckEmilyracialoppression2.docxPosted: an hour agoDue: 25/04/2020Budget: $8Tags: humAnswers 0Bids 84MusyokionesProf James KelvinEARNESTWRITERwizard kimBrainy BrianAgher EditorRosie SeptemberHomework ProKATHERINE BECKSjuliusmu33DexterMastersRihAN_MendozaDr_Hakuna_Matatabrilliant answersUrgent TutorDr shamille Claramichael smithrunge-kutta acersmart-tutorWIZARD_KIMUNDISPUTED GEEKPROF. ANNCatherine OwensAngelina MayMichelle Owenskim woodsabdul_rehman_Wendy LewisPhd christineSaburBTerry Robertshassan0906Dr WillymartinsProf.MacQueenStano 001Tutor Cyrus KenNursing_MissANN HARRISEmily Michaelprof avrilMiss ProfessorJOHN JUNIOR001Cotton CandyUltimate GEEKTutorJoeKimA-Grade WriterPaula HogJenny BoomJessica LuisRELIABLE PAPERSProff work phd PROF_TOMMYSenior […]

Physics Lab report Analysis of a bubble chamber picture

Please print the last picture of work sheet and analysis of a bubble chamber picture ,use rule,protractor to measure the picture you print.and strictly follow the worksheet calculate with data you measured and write a lab report with showing all your measurement and calculation,discussion, and a perfect conclusion.12/05/202015physics


Provide three evidence-based examples that demonstrate how the nursing theory supports nursing practice. Provide support and rationale for each.Posted: a day agoDue: 15/02/2020Budget: $8Tags: urgent clear Answers 0Bids 65Rewrick PatandPapersGuruRosie SeptemberGuruu MathMadem_JenniferYourstarBrooklyn Milan Ranchoddas Chanchad PhDElprofessoribrilliant answersSasha SpencerMadam WriterCatherine OwensWendy LewisAngelina MayHomework Prokim woodsRESPECT WRITERTerry RobertsProf BerryAll Works solversmart-tutorColossal GeniusProf.MacQueenEmily Clarenadia tutorprof avrilEva Greenabdul_rehman_katemorokaDr Candice_2547MathStat GeniusperfectoPaula HogMiss Professorkatetutoruniversity […]

Math physics problem

20. A ball with mass 0.15 kg is thrown upward with initial velocity 20 m/s from the roof of a building 30 m high. Neglect air resistance.22. Assume that the conditions are as in Problem 20 except that there is a force due to air resistance of magnitude (v^2)/1325 directed opposite to the velocity, where […]

Economics paper 10 pages(due in 24 hours)

Paper 1: First DraftUse the results from the first two homework assignments, what you have learned in class and from reading the papers and textbook for the course to answer the following questions. Did assigning a person to get an encouraging phone call increase their probability of voting? Can we get an estimate of the […]

Disaster assignment 3

Graded Assignments may be found at the end of each chapter of the required textbook under the title “Real-World Exercises”. Each assignment is due between Monday to Sunday evening by 11:59 p.m. EST. of the respective week. Each student is to select one exercise (per module exercise) from the grouping as identified below. Provide documented […]

One full page about Wild Thing

I need One full pages about the paper that is attached here. The papers have to contain the Summery- reflection- and your idea about the attachment paper.the paper has to be in MLA format.WildThing.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 29/11/2017Budget: $8Answers 1brilliant answers4.8 (335)4.8 (13k )Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itWildThings.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $8Bids 31grA de plusmathguy18PROF. ANNChloe […]

“Ben &amp

Jerry&#x27s Case Study Analysis”Paper should be five to seven pages long, excluding cover and reference pages.Please follow APA guidelines for citations, quotations, and references, and use at least five scholarly resources that are dated within the last five years.Research methodology and problem analysis will be emphasized.Using the questions at the end of the case as […]


Please READ and REVIEW the DETAILS of the ENTIRE assignment. The assignment must be written professionally, scholarly, paraphrased, cited and with completed reference(s), and MUST include every detail the assignment asks to be completed.Attached are the…The Assignment Details…the “Comparing Literature Review”, “VangilderQualDissertation.pdf”, “WigtonQuantDissertation.pdf”, and the “Rubric”, documents/information…PLEASE RESEARCH THE DOCUMENTS…IT PROVIDES THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO […]

Geology Project

Topic is “Famous Aquifers”I need the initial outline and final project. One page Outline and 3-4 Report. follow the instructions. Due in 12 hours.No Plagiarism.15/05/202010earthscience-geography

What form of government should you choose

What Form of Government Would You Choose?For this assignment, consider the following scenario:You are a passenger on a large ocean liner with 1000 passengers and crew, most of whom are not from the United States.A storm hits, and the entire ship is lost to the sea. You, your fellow passengers, and the surviving crew find […]

Management Consulting 3

Consulting skills should; make managing easier for clients, provide relevant knowledge and experience to clients, give access to an additional useful relations to clients, services provided should assist clients in a sector, service line or phase of change meet a targeted goal.Define your skills that you feel would make you a successful consultant.Posted: 12 minutes agoDue: 25/01/2020Budget: $5Answers […]

Geology paper

“Geological Hazards” assignmentIn this assignment, you will focus on ONE of these types of geological hazards, and answer the question in bold below (for the type of hazard you picked).· Volcanic eruptions· Earthquakes[1]· Tsunamis· Landslides[2]· River floodsHow well are we able to predict this geological hazard type, and limit the damage & casualties from it?In […]

Geology Lab Assignment

part 1 with the experiments will not be graded and does not need to be completed.In part 2 you will be creating a profile. Follow the instructions for 13.2 and refer to the Glacier Lab Handout documentPart 3: Follow handout instructions and let me know if you need assistance with math or glacial landform features!Part […]


GEOLOGY PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS1.  Go to the Geology Project button and click on the Group Enrollment button and chose a topic. Each group  member will focus on a specific subtopic and group members will need to communicate about the structure  on     incorporating every ones’ portion into one final group project written report.2.  Each group member must […]


Extra CreditDue 3/25You may pick one of the following options for extra credit. Each option is worth a different amount of points. Choose the option that you think you can actually do well. I will award no credit for work that doesn’t meet a minimum reasonable standard of quality. Credit will be awarded based on […]


