Macro and Competitive Environment of the NonAlcoholic Redbull Cola in the UK Market

The study was, therefore, primarily focused on the following factors:
• The benefits of using Redbull Cola drinks.
• The impact of major macro factors vis-à-vis economic. demographic. socio-cultural. new environmental compulsion and nature. and technology on the market strategy of Redbull Cola drink.
• Identify major competitors.
• Identify the segment that would help create a market position for the UK market.&nbsp.
• Most effective means of creating awareness of the soft drink in a new market and popularizing it amongst the people.
• Red Bull cola faces stiff competition from the already established brands like Pepsi and Cola-Cola.
• Since Red Bull has already a dominant market position in the energy drinks, launching of its Cola version would become easier within this particular market segment as it has many differentiating elements in its cola product which can be easily promoted within this group.
• In the recessive economy, the competitively priced Redbull Cola could become highly popular amongst the youngster as the latest energy or health drink.&nbsp.
• Advertisements significantly impact the popularity and awareness of the drinks.
• People have become sensitive to environmental paradigms and are increasingly favoring ‘natural drinks’.&nbsp.
• The 100% natural ingredients of the drink have provided the Redbull Cola with huge market scope and it has greatly facilitated a beneficial market position.
• Mixed marketing would be a highly suitable format for creating and popularizing the drink.
Recommendations• The economic factor is very important because the market is driven by the demand and supply that is mainly dependent on the buying capacity of the consumers. In the current environment of recession, the market conditions have become more stringent and customers have become more cautious. Thus, in the present scenario of increasing unemployment and higher healthcare delivery, Redbull Cola offers a more innovative and cost-effective healthy drink, which can become infinitely more attractive.