Media planning Question 4 When organizing for fun run event, it will be better to get to the intended audience that will participate and the role that is attached to the fun run itself. Foster (2012), in order to achieve such requirement choosing the media that will be able to achieve them is paramount. In the current advent of social media, it is quite easier to achieve when it comes to the advertisement of the upcoming events. For the Sparrow’s hospital that is planning to come up with fun event for promotional purposes of a certain health aspect such as cervical cancer, the target will be several. It will target the individuals that will participate in running or racing, it will target the sponsors and clients that need the checkups for the cervical cancers. Question 5McDougal (2015), coming with media of choice to reach such a diversified audience becomes supreme. It will need to use multiple media or one that is most used. For the major sponsors of the event, a direct and focused media such email can be used because they are helping by directly being involved in the event. For the participants that will be on the race, social media such as Facebook, website of the hospital or twitter can be used since most of the people are young and they embrace them. Foster (2012), by doing combined media approach, it become tranquil in reaching many and relevant audience making it a success. Television can also be used, though at prime time such as most watched programs and news to have the opportunity of having many who viewed it.Reference McDougall, C.. Natural Born Heroes: The lost secrets of strength and endurance. London: Profile Books. 2015Foster, R. J. Materializing the nation: Commodities, consumption, and media in Papua New Guinea. Bloomington, Ind. [u.a.: Indiana University Press. 2012