Frequently Asked Questions Question Answer Employee 1. What is the first step when preparing a professional message? 2. How do I figure out who I am writing to? 3. How important is choosing the communication format? 4. What is the best way to deliver bad news to a recipient? 5. Is communication a skill or […]


Discussion 3bySushil Manchikatla- Friday, May 15, 2020, 3:28 PMVarious online videos offer explanations of unified communication. Most of these do an excellent job in helping an individual understand what this concept entails. However, there are three that I believe do an excellent job in trying to explain this concept effectively. These are: https://enterprise.spectrum.com/insights/resources/videos/what-is-unified-communications https://www.business.att.com/learn/what-is-unified-communications-and-collaboration.htmlLooking at […]


Standards of “Sustainability” for Company in CanadaCompany name: Tim Horton Describe for the Company: Tim Horton is one of North America’s largest restaurant. The first Tim Horton opened in Canada in 1964. The menu includes premium coffee, hot and cold specialty drinks (including lattes, cappuccinos and espresso shots), specialty teas and fruit smoothies, fresh baked […]


Suggested ResourcesThe resources provided here are optional. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessment; however, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. TheMHA-FP5064 Health Care Information Systems Analysis and Design for Administrators Library Guidecan help direct your research, and the Supplemental Resources and Research […]


Discussion 3byRammohan Dosila- Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 11:24 PMUnified Communications (UC)have become a common way of handling a variety of communication elements within an organization. The UC system incorporates the phone system that integrates (“unifies”) a variety of communication processes within an organization (Turban et al., 2019). The UC systems help different organizations to communicate […]


CLC Agreement FormCLC Course Information Course Name/Section Number: Instructor’s Name: Start Date of the Course: CLC Member Contact Information(Group members predicated/adjusted upon instructor discretion.) CLC Member Name Primary E-mail Address Secondary E-mail Address Other Contact Information CLC Group Norms/Values (Steps to ensure team success.) Each team member agrees to do the following: Why this is important […]

Visual Communications

Unit 1 Tutorials: Examine Basic Visual Design Concepts INSIDE UNIT 1 Vision and Interpretation Visual Communications Semiotics Cognitive Theory Gestalt Theory Montage Theory Other Theories How We See Elements of Visual Design Elements Overview Dot Line Form Shape Space Texture Value Color Elements in Context Principles of Visual Design Principles Overview Unity Balance Scale Contrast […]

23 Pages CASE STUDY (included) APA 7th Ed Formatting only

You will imagine you are employed at a criminal justice organization facing a communal problem.Your superior at the organization has asked you to review the problem situation and offer your recommendations. You will be given the chance to evaluate the situation and develop suggestions that will inform development of strategies to address the issue using […]

DQ1DQ2 Assgn

DQ1Reflection and Shared PracticeAs a leader or manager, you will be making decisions regarding what information to include and exclude from your messages. From there, you will make a decision on how to phrase the message emphasizing certain points and how to organize the message to achieve the purpose of the communication. Ethical issues in […]

System Design

The System Design Document (SDD) describes the high-level system design and the low-level detailed design specifications from which a system is built. As part of the security development team, this document provides the information necessary in designing and implementing a system.Create a system design document making sure to: Describe the design goals and considerations. Provide […]


s Case”READ THE CASE AND WATCH THE VIDEO TO RESPOND TO THE QUESTIONS:Video https://online.fiu.edu/videos/?vpvid=f49b9004451e4d89ba5236dec9e16fdaANSWER THESE THREE QUESTIONS:Question 1: According to the second video, segmenting markets is central to McDonald’s marketing strategy and advertising efforts. Based on this video case, what are the advantages of McDonald’s marketing approach? What do you think about this approach?Question 2: […]

D3 Information System

Find and view several online videos on unified communications. Identify the URLs for three that you think do a particularly good job illustrating the characteristics and capabilities of UC systems. Select the one that you think is best and briefly justify your selection.Note:Post your primary response by Wednesday midnight. Respond to at least two (2) […]


Security Assessment AssignmentUsing what you have learned in the first five chapters of Effective Physical Security, conduct an informal assessment of security at your place of residence or place of work.1. Start with an introduction describing the place2. Then write several paragraphs explaining the security design for each of the following areas:external design, points of […]


PLEASE READ PRIOR TO PLACING A BID! I DO READ REVIEWS AND RATINGS ALONG WITH QUALIFICATIONS!PRODUCT/SERVICEThis assignment requires application of concepts learned to build a strategic marketing plan for a new product or service that is ready to “go to market”. You will not be allowed to mimic plans or ideas from larger or already […]

ISI Wk 3

Find and view several online videos on unified communications. Identify at least three (3) the URLs for three that you think do a particularly good job illustrating the characteristics and capabilities of UC systems. Select the one that you think is best and share what you have learned with your peers. Within your response to […]

Post MKT310

Please watch the following youtubevideo titled “CBS 60 Minutes Colorado Pot”and answer the following DB questions:1. Demonstrate knowledge of the PEST-C (Marketing Overview Podcast)and how it applies to this news cast about marijuana sales in Colorado.2. Google one of the businesses that are featured in the news story (featured either via a photo or an […]

Need in 24 hours

Project teams may be made up of members who come from a variety of disciplines, professions, and skills. Members may be recruited from a number of internal and external organizations. Project managers must bring together diverse teams to produce the expected business results while maintaining communications and relative harmony. The Jung Myers-Briggs test is often […]

Reality construction 2

Reality Construction Rule #2: Define the SituationAt its most basic level, framing reality means defining “the situation here and now” in ways that connect with others.In the sense I use it here, framing involves the ability to shape the mean- ing of a subject—usually the situation at hand—to judge its character and significance through the […]

The rules of reality construction

Reality Construction Rule #1: Control the ContextLeaders often cannot control events, but they can control the context under which events are seen if they recognize a framing opportunity.Some leaders disparage communication as something they just do automati- cally. They may also label communication “mere rhetoric,” “window dressing,” or “just words” because it cannot change the […]

Strategic Communications for Organizational Change Position Paper

1,200-1,500 words.Your position paper will emphasize application of concepts. You will research an organizational change scenario and recommend a plan of action using best-practices in strategic communications. Each student will write a 1,250-1,500 word, double-spaced, position paper analyzing a significant organizational change reported in the recent news. The change may be in the near future […]

Business Communications Assessment

Written Report Individual/Group Individual Length 1200 words ( /- 10%) Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes: a) Demonstrate information literacy and critical analysis appropriate to the level of study. b) Understand and demonstrate academic integrity and authentic engagement with information. c) Examine the internal and external business environment to effectively interpret […]

