Major Political and Social Issues in the Middle East

Besides the malefic constant interest from outside, which has set backwards the economic and political development of the Middle East countries, the region faces a problem of its own: water shortages. This issue has caused much trouble among the local countries, which are fighting over freshwater resources. Nowadays, the Middle East faces a couple of major problems, but I chose to analyze in my essay only two of them. The first one is a very traditionally discussed problem, which is the interest that the great powers have developed in the Middle East’s resources and the way the Iraq war, the and the war in Afghanistan connect to it. The second problem, which is the problem of the water-shortages, is more untraditional, but I believe, it is very important and very actual. Please note that even if I did not choose to analyze the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I still consider it a very important issue in the Middle East nowadays. The conflict between Arabs and Israelites has deep religious, cultural interferences and I consider it tremendously vast and I cannot fully cover it in this single paper.The interest, carried out by countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, for Iraqi oil is not a secret. Following major unrest for resources, mainly oil, which has unofficially triggered the Gulf War and the bombings of 1998, the US, supported by Britain, decided to invade Iraq in 2003. A prior motivation to these actions was the claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. however, an investigation lead by the United Nations uncovered no evidence of such weapons. Ironically, during the Gulf War, the United States itself shipped biological and chemical weapons to Iraq, to use in the war against Iran. moreover, Saddam Hussein use of chemical weapons on his own people, which we are always reminded of, occurred during the time that Hussein was an ally of the United States, and was armed by the U.S (Shah).