Macgiavelli’s Relationship To The CocaCola Company

The current business world is growing very first, and the customer’s demand is highly increasing and becoming more sophisticated. The existing companies are facing a big challenge on how to cope with this sophisticated custom demand. the first growing technology, competency and resources. For the companies to solve the above challenges, there is need for an alliance that is the only solution to the first growing market. The strategic alliance will enable the companies to access new markets, obtain cutting-edge technology, expand geographic reach, and cope with the first competition being experienced (Hoskisson et al., 186).
These alliances have allowed most organizations to compete more effectively and have also enabled these companies to be in a good state with the increasing technological and organizational complexities that have currently come into play in the today’s market. Strategic alliance has contributed in changing the dynamic and structure of the today’s competition in the whole world. In general, strategic alliance is whereby two companies come together to obtain a common interest which might not be easy to obtain individually (Botten, 298).
The Coca-Cola Company has ventured into the alliance strategy to outdo his rivals in the market. However, according to Machiavelli, a prince who is self-sufficient is better of as he is always ready to meet any enemy at the battlefield. This is because he is always armed with his army. The argument is a contradiction with the approach the Coca-Cola Company is taking. This approach of forming alliances is helping the company to prosper in the today’s market.