Leadership and Supervision

From the discussion it is clear that the University of Houston tailored the course under the name Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) but the University of South Carolina offers the course under the name Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership.&nbsp. In the University of the South Carolina (USC), the course markets itself in the community as basing on the Human side of commerce management process. It provides Organizational leadership for people in various industries focusing on encouraging and motivating employees in execution and implementation of the organizational change. These two courses are vital in the development of the management personnel in the in the oil and gas industry thus enhancing profitability, maximizing outputs and creating standard operational mechanisms.

This paper highlights that&nbsp.the USC leadership degree aims at enhancing human leadership through motivation of the employees and facilitation of organizational change. In contrast, HUOLS aims at availing trainees or students with a competitive edge while undertaking leadership and enhanced supervisory responsibilities, especially in technology grounded&nbsp.&nbsp. organizations. The HUOLS degree deals with the consistently growing and changing complex of engaged leadership in various organizations that mostly base on relying on technology on the daily basis. HUOLS degree is characterized by the provision of empowering approach to the practice to leaders in various firms.&nbsp.&nbsp.