Marketing is every thing

Article Review “Marketing is Everything” By Regis Mckenna Introduction Marketing is Everything is an exceptionally fascinating article regarding key marketing, its development and battle, and its future. Known to have been a vital capacity revenue driven producing of the organization, marketing has demonstrated itself deserving of the consideration it is currently getting in the academe as well as in the different commercial enterprises themselves. We will be highlighting and investigating the three main ideas which make this article fascinating and useful.
Main Ideas
According to Mckenna (1991) the first thing which I understood is that technology is converting decision, and decision is changing the commercial center. Technology plays a major role in marketing as it reduces cost at the same time enhances sale. Wide variety of choices for customers makes marketing an important tool for communication. Time of blasting decision and capricious change the new marketing is the reply to these problems.
It also says how to do effective marketing by pulling in quality individuals, producing new plans, and forming quality relationships with the customers. One very good example cited out here is the case for telephone manufacturing company called Gluco and Pumpco. Gluco was very keen on building quality relationships with their clients where as Pumpco was only concerned about shelling out money from their customers. We get an insight as to which organization is skilled, responsive and overall sorted out? Which organization might I rather work with? Another point that been highlighted is that marketing must be handled with appreciation. Though marketing is done in order to compete with one another, it should always be respected by the counterparts.
The last fact that has been highlighted is that leadership forms an important part as well. A market leader will always influence the consumers. It sets the trends in the market and the followers always change according to the market leader’s strategies.
This article was mainly chosen by me in order to understand the importance of marketing. As the name suggest, marketing is key to every business’s success. The author has highlighted many factors such technology, quality and leadership which influences and helps in the marketing a product or a company at large. The way the facts have been highlighted has helped me understand marketing in a much more practical way.
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