Why Study? – Material Rewards

Devoting spare time to study pays off. Several years ago, a comparison of the total, life-time earnings of college graduates with those of wow-college people showed that the college people earned an average of about $210,000, whereas the others grossed only about $116,000 in their life-times. During 40 years of post-college earning, this would be a bonus of $2,700 per year for studying in college. If one is tempted to quit college and earn a nice sum during those 4 years, the mere 4-year advantage should not be allowed to tempt him. The non-college person stays ahead in total earnings up to a point. After that, when money really counts a great deal, the college person is far out in front. This would be in one’s forties and fifties.

One reason for this is the constant employment (with few layoffs) college people usually obtain. But the straightforward fact is, managers in business and industry really pay much more for well-instructed people who have learned faster, full-time, than their counterparts who got into business on the ground floor and stayed there.

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