Models and Theories Applied by WalMart in order to Ensure that It Archives Its Goals

The RVPs are based in Bentonville, but they usually travel to their respective regions for three weeks every month in order to ensure that the operations of the regions are in line with the expectations of the company. All the regional managers are required to meet with the Bentonville-based executive leaders so that they can be able to discuss the various challenges that face all Wal-Mart’s stores.Every region has about eleven districts. Each district usually has about 7 stores. However, it is the goal of a district manager to ensure that all the activities of the organization are run smoothly at the district level. The District Managers usually work hand in hand with the Regional Personnel Managers (RPMs) to ensure that any issues relating to the operations of the stores are addressed adequately. It is the duty of the RPMs to select the people who manage individual stores.

Wal-Mart stores are, therefore, designed in such a manner that the managers of the organization are the ones who allocate duties as well as monitor the activities of employees within the organization. The managers also identify any changes that need to be implemented to the stores in order to ensure that all the production processes within the stores are in line with the goals of the entire organization (The Wall Street Journal, 2012).&nbsp.

Modern organizations are undergoing turbulent economic times in today’s world and for their survival. each company should be ahead of the set benchmarks. Breakthroughs in technology and performance excellence are the most dominant requisites for a company to succeed. This business improvement methodology focuses on the improvement of customer satisfaction. Wal-Mart applies this principle in the reduction of defects, reduction of cycle time and ensuring customer satisfaction (Breyfogle, Cupello and Meadows, 2003).&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.