Course reflection Ethicl and legal nursing X 2 (Due 24 hours)

Remember is a Reflection about the class1) Minimum 6 full pagesMinimum 3 pages per document- not wordsCover or reference page not included)2)¨**********APA norms, please use headersAll paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraphsBulleted responses are not acceptedYou can write in the first person.)3) It will be verified by Turnitin and SafeAssign4) […]

Who Am I ? Evaluating our Identity on Many Levels

Who Am I ? Evaluating our Identity on Many LevelsI am sure you have often heard the expressions in people’s speech… “I identify with…” “My identity is…” It is how we feel we belong to a certain group or how our belief system is connected with members of a certain group. Our identity forms a […]

Communications assignment 1

COM 3120 Case Study GuidelinesPurpose: The goal of this assignment is for you to review a published report about a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time and analyze it using course concepts and theories.Task: You will review the case study in the dropbox and answer all of the discussion questions from […]

Global Marketing PROJECT

helloTHREE STEPS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED AND ADDED TO THE FILES SO YOU CAN CONTINUE THE PROJECT.PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES AS AN EXAMPLE FOR THIS BUSINESShttps://www.cateredfit.com/https://www.freshly.com/https://www.hellofresh.com/plans?dm=meals&c=LE-PKOFJ74HU&HFSEM02&gclid=CjwKCAiAhJTyBRAvEiwAln2qB4DJ20oC9CysllAWgDBmHsfoeg1GnyreBYsY7ZF2LcXnefBlTBTXyRoCTvMQAvD_BwETHE FOLLOWING IS WHAT IS NEEDEDRequirement:Product and Price Strategies:The objectives of product management are clearly stated and appropriate. Tactics for managing the product/service/brand are thoroughly and clearly identified and reasoned.The […]

Business letter reply 300 500words

Reply the email [request] as an Communications Director for a construction company and received an email from a direct report named Susan Read the Photos in the Employee Newsletter email from Susan Lathan and draft an email response.4 -5 paragraphs24/01/20205english

Subject Proactive Law Enforcement Issues and Best Practices/ CJUS 630

CJUS 630Subject: Proactive Law Enforcement Issues and Best PracticesDue Date: Tuesday,1/28/20Deliverable Length: 4–6 pagesDO NOT INCLUDE COVER PAGE OR CITE PAGEAssignment DescriptionAs the United States invests more resources into security and protection, all levels of law enforcement are affected. After each national crisis, regardless of whether it is natural or man-made, numerous researchers point to […]

Communications Assignment 1

5 short answer questions, about one paragraph each but need to answer the whole question. Very easy assignment. Thank you1. Compare and contrast Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy and Taylor’s Theory of Scientific Management. What of these theories best fits the machine metaphor of the classical approach?2. Emily’s clothing store is in disarray. She has tried […]

Right to Privacy and Compliance Regulations

he United States has a number of privacy laws that affect the government’s use of information as well as the use of information by specific industries, such as financial services companies and healthcare organizations that handle sensitive information. Select one of the following acts and summarize the law’s provisions. What complications do you think may […]

Amazon Financial Analysis and Valuation Report

Below is the assignment. The company is Amazon. I am also attaching the Ruberic and the already completed Documents that address parts I-IV below. This just need to be included in the final project with part V at the end.For this project, you will produce a financial statement analysis and valuation report that summarizes the […]


Chapter 12 – From the chapter reading, we learned that e-mail is a major area of focus for information governance (IG) efforts, and has become the most common business software application and the backbone of business communications today. In addition, the authors provided details to support their position by providing 2013 survey results from 2,400 […]

HR Management Systems

Due 5/12/2020 by 10pm eastern timeInstructionsReview the case study below and answer the questions that are provided. Provide complete and detailed responses to each question. Your paper must be at least three pages in length.The Closing and Relocation of a Call CenterIn this case study, you are the regional human resource director for a Fortune […]

Internship report

i need help to write my internship reportTASK-1Developing Brochure for Communication( It should be between 1-2 PAGE and not plagiarized)TASK-2Research on Online Teaching(Final Submission for Look for BEST PRACTICES from world best universities and Business Schools)Task-3Finding activities which can be done in class for semester-1 for example business communications or marketing principles (related to personality […]

Assign 1 ITM

From Chapter 1, page 25. Answer question 2 (20 points).2. You are a member of the Human Resource Department of a medium-sized organization that is implementing a new interorganizational system that will impact employees, customers, and suppliers. Your manager has requested that you work with the system development team to create a communications plan for […]

Due today in 7 hours

must have done in 7 hours…… no late work please…..do the following:Assignment:Write approx.300 Word Essay. Compare the services available and the costs of today’s Cable TV vs Cable TV in 1977.At the end of your paper add the following:Exercise:Go online and compare Verizon to Charter Communications in Long Beach regarding their services and costs. Which […]

Week 1_Due today

Chapter 1 provided a high-level overview of the need for a national framework for protecting critical infrastructure. For some additional reading, take a look at the latest Presidential Order that relates to strengthening cybersecurity that relates to critical infrastructure:https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-executive-order-strengthening-cybersecurity-federal-networks-critical-infrastructure/After reading chapter 1 and looking at the link above, you’re ready to participate in the first […]


ENG 315: PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS Professional Experience #2Due at the end of Week 3 and worth 22 points(Not eligible for late policy unless an approved, documented exception provided)Instructions:Step 1: Access and download the Word document titled Wk3_FAQ.Step 2: Save the file to your desktop using the following file name format: YourFirstName_YourLastName_Wk3_Doc.docx Example:Ed_Buchanan_Wk3_DOC.docx Step 3: Choose a […]


ENG 315: PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICTIONSWeek 3 Discussion: Format and the Professional World “Format and the Professional World”Please respond to the following:1. There are several different formats(emails,letters,reports,slides,and more)we will study this quarter.How important is the formatin connecting with an audience? How might the audience make a difference in how you format and present communications?Defend your answer with […]


Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster and the Future of NASAEarly on February 1, 2003, television viewers watched in disbelief and sadness as the space shuttle Columbia, returning from its mission, seemed simply to break apart. Later in a scathing report, investigators said that NASA’s management practices were as much to blame for the accident that killed […]


