Making Sense of Sound

In this project, components such as audio recordings were used as methods of collecting the sound files made in the project. Sound files were easily made using computers with recording software. The audio would automatically set to play while the sound recording turned on at the same time the audio is playing on the computer. The computer automatically saves the recorded file in the system. Another method of collecting the sound files is external recording, which involved recording sounds from environmental sources such as the water bodies. In the project, sounds from the birds and the water bodies were collected during the field study.A spectrogram is a representation of spectrum or sounds. The representation of the spectrum is visual. Spectra is analyzed using a spectrograph, which displays the analysis in three components namely. frequency, time and amplitude also known as the intensity (Mason, 2013). Time is normally displayed on the X-axis whereas the Y-axis represents the frequency and the variations of color or the greyscale darkness represent the amplitude of the sounds. During the soundscape or the field study, several sources of sound were observed and used to collect numerous sound files. Such sources as the flowing river and the birds among others were used to collect the sound files (Park, 2010). However, numerous sound files were recorded but the project focused on the sound file collected from the flowing river.