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This means that the marketing activities in the firm must be fully coordinated and well managed and the chief marketing executive must be awarded an important role in company planning. As these moves occur marketing management begins to develop. Marketing management is the marketing concept in action or an orientation of management in the scientific and systematic marketing. A significant characteristic of marketing is its peculiar and sometimes unique requirements. Marketing as a concept .and function is unique in that it faces out from a business. Its purpose is to take things to the market and bring information and ideas back from the market. Because of the dynamics of any market marketing activities and ideas are continuously changing and revising. Marketing for enterprise today will be different to yesterdays marketing and will change to something different again in the future. Because of this dynamic marketing and marketers must constantly seek and gather information. Most enterprises have established information flows whereby statistics on sales and fluctuations in these will be continuously monitored. However such statically information flows are not enough and marketers gather information and market intelligence intuitively and continuously as an everyday occurrence in doing business. This in turn contributes to and sometimes shapes the constant marketing flux. As the value of marketing to business grows and as new concepts and applications of marketing emerge and evolve so to does the need for up to date market intelligence. Thus marketers need for deep and detailed qualitative research becomes more crucial and its importance lies in the need to understand phenomena and to gain meaningful insights into circumstances and changes. Market-led strategic model is adopting to provide more value to the customers. The new marketing frame work is designed to help to cope with the demand of the new customer. It is customer-oriented approach, as there are new trends and realities. mere traditional approach to the marketing is not at all successful in all cases. So a new approach is adopted which is the market-led strategic change. It is all about the concentrating on the demand or value of the customers while adopting strategic change in marketing. In this study some important factors is provided to transform the process of going to market.
Business model is important for implementing innovation properly. Business models convert new technology to economic value. Business model serves to link technical input to economic out put.
Value proposition is one of the components of business model. Value proposition is a description of the customer problem, the product that addresses the problem and the value of the product from the customer’s perspective. Other components of business model involve market segment, value chain structure, revenue generation and margins, position in value network and competitive strategy.
With the increase of competition and challenges, mere concentration of advertising, branding, new product launches is not enough to stand up in the market. The drivers of the new marketing is Value strategy, market strategy, internet strategy, process strategy and change strategy.
Value strategy is a coherent and customer oriented and gives superior value to each of the customers in terms of matters affecting to the customers
Market strategy is a clear and strategic pathway to market which clarify value proposition and identify the way in the process of go