Final Visual Analysis, Thesis & Outline DueAkita RobersonRasmussen CollegeAuthor NoteThis paper is being submitted on May 2, 2020, for Alexandria Dolezal, G332/MMC3407 Section 01 Visual Communication in the Media (5.5 Weeks) – Online Plus – 2020 Spring Quarter Term 1Final Visual Analysis Project – Thesis & Outline Thesis statement: The analysis of the perspectives will […]


YO16_XL_CH03_GRADER_PS1_HW – Renovations 1.2Project Description:Lesa Martin, a member of the support/coordination staff for the conference center at Painted Paradise Golf Resort and Spa, has created a worksheet to keep track of the renovations being made to the three rooms that are used for conferences and the two technology centers that are used for computer-based presentations […]


The collection of data is not the onset of data analysis projects. A data analysis project begins with a purpose, problem, and research questions.Find one scholarly research paper with an excellent example of:Problem statementResearch questionsThe example shall relate to a practical, real-world work environment in the information technology field. After finding the research, discuss the […]


Week 1: Assignment #1Instructions1. Please read these two articles: Using forensics against a fitbit device to solve a murder: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-fitbit-alibi-21st-century-technology-used-to-help-solve-wisconsin-moms-murder/How Amazon Echo could be forensically analyzed!https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/6/14189384/amazon-echo-murder-evidence-surveillance-data2. Then go around in your residence / dwelling (home, apartment, condo, etc) and be creative.3.  Identify at least five appliances or devices that you THINK could be forensically analyzed […]


IST 309 Video ReviewSpying on the HomeFrontProvide short essay answer for the following questions. Grading will be based on how well you support your answers. That is, citing the text, video, or other sources. Please submit your responses through the email to my campus mail account – mmosher@csusb.edu AND the TurnItIn link on Blackboard. 1. […]


The hard lesson the mortgage lending industry has learned over the past several years is that property valuation is key to portfolio stability, and that lending is not just a credit question anymore. With more regulatory uncertainty on the horizon, accurate documentation and reasonable conclusions regarding current market property value are more important than ever […]


Technology and Love: Is it a match?Developmental theorists claim that finding a partner is one of the things we focus most on during young adulthood. Today, research indicates that more and more individuals are turning to online dating in the search for love. Do you feel this is an effective way to search for a […]


Strategic RiskResources: Read and review all slides titled “Strategic Risks”.  Google and become familiar with the following strategic frameworks: 1) Porter’s 5 forces, 2) Ansoff’s Matrix, and 3) the BCG Matrix, understanding what they are and how they are used prior to class.  The links below have been provided as a starting point for your […]


Hello,I am hoping you’re enjoying this semester and you have rolled up your sleeves to glean as much knowledge as possible from the courses you’re pursuing. I found your proposal quite interesting. Since, we share the same vocation, reading each other’s paper will provide a venue to explore mutual beneficial opportunities. I would also like […]


Assignment 1Textbook: Information Systems for Business and BeyondPlease answer the followingFrom Chapter 3 – Answer Study questions 1-8 and Exercise 2 From Chapter 2 – Answer Study questions 1-13 and Exercise 5All the above questions should be submitted in one Word document Please understand that Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a […]


PAPER 2 (P2), SYNTHESIS • “The Logic of Geopower: Power, Management, and Earth Stewardship” by Frederic Neyrat• “Biopolitics and Climate Security in the Anthropocene” by Simon DalbyIn an academic argument, you can only argue what your evidence will support. Relying on the authors’ texts as your evidence, develop your own original argument about the intersection […]


PLO 1-91. Demonstrate the ability to read and think critically and creatively;2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing;3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively through the use of technology;4. Demonstrate an understanding of the various forms of diversity;5. Demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence among living beings, the environment and […]


Personal data breaches and securing IoT devices By Damon Culbert (2019)The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm as interconnected devices fill workplaces and homes across the US. While the intention of these devices is always to make our lives easier, their ability to connect to the internet turns them into ticking […]


PAD3711 Module one essay due Friday May 15PLACE ALL ANSWERS IN THIS ASSIGNMENT ON ONE WORD DOCUMENT ONLY, IDENTIFYING EACH ACCORDINGLY. This is the book Title: Garson, G. D. (2007). Modern public information technology systems: issues and challenges. Hershey, PA: IGI Pub. ISBN: 978-159904051-6  (chapter 1 attached to post)After reading Chapter One prepare a 200 […]


Multimedia Instructional Materials Staying current on technology is an essential aspect of being an educator. Today’s students are digital natives, and they often respond better to media than to traditional methods of teaching. Having a strong technology repertoire is important.Create a matrix detailing a variety of multimedia, technology, games, apps, and other technological tools for […]


PAD 3711 Module One Research AssignmentMust be in APA format Research Assignment: Using the school library locate one scholarly article that recognizes and analyzes applications of information technology in the public sector as it applies to the core public safety disciplines (law enforcement, fire services, EMS). (I have selected the article already it is here […]


Module 2 – BackgroundSOCIAL MEDIA AND HR; BEHAVIORAL ANCHORED RATING SCALES; SIMULATION TRAININGStaffingRequired MaterialDavenport, T. H. (2012). Case study: Social media engages employees.FT.Com,Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.Facebook, Blogs & the Boss: The intersection of social media & the workplace. (2013). Retrieved fromhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRrJ9eINYZIWild About Trial (2015). Legal Smart with Alison Triessl—Social Media & Employment. Retrieved […]


General Instructions Download the HW4 files from Google Drive into your CSE 523 Ubuntu VM. You can decompress its contents with this command: tar -xvf hw4_files.tar.gz The package contains five binaries: p1, p2, p3, p4, and p5. At least one binary exhibits a stack buffer overflow vulnerability and at least one binary does not. Your […]


How Technology Effect on Human           I’m going to write about how technology effect on human, because there are many things which are effects on our lives. In this essay will talk about some of technology that effects in our community. For examples, computers, play games, cellphone, and other things. In addition, I will see if I […]

Media and Society

Assignment 1: Position Paper One – Media and SocietyThis is the first of two (2) position papers based on the following scenario to be completed in this course.Imagine that you are running for a state office (e.g., governor, senator, or Congressional representative) and you have to prepare a position paper for a debate on controversial […]

CIS 599 Deliverable

Project Deliverable 2: Business RequirementsThis assignment consists of two (2) sections: a business requirements document and a project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for. Additionally, you may create and / or […]

