Mining Minerals From Seawater By Damian Palin

Task: Summary &amp. Evaluation Mining minerals from seawater by Damian Palin The first invention involves a presentation by Damian Palin on how to use bacterial in the manufacture of minerals from the sea. Damian Palin explains the process of a special form of mining by a method of mineral precipitation of minerals in seawater. This is possible by the use of microorganisms and bacteria. He explains how microorganisms can be useful in getting out some forms of minerals from seawater. He refers to the condition as biomineralization. His research focuses on the process that would ensure that mining process does not end up destroying the earth.
The invention by Palin is vital in ensuring that mining processes leave the water clean and uncontaminated since there is the necessity to conserve water resources. The brine left in the seawater can be of substantial use, as a mineral. This was interesting because the brine always remains in the seawater. Palin used demonstration to enlighten the audience on how best it the process can work. This enhanced the presentation.
Title: How to Use One Paper Towel by Joe Smith
During the presentation, Joe Smith explains how best a single paper towel can be useful, in a sparing and conservative way. He explains an invention that would ensure that people use just a paper, instead of using a large volume. In his view, it is possible that each person can uses one paper towel each day and help in saving the amount of paper used by the population. In his invention, he proposes an invention in which one waves the fingers.
In enhancing the visual aids of the presentation, Joe Smith used demonstration during the presentation. The user of the towel first needs to remove it from the dispenser and take it halfway. As soon as the towel begins to come out of the dispenser, the towel is already half way . It is advisable to stop the process at that point and take the half towel. The rest of the part would involve the user shaking and shake. The presentation was interesting since the speaker encouraged the audience that it is possible to use one paper towel.
Title: Inventing is the easy part by Daniel Schnitzer
In the presentation, Daniel Schnitzer explains how solar products, made in a small-scale, can be helpful. He gives examples of the solar products as LED light bulbs that are powered using solar-power. According to him, the invention of the solar panel, as a source of power could change the living standards the rural part of Haitians. However, he found that the value of the invention could rarely sell to the people. Schnitzer also explained the importance of the invention, concerning health and energy. It would be helpful for the developing world in when it receives a high market value.
From the presentation, Daniel Schnitzer clarifies that the world, in the course of development, should effectively embrace technological dissemination. Of importance in his presentation is the emphasis on the efficiency of his invention over the other forms of energy as kerosene and paraffin. This would support the revolution through transforming the world. According to Daniel Schnitzer, the high cost of the technology would not allow it to dominate in the market. Despite that, the invention would be affordable when considering the standards of the western society. Showing the audience, the invented gadget in his presentation, was an effective way of enhancing the presentation.