However, prior to placing orders, it is important for customers to thoroughly review the store’s return policies. The products that this online shopping centre deals in include women’s clothing, dresses, electronics, and shoes among other product categories that may interest customers. Online shopping mainly denotes purchasing products or other services via the internet. This type of shopping is now popular across the globe as a result of advancement in the use of ICT, it is considered to be convenient and also attract lower prices. This is more so during the holiday season where shoppers are able to avoid the hectic process of visiting several stores physically or standing in long queues in order to purchase a certain item (.Jifeng, Sulin &amp. Han 2012, p.1131). This paper provides a critical discussion of the business of, an online shopping store.
This online shopping store mainly sells goods produced in China to other parts of the world. The products that this online store retail are considered to be affordable and targets every hobby or lifestyle by customers across the globe. At the moment, the products that the store retails include home improvement, fashion, beauty products and electronics among other products that are on high demand globally. provides customers with an easy way of shopping. thus, allowing customers to cut on unnecessary costs for purchasing a product in the conventional stores. The store has different payment options that provide convenience to customers across the world. This includes the use of credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal or debit cards to make payment (Panda &amp. Narayan 2013, p.52).
As a strategy the availability of a wide range of payment options is meant to allow customers to select the method that they prefer. Further, the online store relies on a technology offers maximum security for customer information related to payment