Information technology

Deploy and Administer Windows Server 2016The Portfolio Project is due at the end of Week 8—the last week and module of the course. This assignment is a means for students to display their mastery of the material, and to provide a creative and realistic way in which to apply knowledge from ITS405.Create a detailed, organized, […]

“Managing Information System &amp

Technology”In a 2 to 3 page APA formatted written report, address the following concepts by providing indepth analysis and details pertaining to implementation and strategic planning:1. Differentiate between Information Systems (IS) and Management Information Systems (MIS). Identify some research areas in MIS, and provide an example.2. Describe how IS can play a vital role in […]

NR631 week 1 SR

respondFYI: This is feedback from student to my PICOT question.Hi , and thank you for your post! I am an innovator with technology at my current place of work with technology and design new aspects and tools with our EMR to make our practice run smoother, so I am quite excited to read more about […]


Langer, A. M. (2018). Information Technology and Organizational Learning, Chapter 1: The Revell Corporation1) In a Word Document, explain the five key lessons and note the importance of each key lesson from Chapter 1. Further, explain the significance of understanding these basic concepts.2) Assignment should be between 400 and 450 words. (The page count does […]

Planning Considerations for the HR Project

Assignment 3: Planning Considerations for the HR ProjectDue Week 6 and worth 145 pointsAt this point, you’ve organized your HR project team and you are familiar with the importance of leading and managing the project and team. It is now time to plan your project, which happens to be a large and critical part of […]

Case Study 2 SCADA Worm

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center.Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.Case Study 2: SCADA WormProtecting the nation’s critical infrastructure is a major security challenge within the U.S. Likewise, the responsibility for protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure encompasses all sectors of government, including private […]

Persuasive essay

1. Write an essay of five to seven pages (and 1,250 to 1,500 words) on the subject of technology.2. Focus on the question: “Is new technology harmful or beneficial to human beings, or a combination of both? Will technology help or hinder humanity’s efforts to create a better society in the future?” 3. The essay […]

EDU 573

Lesson Plan Activity 2: Lesson Plan DevelopmentYour textbook has a template for a lesson plan, and this is the backdrop for how the plan is organized. You may need to modify the outline to better fit your specific plan. Create the objectives (ensuring that each objective is measurable) for your lesson plan and describe how […]

EDU 573

Students in today’s classroom have grown-up in a world where technology is ubiquitous. Using technology in the classroom is now required to help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Using your mini-assignment, give two different forms of technology that assist in teaching, reinforcing, or assessing learning in your classroom. Support why this technology is effective. […]

Strategy planning

Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected by blockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would you embrace blockchain? For instance, […]

Capston project and power point project

Blocksquare, a company headquartered in Slovenia, is looking to further transform the realestate market by providing a simple and safe way for online users to buy or sell commercialproperties around the world. Blocksquare styles itself as the blockchain and real estateequivalent to the online-payment companies PayPal and Stripe, and has developed a set ofprotocols, tools, […]


Assignment: Using Security Policies and Controls to Overcome Business ChallengesLearning Objectives and Outcomes§ Understand the importance of information security policies and the role they play in business activities to ensure sound, secure information.§ Identify four IT security controls for a given scenario.Scenario:§ The organization is a regional XYZ Credit Union/Bank that has multiple branches and […]

IT Organizational Structure

Q1 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 2, Lab 2(Information Systems for Business and Beyond)Submit the above work in one document.Q2 – Note why the IT organizational structure is an important concept to understand. Also, note the role of IT in the overall business strategy.(Information Technology and Organizational Learning Textbook)The above submission should be one page […]


What laws consist to protect consumer data?How can knowledge of computer hardware and software help nurses to participate in information technology adoption decisions in the practice area?16/05/20205nursing

Persuasive Pitch Idea Paper

Proposal AssignmentProposal idea: My pitch is to convince my university president to invest in an updated/brand new WIFI system for the entire campus. The existing WIFI system is not efficient, students and professors complain the WIFI not working constantly.Task: Write a proposal paper to persuade the university president to invest in a better WIFI system. […]

Help with writing essay

1984 Today: Testing Orwellian ProphesyFrom its vision of technology and surveillance, to its dystopian vision of the relationship between individual citizen and the state and the weight of social conformity, George Orwell’s 1948 novel, 1984 has long been regarded as a prophetic manifesto of the modern world. Based on your interpretation of the film adaptation […]


In a paper, assess the effectiveness of the government’s attempts to control the access of information in today’s information technology environment. Be sure to include the following: Contrast censorship and security measures as they relate to information technology. Evaluate freedom of access versus security across three major search engines by government authorities. Summarize the current […]

Post a Response

Decision making is the process of identifying and choosing alternative courses of action. While we want to make rational decisions, sometimes we don’t . . . sometimes we make non-rational decisions.There are four steps in rational decision-making: Recognize and define the problem or opportunity-In business the problem can come in the form of customer complaints, […]

“Ops Management &amp

Technology”it is final exam please be carefulSECONDEXAM.docxPosted: 14 hours agoDue: 02/05/2020Budget: $45Tags: OperationsmanagementAnswers 0Bids 97Grace GradesDr. Michelle_KMYoung NyanyaGuru OliviaWIZARD_KIMProCastrol01Gabriella MalkEARNESTWRITEREmily Clareabdul_rehman_hassan0906Essays GuruMiss LynnPaula HogRELIABLE PAPERSDiscount AssignDr. Elahiwizard kimDr WillymartinsAsad UllahMadam JosephineExpert Essay WriterStano 001brilliant answersProf.MacQueenwork solutionsClytemnestraProfRubbsEmily MichaelYoung Kim hoodsmichael smithprofessor mitchperfectonadia tutorTiny ChrisDr shamille ClaraCatherine OwensRESPECT WRITERRanchoddas Chanchad PhDPROF. ANNTutor danielDrNicNgaoPROF_TOMMYDexterMastersUNDISPUTED GEEKwriterlexTutor Cyrus Kenkim woodsYhtomitCotton CandytutorthammyCasey CeliaNursing_MissansRohanWendy LewiskatetutorHomework […]

Assignment2 450

Assignment 2: Analysis on Food SecurityDue Week 7 and worth 110 pointsThe members of the United Nations found great value in the analysis you provided on the effects of global warming that result from population growth. They are now asking you write an additional analysis to include further issues related to population growth. Here is […]

