NursePatient Mandated Ratio

These are the main centers of policymaking and take initiative to educate the public at both state and federal level. Proposed legislation faces more criticism at the committee level, which is why there is need to understand the committee.Since legislators face numerous task as an advocate I can take, advantage of this situation and wield a lot of power by trying to help my own legislator in evaluation of various issues therefore influencing how he will vote on the issue.At the local level, the best strategies to employ would be making my way into the legislative arena and getting to acquaint myself with the committees and staff members of the legislative (Abood, 2007). Still at the local level, I will also try to get to understand how the legislative process works so that I can familiarize myself. Finally still at the local level I will need to identify the key players so that when I move to the state level I know whom to influence (Abood, 2007). At the state level, I will deploy the last two strategies where I get to understand how the committee works by trying to be close or interact with them at some points. Then finally, I create a good rapport with the legislator whom I will try to influence to support the necessary policies and vote for them.There are various sources of power that can increase my influence for votes. Focusing on professionalism, the key sources I get include adding credentials by doing additional courses to elevate my current position. I can also join various professional clubs and organization, which will make me gain a certain state in the society and get to interact with various professionals across the state. I can also network with the current legislator and committee members as their status can influence my popularity and thus increasing my votes. Other professional strategies I can use include participating in activities that I know will reward me