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The monitoring and control of the failure rate, if well incorporated into manufacturing process can enhance the quality of braking system and reduce the failure rate of the tools. Different firms have various design strategies that in turn influence the operation functionality of the braking system.Recently, the Stop IT LTD’s complaints from the clients have increased by 15% and a drop in sales by 8.3 percent. There has been an increasing witness by the firm losing of its customers to the competitors and subsequent dwindling of the reputation and fame of the firm. For instance, the media has noted that the company has lost its reputation to competitors. There have been reports that their replacements rates at the customer support services have soared high. Therefore, there needs to be a corrective action plan to restore the reputation and profit margin the company. The firms also needs to incorporate the operational excellence in a well designed project plan in its manufacturing processes, install automated monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and enhance its customer support services.In recent times, there has been a growing number of complaints and increasing failure rates and ineffectiveness of the brakes and the entire braking system components from our customers. The complaints have tarnished the reputation of the firm, lost the market share to the competitors and dropped in sales volume. The purpose of the report therefore, is to ascertain the causes of the problem, then suggest some of the plausible and long-term solutions to the problem.As noted by the (Ganaway, 2002, p1), most brake failures are caused by the introduction of water into the braking system. Water will cause rust and corrosion in the metal parts of the system and makes it difficult for the seals to operate correctly and produce high pressures needed for braking. Other cases are grease oil, which in most often, causes the linings to swell at spots on drum brake systems that later