Week 1 Assignment Technology SelfAssessment

Reflect:Think about how we rely on electronic devices to maximize our experiences, solve problems, and enhance our lives. Consider how you will utilize the different resources available through the university and leverage different kinds of technology to help you be successful.Write:In a four-paragraph essay that is two pages in length, address the following bullet points: […]

Paper HSA 520

Due Week 6 and worth 160 points HSA 520Imagine you are the CEO of a healthcare organization. You would like to implement a patient-centric health information technology approach within the organization. This approach needs to take into consideration health care costs and safety. You need your executive team on board to ensure successful implementation of […]

Health Technology Policy Analysis

Technology has proven effectiveness in speed of information transmission, which leads to prompt healthcare service delivery, prompt treatment of illnesses and better health outcomes. Policies drive the success of health technology through practice standardization. However, cost, safety and security, ethics, and legality have all been target areas of health technology policies. In a minimum of […]

CIS554 Assignment

Assignment 3: Planning a Software Development ProjectThis assignment consists of two (2) sections: a written project plan, and a project plan that is created through the use of MS Project. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment […]


You are hired as the Director of operations for the Health Department in your City.A. Describe in detail your staffing and their roles.B. The programs you will offer and why.C. The types of Technology that will be used.D. Conclude with your overall goals for your operation.Submit no less than 5 full pages, make sure your […]

HIM 220 Module Three Worksheet

In this worksheet, you will use a given scenario to define a data dictionary and discuss its myriad uses in promoting data quality in healthcare settings. You will also evaluate the use of a data warehouse for healthcare facilities. Prompt: Review the “Real World Case” involving a data dictionary on p. 40 of Introduction to […]

OL 211 Final Project Milestone Two

Overview: For this milestone, review the case study, A.P. Moller-Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives, through page 13 (up to HR Customer Initiative at Maersk) and the job posting for a Customer Service – CARE Business Partner. View the SHRM PowerPoint presentation and its note pages: Unit 6: Training Methods, Experiential Learning and Technology.Using […]

Cyber Security

Each week you will be asked to respond to a relevant discussion question based on the topics covered that week. In your syllabus, there is a Discussion Board rubric that clearly communicates expectations for participation,please see theNEC Grading Matrix for Discussion Board Postingsas an example. Each DISCUSSION is worth 20 points (weekly).It is important to […]

Discussion Question Week 3 Concepts of Teaching

Post your initial response to one of the two topics below.Topic 1Reflect on a lesson you would like to teach to a friend or family member. Determine the level of your learning objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy. Construct three learning objectives containing appropriate active verbs. Identify a possible teaching strategy for each of your objectives. Indicate […]

Operational excellence

Discussion: This week we focus on what non-executives need to know regarding technology. Especially in regard to innovation technology. Please note some key foundational factors that non-executives need to know and understand regarding technology. Also, note how non-IT departments interact with IT and how the change in the market will change how business is performed.text […]

HIM 220 EHR Implementation

Requirements: You are required to post one initial post and to follow up with at least two response posts for each discussion topic assignment.Review the “Real World Case” involving EHR implementation at Home Health of America on page 82 of Introduction to Information Systems for Health Information Technology.In your initial post, discuss the following:· What […]

Week 1 Discussion The Digital Revolution

Reflect:Consider how the digital revolution has transformed your life. Try to think of unique innovations other than the common cell phone, laptop, or microwave oven. Reviewing what your classmates have already posted will help you avoid redundant choices. The more unique your response, the more conversation you will generate! Since technology is constantly evolving, think […]

BUS 437 assignment

Your CEO realized that deep-routed organizational behavior issues are preventing your firm from moving to the next level. The CEO believes that some infusion of new technology will help. You have been assigned as the project manager for this endeavor, and the CEO needs a report from you regarding your assessment and plan to “right […]

HRM 532 Assignment 3

Assignment 3: Talent Management StrategyDue Week 6 and worth 200 pointsEnvision an organization (profit, nonprofit, product-or service-driven) with 200 people in which 20 are identified leaders.With this organization in mind, write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: Formulate a talent management strategy to encompass the entire talent requirements of the organization. […]

Information Technology

Question -1: Find the IT Strategy Issues and Practices Third edition book online. (Authors: James D. McKeen Queen’s University and Heather A. SmithQueen’s University) Chapter -1 has five principles for delivering value. Discuss the five principles for delivering value. Which of the five principles do you think is the most important?Rules: Your answer must be […]

Ethical Considerations in Research

Createa 10- to 12-slide presentation addressing ethical considerations in research. Include the following: Outline ethical guidelines you must consider when conducting research with human subjects. Describe ways you can ensure the ethical use of data in educational decision making. Analyze the impact of technology on confidentiality in educational research. Assess ethical considerations when publishing reports […]

CC week1 DB

Hello,i need this paper by 05/13 afternoon.Strictly No plagiarism please use your own words.Write at least 500 words analyzing a subject you find in this article. Why is the future of computing in the cloud? Consider the concept of fractional ownership.Cite your sources. Do not copy. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or […]


Week 2 Project Activity: Sales Forecast (Draft)This week, you will start working on Project Activity 2.In Week 1, you selected a business for which you’ll make a budget proposal. Your first step is to create a sales forecast (in sales dollars) when no historical data is available. Use methods such as historical analogy, expert judgment, […]

Economics Essay

Requirements: Prepare a report undertaking an economic analysis of an organisation of your choice, its markets and the wider macroeconomic context using evidence drawn from company reports, market reports, market data and academic journal articles, etc.The report should include:i) a description of the organisation’s basic characteristics;Describe the firm’s main product(s) / lines of business and […]

BUS 475 Business and Society

I am challenging you in a very different way this week..In Chapter 11, we look at the role of Technology in Business and Society. We look atCybersecurity, the loss of Privacy; we look at the Use of Robotics; we look at Genetically Engineered Food; we look at Scientific breakthroughs in the Human Genome & Biotechnology…and […]

Business law question finish in 90 minutes

Part 1 Case studyWestside Rubber Company is best known within the industry as a company in Santa Monica (not the Westside) that makes plastic tubing (not rubber) and is a corporation (not a company).Despite all that, Westside is a traditional company that was formed in 1938.In order to be near their main customer Douglas Aircraft […]

Operations discussion

This Week’s Discussion PostFor this week’s discussion, please respond to the following: Describe how your business operations will work. In other words, you want to explain the day-to-day flow of activities necessary to deliver your product or service to customers. Wherever applicable, identify costs. Be sure to address the following, if applicable to your chosen […]

