Multiaxial Diagnosis of Joseph

This is a sign of delusion where inpatient assume that people are reading their thoughts and trying to harm them in some way. In psychotic disorder, at times people can look calm and may not project themselves to be a patient. They behave like a normal person and only when they converse about their experience clinician can identify the problem. Joseph had been reported saying that his upstairs neighbors read his thoughts and left negative comments like You are no good! and Lisa wants nothing to do with you! Why don’t you just leave!.According to DSM people suffering from the psychotic disorder can suffer from delusion and feel like people are saying things related to him and they also feel to have supernatural powers. Joseph is reported to feel like have telepathic powers which are a sign of delusion and hallucination. . Delusions are false beliefs that significantly hinder a persons ability to function. For example, believing that people are trying to hurt you when there is no evidence of this, or believing that you are somebody else, such as Jesus Christ or Cleopatra. Hallucinations are false perceptions. They can be visual, auditory, olfactory or tactile(Heffner, 2002). According to DSM people with psychotic disorder suffer from abnormal thinking and perceptions. Joseph thinks that the people on the street could read his mind and understand the plans he had made for himself. He specifies that when he was in the kitchen and planning the dinner menu, the person on the street already shouted the menu. When people suffer from psychotic problems they lose touch with the real world and assume things which are imaginary and delusive. Joseph had a past occurrence of the psychological problem in college days where he received counseling for the same. This shows that he was susceptible to mental disorder and the major stress of unemployment triggered a psychotic situation in him.