Observing Global Warming &amp

the Harm of ItObserving Global Warming amp. the Harm The main intent for this project was to observe the root behind the catastrophic problem of Global Warming, how in many ways it has been caused, as well as hopefully a way in which better behavior can somehow have a positive impact in the fight against it. Global Warming is fueled by the increased usage of fossil fuels which come from oil consumption, as well as the burning of charcoal. As years go by, the Earth is on a continued path that sees the global temperature increasing at an alarming rate. Like many are already aware of, carbon dioxide plays a major role in its own right as it comes to the warming of the Earth and the resulting weakness of the global inhabitants that comes as a result of that warming. Another culprit is the continued robbing of the forests through the means of deforestation. Those trees are meant to act in a way that turns the CO2 into breathable oxygen for human consumption. Most importantly, the industrial nature of the modern world has served as a means of killing the natural world that is forced to co-exist with it. The technological desires of mankind has forced the Earth into a tailspin that, if not caught, will continue to force it into a continued destructive phase that will ultimately tear it apart at the core. With the increase in human population and other expansion, it has increased the need for building that has taken small cities and built them into metropolises of great grander. These Cities feed the advancement of man, without any kind of thought to the environmental damage which is inflicted upon the Earth. As many know, greed itself sells. Humanistic nature overwhelms, as well as strangles, in most cases, the needs of those things around them, especially in the precious environment that is drowning as each day goes by. The desire of people for their own self serving interests takes hold and crushes anything in its surrounding path that may interrupt that. As the analysis shows within the presentation, human nature is at the root of the current state of the environment. Humans need shelter to survive and as such trees need to be cut down for the construction of those dwellings. Only those trees are what create the breathing oxygen. Charcoal aids in cooking food, and so much more.