Word document 750 words for the questions below

Special Note: Throughout the course, students will work on applying a cybersecurity framework to a small-to-medium sized business. Each assignment will build upon the next and will be compiled into a Cybersecurity Risk Report that helps their proposed business identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risk. Refer to the “Framework Compliance Assessment Report Guide,” located within […]

DNPPatient Outcomes And Sustainable Change

Reflective JournalLearners are required to maintain a reflective journal integrating leadership and inquiry into current practice.Your journal will reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained in this course and should address a variable combination of the following:New practice approachesIntraprofessional collaborationHealth care delivery and clinical systemsEthical considerations in health carePopulation health concernsThe role of technology […]

HA565 Unit 2 Discussion

Big data computing poses challenges to the privacy and security of patient information. In fact, the rapid growth in the volume of health-related information increases the risk of privacy violations particularly when data sets are combined. Explain the role of data and information governance in making organizational improvements and higher quality decision-making.In two different paragraph […]

Wk 1 Apply Degree of Alignment

Assignment Content The assessments in this course give you the opportunity to design a project plan. Throughout the 5 weeks, you will choose an organization, create a project, write project metrics, and develop a plan that includes a contingency plan. You may use the course textbook and outside resources for all assessments.This week you will […]

Information Technology as a challenge for team management

create a PPT presentation on Information Technology as a challenge for team management upto 5-6 slides. and add 2-3 references as well.in slides you should include:1. Need of Information technology in Team management – 1 slide2. Challenges- 2 slides3. Solution – 1 slide4. References – 1 slideUse APA format throughout.21/03/20203computerscience

” Falls &amp

Fall Risk Reduction/Promoting Safety.”Chapter 15 – Falls & Fall Risk Reduction.Chapter 16 – Promoting Safety.Question(s): Technological advances hold promises for improving quality of life, decreasing need for personal care assistance, and enhancing independence and ability to live safely.Choose one of the technologies mentioned in your textbook and discuss / explain it. Please, support your answer […]

Health Care Policy Reading reflection

Complete this week’s assigned readings, chapters from 39 to 43 of the textbook:Mason, D. J., Leavitt, J.K., Chaffee, M.W. (2016). Policy and Politics: In Nursing and Health Care. (7th• Ed) St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier, Saunders. ISBN-13: 97803232998861- After completing the readings, post a reflection, approximately 2 paragraph in length, discussing your thoughts and opinions about […]

Information Technology Business Requirements Competitors and Technology

Please actually READ the requirements before bidding on the project.IT210MilestoneTwoGuidelinesandRubric.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 10/02/2018Budget: $50Answers 1computerscience4.7 (736)4.6 (1k )ChatInformation Technology – Business Requirements, Competitors, And TechnologyAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratings2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itInformationTechnology-BusinessRequirementsCompetitorsAndTechnology.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $50Bids 51kristine tutorMiss ProfessorTutorJuddy-PHDClytemnestraThe grAdenadia tutorKesha A. GreyScotAmanda SmithUltimate ProffPROFESSOR_ELIUDUltimate_WriterCatherine OwensBrookstarMadam A plusProf ShadDaisy ArabellaBusiness intelligenceUltimate GEEKEmma BakerkatetutormbithehFLOVODOHFibonaccisoltProf. KimHonest Business […]

Professional Capstone and practicum

Technology is integral to successful implementation in many projects, through either support or integration or both. Name at least one technology that could improve the implementation process and the outcomes of your EBP project. Do you plan to use this technology? If not, what are the barriers that prevent its use?Posted: a day agoDue: 08/02/2020Budget: $5Tags: ProfessionalAnswers 1kim […]

IFSM 300 Case Study Stage 1

The data that needs to be used is in the Chesapeake IT Consultants file.The Stage 1- Background and Organizational Analysis tells you what needs to be included in the document.Stage1-BackgroundandOrganizationalAnalysis.docxChesapeakeITConsultantsCaseStudy.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 07/11/2017Budget: $25Answers 1Prof Computer Science4.4 (14)4.7 (131)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itstage1.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $25Bids 18kim woodsDr shamille ClaraMiss Professormichael smithWendy LewisYhtomitDoctor OwensDENNISWRIGHTProf […]

Quiz 4

1. _ incident responses enables the organization to react to a detected incident quickly and effectively, without confusion or wasted time and effort.a.Recordingb.Publishingc.Predefiningd.Discussing5 points QUESTION 21. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends a set of tools for the CSIRT including incident reporting mechanisms with which users can report suspected incidents. At least […]

Service operation Paper

Best Practice Paper:the objective of this paper is to apply the theories presented to you in the text and the lectures. You may choose a company, for which you will write a paper of approximately 2,000 words minimum, which contains answers or recommendations to the next seven questions. What should the company do to develop […]

Technology for Camile Faith

The assignment due date is December 10th. Please read the instructions carefully.ALL Projects papers are to be APA format and research References must be included.10/12/201910computerscience

Case Study 22 Zipcar

1. Apply the resource-based view to Zipcar’s business model to show how information resources may be used to gain and sustain competitive advantage.2.Discuss the synergy between the business strategy of Zipcar and information technology.3.Whatnetwork effectsare part of Zipcar’s strategy? How do they add value?4.As the CEO of Zipcar, what is your most threatening competition? What […]

“Netflix strategy (porter&#x27

s 5 forces, Ansoff&#x27s matrix, BCG Matrix) due April 4th 7pm”Please provide short answers (a few sentences each) to the following 5 questionsI. Summarize Netflix’s business model & strategy (leverage strategic concepts andterms in your response)II. Using Porter’s 5 Forces, describe the potential risks to the Netflix strategyIII. What strategic misstep did Netflix make in […]

Case study Topic Meeting the health needs for Mrs Smith

Directions:1. To complete this assignment:· Read the case study above.· Assume the role as the Public Relations Director for Purple Cross of North Carolina.o The CEO directs you to interview the Telehealth Director regarding the use of Telehealth with Mrs. Smith. The CEO directs you to create one thought-provoking question for each of the following […]

H3 6A

1. Please post the hyperlink to one federal statute which influences commerce on the internet and summarize in not less than 100 words what that statute accomplishes.2. Please post the hyperlink to one state statute which influences commerce on the internet and summarize in not less than 100 words what that statute accomplishes.No Plagiarism pleasePosted: 20 […]

