Legal and financial environment

The contracts should also define the working hours and the leaves an employee should get. Moreover, any related employment policies such as anti-bribery laws make part of the contract. The rules and regulation relating the job assigned needs explicit statements. The relationship between the employer and the employee needs clarity. Nevertheless, the employee should know the ground in which issues such as dismissal, resigning from works occur. Moreover, the contract should define the expectations of the employer from the employees. That way, confusion would be minimal in that the employees will focus on what they are expected of to facilitate achieving the company’s goals and objectives (, 2015).
The U.K employment laws prohibit laws that discriminate in any way against any individual when making job advertisements. Some of the general rules that Grace and tailor should follow to avoid accusations during advertising and recruiting are mentioned below.
First, the job advert must not imply or state that there will be discrimination of anyone. For instance, it should not imply that the company does not prefer workers with a disability. The use of a common phrase like “averagely experience” or “fresh graduates” is inappropriate. The platform where one advertises may also imply indirect discrimination, for example, advertising the job in the women’s magazine. Noticeably, specifying the age limit may also involve discrimination.
During the recruiting process, the law prohibits the inclusion of date of birth on an application letter. Selecting potential employees for an interview based on age appears to be discriminative. Moreover, the U.K employment laws say that an applicant need not to talk about criminal convictions if any though areas such as schools may not have the rule applying to them. The employer should not use the membership of a trade union to influence the decision to