Managing Team Effectiveness Discuss managers role in team performance and effectiveness

From time immemorial, use of teams within organizations has been commonplace. Teams may come in various forms. some may be project teams, committees or simple workplace groups. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that teams work hand in hand to achieve technical goals and at the same time she/he must build an environment conducive for effective interpersonal relationships such as communication and collaboration.Teams have been known to improve the performance of an organization and at the same time nurture the leadership skills of team leaders and members as a whole. However, times can only work well if all team members are satisfied with the arrangement of the team. Maund (2001) notes that, effective management structure and culture of an organization affects teams’ performance.Team effectiveness maybe defined as productive output of employees coupled with working environment that are conducive for all members of a team. In this case, teams can only be deemed as effective when two functions have been fulfilled. the social aspect and the technical aspect of the team.John Adair’s action centred leadership theory came up with a model to explain team leadership. It is composed of three entities i.e. team, tasks and individuals. He believed that a manger has three roles.An organisation can be viewed as a combination of two sets of workers i.e. management and subordinates. Both categories have their own goals that have to be directed towards overall goals of the organisation. It is important for management to try and align employee goals with organisational goals. This means that everyone in the organisation will be working towards the same direction. This can be achieved by creating a sense of loyalty among employees and through communication. This implies that workers will work hand in hand with management thus achieving overall goals. In contrast, if every member of the organisation focuses on their own needs and did not consider