Ethics Discussion 2

We live in a world saturated by technology. Our world changes rapidly, in a manner that it never did before. The world into which we were born will not resemble the world in which we will die, if we die at all. This is because of technology. I would ask you to think through the […]


YO16_XL_BU02_GRADER_PS2_HW – Advertise 1.3Project Description:The Painted Paradise Resort and Spa has been investing in advertising using different media. When guests check in, the employee asks them how they heard about Painted Paradise Resort & Spa. Based on the customer’s response, the employee then notes in the system either magazine, radio, television, Internet, word of mouth, […]


Brief Synopsis of Bridgford FoodsWelcome to Bridgford Foods. Bridgford Foods is a company that provides frozen food products as well as snack food products to several large food chains as well as a plethora of smaller grocery chains. According to their detailed income statement and balance sheet; Bridgford Foods has consistently grown in net sales […]


Kotler, P. T. & Keller, K. L. (2016). Marketing management (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Discussion 1Due ThursdayRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Consider a company with which you are familiar. Discuss what might be in the organizations external, general, […]


COURSE CODE BCO 223  Social Media Marketing Final Task brief & rubricsTask: Prepare and Present a Social Media Marketing Plan You should imagine that you are working for a small or medium size company that chooses to develop a social media strategy – it can either be a social media strategy plan or a social […]


ASSESSMENT GUIDELINESChoose one of the following Ads, analyse it and write an ad review report.Advertisement 1- Magazine AdvertisementAdvertisement 2- TV AdvertisementAdvertisement 3- Billboard AdvertisementPart A:Continued Brand Positioning What is the Brand positioning? Does this match the way the Brand is positioned in the advertisement? A1. Identify your choice, describe the Advertisement, including background and direction […]


Mayank Kumar PandeyDiscussion week 6COLLAPSETop of FormToday, almost every organization is exploring or want to explore the power of stats and analytics to create better business opportunities for itself,But its not only about using analytics but its also about using themgood.The quality of prediction will also depend upon the quality of data supplied.The organizationswhich have […]


PAPER 5Prof. Glencross| Expos 355:101 Readings:  Oliver Sacks, “The Mind’s Eye” (New Humanities Reader)             Ethan Watters, “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan” (New Humanities Reader)            Franklin Foer, “Mark Zuckerburg’s War on Free Will” While you are in not obligated to respond to the following questions, they may assist you in thinking about your response to the […]


ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR YOU CAN GET THE BOOK FOR THIS AT THE SAME PLACE YOU GOT IT FROM IN MICROECONOMICSDISCUSSION Discussion OverviewAlthough emotions and moods impact on-the-job performance, employees are often times chosen for their personality traits. Along with a person’s personality type, the organization’s culture is considered. The company recruiter tries to hire decision-makers he/she […]


On Setting Leadership GoalsThink about a time when you may have interviewed for a job or perhaps you met someone on a date or joined a new social group or club. These people you met all have one thing in common—they want to get to know you as a person and, as polite and respectful […]


University of Phoenix Material           Marketing LemonadeScenarioYour team is looking for a way to make some revenue as either a for-profit or not-for-profit organization. This organization can market locally, nationally, or internationally, and can be a privately-owned company or a franchised organization. The product that you have decided to sell is lemonade. To make the endeavor work, […]


Marketing Plan Template  Executive Summary week 2IntroductionSituation OverviewGoalAction OverviewConclusionsSituation Overview  (Week 2)                                                             The big pictureCompany overviewMarket overviewGoal/Objectives  (week 3)Goal focus – AlexisPerformance benchmarks –  BarbaraMarket objectives – BarbaraMarketing Strategy  (week 3)Target marketo Target customers- Berthao Company- Berthao Collaborators Alexiso Competitors – AngelinaValue Propositiono Customer value – Angelinao Collaborator value Anao Company value – AnaTactics (week 4)ProductServiceBrandPrice IncentivesCommunicationImplementation […]


Marketing Plan Deliverable 1 Deliverable 1 Instructions Watch GMU Database video tutorials to learn how to use industry and company databases such as Mergent, Staistita, IBISWorld, Mintel and Factiva. Begin by pointing to http://infoguides.gmu.edu/business/IND and click on the video to learn how to conduct an industry analysis. Next, point tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rWZB4aHjyo&feature=youtu.be to learn how to conduct a company analysis. Populate the […]


Hershey’s Company Perceptual MapStudent’s NameInstitutionHershey’s Company Perceptual MapIn the recent past, firms in confectionary industry have committed themselves to producing healthy candy in order to satisfy clean snacking buyers. Hershey is, for instance, committed to transparency, responsible raw material sourcing, and simple ingredients. Nestle is committed to eliminating artificial flavors and Food and Drugs Administration […]


Instructions:• This assignment consists of two questions. The due date is 14/5/2020.• Please construct your answer in the worksheet in Excel file.• Marks will be given for the quality of your calculation formats (evident fromthe formulas on the Excel spreadsheet) even if your final calculations are notcorrect. Show your calculations clearly.• Do not include the […]


Publishing with Fir Tree BooksWorking with advanced animation, formatting, and collaboration GETTING STARTEDOpen the file SC_PPT19_5b_FirstLastName_1.pptx, available for download from the SAM website.Save the file as SC_PPT19_5b_FirstLastName_2.pptxby changing the “1” to a “2”.o If you do not see the .pptx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will […]


Nature Cares Nutritional ProductsCreating a presentation GETTING STARTEDOpen the file SC_PPT19_1b_FirstLastName_1.pptx, available for download from the SAM website.Save the file as SC_PPT19_1b_FirstLastName_2.pptxby changing the “1” to a “2”.o If you do not see the .pptx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for […]

Impact of COVID19 on global trade?

What happened as a result of COVID-19 for global trade? How it changes the way trade is done? Promotional mix? Market entry strategy? Chanel of distribution? How do you see the shift to digital retail, and digital marketing? How do you see that fundamentally changing the way we do business from international perspective? Or from […]


THIS IS DUE IMMEDIATELY (4 HOURS)Program of study: Early childhood educationPosition applying for: something with working with childrenI have worked at the same place for over 20 years (Garden Park Nursing home) 1996 – currentTshirt printing company/warehouse – 1992 – 1996That is all I have that can be placed on the resume.. you can add […]