MarketingSanta Fe Grill SPSS Analysis

Summary statistics for some questions of interest are presented hereunder. The main objectives of this survey were as follows.
The average frequency of eating at Joses Southwestern Café was about 4 days per week while at Santa Fe Grill was approximately 3 days per week. Table 1 provides a breakdown of respondents’ frequency of eating for the two restaurants.
33.6% of respondents very frequently had meals at Joses Southwestern Café as compared to 15.8% that very frequently had meals at Santa Fe grill. This is a confirmation of the dwindling customers for Santa fee grill.
The pie charts below show the distribution of age by type of restaurant. From the chart, we can see that majority of the customers are aged between 35 and 49. This is true for both Santa Fe Grill and Jose’s Southwestern Café restaurant. To be noted is the fact that Santa Fe has fewer customers aged between 26 and 43 than its competitor.
Table 1c below shows the distribution of the number of children customers have at home for the two restaurants. This factor is believed to influence the type of restaurant one chooses to dine at. From the results, we can see that majority of Joses Southwestern Cafes’ customers (44.7%) have 1-2 children at home whereas the case of Santa Fe Grill majority of their customers has no children at home.
In order to see if there is an association between a number of children at home and restaurant, a Pearson chi-square test was done and the results presented in table 1d show that at 5% level of significance, this association exists and it’s statistically significant.
Table 1e presents results of a cross-tabulation of employee friendliness and restaurant. From the summary statistics, we learn that majority of customers at Santa Fe Grill (40.7%) disagree that the employees of the restaurant are friendly.&nbsp.