Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da vinci

Masters of medieval painting Michelangelo Buonarroti-Leonardo da vinci Michelangelo Buonarroti known to beas an inspirational figure for many artisans of 14th and fifteenth centuries marked himself as one of the greatest artist and poet. .His art has similarities of the contemporary artists like Leonardo, Giotto, and Poliziano Michelangelo learn the art of painting and sculpture by observing and created his own way of executing the art. Michelangelo tried to give new structure to the existing sculptures he has observed and has largely succeeded in doing so. His painting use to depict the human emotions. Buonarroti art mainly concerns with the spiritual excellence and the human inference with the religious beliefs. His arts which were carved out of inspiration from the former structures gradually resulted in matured state of his unique style and his passion in differentiating his work. He was known as the master in reinventing the renaissance of western art in Europe His art mainly targets towards larger audience. Michelangelo used to carve on large pieces of marble. His human manifestation were more wholesome as it was clearly indicated in work "David" for which the others contemporary sculptures gave a less muscular frame.
The Sistine ceiling frescoes depict the unique composition he used to adopt to express his perceptions. Michelangelo sculptures depict the homosexual inhibition in his sculptures as some of the sculptures were nude His sculpture depicts the male dominance factors the dynamism and supremacy. The sculpture introduces three unique historically significant figures like the Adam eve, the great creation and the Noah. The artistic creations changed according to the evolution of the prevailing situation in Rome and Italy as it was clearly reflected in the artifacts in the mid 1520’s.The sculptures exhibited extreme emotions, turmoil and aggression.
Leonardo Da vinci is a human prodigy. He used to concentrate deeply in digging the spirituality .He pioneered works in field of technology and science. His inventions almost elevated the features of science. Leonardo created a niche of artist in him. His painting methods were unique and different from other writers. Leonardo used to paint in a distinct and delicate color to suit the mood. One of his artifacts "The last supper" was marvel of its kind as Da vinci tried and succeeded in projecting the human emotions of the disciples sitting with Christ. The artifact was Leonardo perceptions for the last hours for the Christ. The uniqueness is that the eyes of the people sitting beside Christ concentrate on Christ. The art was realistic and depicts the emotions of disciples. the distress can be noticed in the picture. The painting style was different to the conventional methods as it was painted on dry surface.
Leonardo explores the dimensional view with more glows and he slowly well versed in missing the colors with more diversity. Leonardo painting used to have distinct luminance in his painting.