Organisational Change &amp

Transition: a of Power CoPower Co. is an electric company that generates, transmits and vends from hydro sources. The organization was overpowered by the civil engineers,though the company ignored the status of electrical engineers. Because of its jumbled up attitude during the 90s, company ended up with huge debts on its name. there were protests and cynical demands for an oversupply of electricity. Due to this performance, the government then decided to commercialize it. Looking at the external problems of the company, the company never had any competition which provided it with a strange situation. However internally the employees were kept far away from the change which was the biggest mistake as they were the engine running the company and eventually they started leaving the company when its structure began to stumble. The company could not endorse the changes.This report consists of the details of the problems faced by Power Co due to the changes that were introduced to the company. Further, it has the theories and models proposed for the company for transformational changes. What possible alternatives can be adopted by the organization at the time of crises when the leader steps back and the employees are not ready to endorse the changes the organization needs to go through in order to sustain its existence.Power Co. was established in 1914. The company was more focused towards its civil engineers than for the electrical engineers, though what the company basically did was to produce and supply electricity through hydro sources. The company invested most of its time in civil activities like building and construction of dams and canals. In the process, the company lost its pace in electricity production. By that time, technology was advancing fast and the main investments of the companies were in civic activities.