Obesity A Modern Day Disease

Once we consider the present state of lifestyle which the human civilization has imposed upon itself by technological and social development, we slowly begin to realize that we have become prisoners of our own making.Nature had intended an animal body to be subjected to some degree of physical duress daily in order to keep it functioning in an optimum way. Survival of the fittest is essentially known to be the Darwinian principle of life on Earth. An animal which includes human beings had to hunt for food and water, compete with other life forms for reproduction and sustain the vagaries of nature all bare and naked. The organism which was able to accomplish all these activities was the only one to survive for the genetically specified life span.But what has humanity brought upon itself? When we try to answer this question we should realize how easy our life has become with multiple developments in science and technology over the period human civilization has existed on planet Earth. We have built social cocoons for ourselves where daily needs are met in a systematic manner, and a sense of social equality we call democracy and peaceful coexistence has imposed restrictions on our true nature by making us cogs in the wheel of a huge machine we label as ‘human civilization’ over the span of history. It has become too easy to obtain food, which is a processed, refined and cooked material which satisfies our taste buds according to our cultivated desires. Any quantity is available for consumption depending upon the economic prosperity of the social structure or country one is a part of. The shelter against the weather vagaries are aplenty and we hide in man-made colossal buildings which confine the movements our bodies were intended to undergo by nature. We cover ourselves up with clothes – an invention which shields our bodies from the vagaries of nature and further imprisons our true self.